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  1. This whole idea is AWESOME! I just want to add, if killed by a zombie, corpse automatically becomes a zombie (maybe after a certain time has passed(1 hour) to allow you to recover your stuff)
  2. Absolutely, the "player king" would make the official quest, would have to be some restrictions to it of course. And there is only 1 current player made kingdom, the mongols. The other 3 kingdoms are not player made.
  3. So this is just a very rough idea on adding something to the mission system on epic. Dont know how hard it would be to implement and I haven't really thought it through to find it's flaws, but I'm sure you kind folks will waste no time in pointing out the problems with this : ) What if each kingdoms king could set missions for his kingdom. The king could set a mission like "the king wants 10 70ql chain mail sets" or "the king wants 20 70ql longswords". Once the mission is completed, the king receives the items and would stockpile/disperse them for his kingdoms war effort on elevation. As i'm typing I'm thinking of all sorts of roadblocks/solutions that may come up but I think this is a great idea. Would give the home servers a structured goal to help it's kingdom on ele. What do you think?
  4. Ya know, he's got a point. This is basically 100, maybe a thousand years after the Fallout games. Sadly with less BOS tech.
  5. I was actually thinking about this earlier today and thought that maybe the short sword and small shield should be removed entirely form the starter kit. Cant kill anything with it anyway and when the noobs start asking how they can kill something, older players will tell them to make a sword and shield. Kinda give them an idea of how wurm works, lots of crafting and really makes them earn that first kill. On the flip side of this, I think a fishing pole should be part of the starter kit. And +1 to facesofmu's idea on the sprout thing
  6. Like it but what does this add?
  7. Some good and valid points you made in your post, but to me, it's this statement that is going to be the downfall of wurm.
  8. I'm probably not known by any of you but I spent a few weeks ingame during beta. Would love to be able to queue up 10 or 15 actions like we could back then : )
  9. Stuff like this is invaluable to a player. I've played for a long time and had no idea about this whatsoever.
  10. You make a lot of good points there Brash. I didn't really think of how that would increase players attachment to the starter deed and make them less likely to move further away. All the servers I've played on have the area all around the starter deeds turn into slums from shacks being built and decaying. My suggestion would probabbly encourage that.
  11. I'll try not to run this post to long but no promises... I'm a long time on again off again player, and have made several characters through the years, so I feel like I have some insight into the problems a new player faces when trying to get established. I feel that the learning curve early on is the single biggest problem with this games lack of players. Think of how many characters you see in chat that are just starting out. How many of those do you hear in chat for a week or two and then they disappear completely. I think this is due to the difficulty in getting established early on. I read a thread earlier about the sorry state of the starter towns on epic and that got me thinking.... New players get free food for 24 hours, so what if they got a 1 or 2 tile house in the starter towns for like a week, or a month. Basically somewhere to keep there stuff somewhat secure while they desperately try to find a village or build a home somewhere. After a week or a month or whatever amount of time, they would automatically be kicked out of their house in the starter deed. It wouldn't even have to be houses. There could be some sort of locker in the starter towns that a player gets for the first week. There would have to be a space restriction on the locker and then after the week, all the items are transfered to the players inventory. Or have 1 tile houses but you cant go in them, only store items there and call them storage sheds. This would give the starter towns some actual use, and actually have something in the towns other than empty space. New players meet each other, get to know each other, team up and head out into the wilderness. Obviously this idea would need to be fleshed out more, I could keep going but dont want this to turn into a book. And some coding by rolf would have to be done. But what do you think about something like this?
  12. This really upsets me, I was going to post something about newbies feeding themselves but then I found this thread. My first couple weeks in game were spent making bricks and arrow shafts for people who kept me fed. Done with that now and working on building a small place for myself. I went premium, intending to raise my cooking skill while digging out a mine and building a small house. 2 fishing rods later, I find out my only reliable source of meat is not working correctly. I'm basically stuck burning premium time if I cant keep myself fed and I'm gonna run out of fishing rods soon.... I really hope this gets fixed soon!