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  1. Please change the way sorcery items are earned. It's very disheartening spending many hours smashing out missions instead of putting that time into my skills in hope of obtaining an item that might be worth the effort. When you do win and someone lucks out who barely contributed and you with your 10k+ scenario points don't get jack makes you want to cry. I think it was Posteh who suggested something like this a while back but the idea is simple: Allow players to buy sorcery items using their karma and reward scenario wins with moonmetal or something else. This way everyone gets to earn their rewards and not just occasionally get to throw the dice for something nice. Some guy posted some stats about missions completed by each server and you can clearly see one server in particular blows everyone else out the water. Something isn't right there. So I say something like 50k to buy a specific tome and 25k to roll for a random one. Scenario wins can still give keys and wands and whatever else but tomes since they are essential to being competitive in PvP now should be readily available to all who are willing to work to achieve them and not throw dice.
  2. soooooooooooooooooooo guys can stop discuss it............... there will be no merge !!!!!
  3. Shield training

    The old way was the best.........there was no need for looking for trolls and co................
  4. Okay I have the freedom to hit my neighbor in the face with my maul..............................oh wait i dont have neighbors anymore where are my neighbors???..........a right i forgot they moved to another Kingdom or stoped playing wurm......................
  5. You really have no clue how is it to be a HOTS for very long time. The list of downsides, a very long and tbh iam to tired to name it all here. Myc is a ######. i dont need it. with 99ql meals i have Nut. on 97-98%. That gives you as a Nathan followers nearly 14.6% more Skillgrain. So thats 1 1/2 affiny in every skill. why i should follow lib??? Absorb Myc to heal wounds are a joke too. I never use that. LT and cotton (and may HC) is better, quicker and gives you skill. plus to stay on Myc gives you only Food and Nut. no CCPF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for harvesting stuff you have to remove the Myc. you have an idea how anyoing this is !?!? The most casts from Lib, are not very good imo. for exaple RT compare to FB. yeah Taming is a joke too for a HOTS member....................................... Man i could write you tonns of downside that HOTS have..... but iam really to tired of this ######.......
  6. A. It makes no sense to be a Lib priest anymore B. It makes no sense to be a Lib follower anymore C. It makes no sense to be a HOTS Kingdom member anymore. D. It makes no sense to play this game on Epic anymore.
  7. Great idea. MR needs beside there HOTA- and Valrei-Farm, as soon as possible a "DRAGON-FARM". !!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have a dragon at your Deed or Starter-Deed, just kite him away. If the Dragon bashed allready something, call a GM, wait 1-3 weeks, and all will be fixed.
  8. LOL We should rename the Game from "WurmOnline" into "NerfedOnline" I test it with my skill Forge: My HFC is 95,5 before update I get around 0.13 skillgain per 100 Pans. filled with a small nail and filet and corn. SB on now i get for 100 Pans filled with filet and corn: 0.001 SB on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOLOLOLOL difficult was 40 btw. I really have noting to say anymore about this game and the devs.
  9. The funny thing about this thread, that there is not a single post from someone who is saying "pls stop the thread this is a spoiler" . All comments are pro "share recipies".! (till now) If this thread is a spoiler, then pls put the Wiki offline, bc thats a big spoiler too. beside that you stilll have to find your own recipie for an affiny, bc its Player ID bound. so to say this is a spoiler-thread is so ridiculous imo.
  10. Whats the name of this Programm? How you Record your skillgain?
  11. I tried again 1QL 95Botd Large Metall Shield. Its really makes no sense. I cannt fight Troll, crocs or some Hell Hounds. bc the shield would be destroy before the fight is over. Okay the Skillgrinding is now better with 0.1 per hour. But for me way to slow. that means I need 50 hours to get from 85 to 90. In this time i grind a whole weapon skill to 90. I really dont understand why it is so a problem to bring Shield training up, like Weapon Training. For weapon training i need a high ql weapon for best skillgain. why not the same with shields? The old shield training was much better and the best. We really dont need new stuff on epic........... all we need is new player. so make it easyer for new player and push shield training higher.
  12. The Title says big and fat spoiler so what is the big deal about? Player are not forced to look inside this thread. Everybody has the free choice to look inside here or not. We are not in Kindergarden, let ppl post there recipies! If this is to much spoiler, i could say "map dumps" are spoiler too................................................. This Forum is getting strangely more and more
  13. Are you having a kind of attention deficit ? Or you just wanna push your "Post Counter" up?
  14. I tried many Shields out. And its not an answer of my question. If you guys know, from getting told an "otherwise way" from Multiple people, then pls tell me what is the best way.
  15. then pls tell me how i get the highst skill grain in Large metall Shield.
  16. My part as a costumer is to: "Have fun" Your part is to: "Have the work" by the highlesty respect: Iam not here to do your work and collect some "data". Iam not the only guys who is saying Shield training gain is unacceptable atm. And i really dont understand why you guys dont put the shield gain so high like weapon grinding??? We need new player! and new player would love the shield grinding like weapon grinding. I really tried so much Mobs out, Trolls, Spieder, Crocs and so on and so on. The Skill tick is a joke atm.
  17. Dear Devs, as the Title says, I not wanna cook. I wanna FIGHT ! So pls guys can you give us "ASAP" a good Shield Training back ! Atm I need an hour for getting 0.01 in Large Shield, and its dont matter what mob I fighting and what Ql the shield has. To fight a troll with 1ql Shield makes really no sense! You guys very quick by the hand to nerf things. But it takes weeks and months to get it patch back. If you not able to do this right now. Pls give us the old way of Shield training back. Dont forget we all are paying Costumers. We keep this game alive, not you !!!!!!! So pls listen to the Costumers, like in every other "Industy branch". Pls fix things asap............................................. Thank you Rocky
  18. 50 minutes of hunting gets me 0.015 large shield !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow what a boost !!!!!!!! Great job. Now i only need 10 years to get 90 Large shield skill.
  19. How long it tooks to build a 99ql bow ?