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  1. Can we pls finally get a Tome drop from Uniques on Epic. Everything else is unfair.
  2. Iam Happy ! Happy Anniversary! 12 Years Wurm Online !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PARTY PARTY DISCO DISCO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Okay old bed was full, so I made me a new one. HOTS style. how you guys like it?
  4. Damn.......who is sleeping in my bed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. How long we will have now time, till the old personal goals will replace by the new one?
  6. Plus there should be overlook 5000 L winemaking. Its not fun to collect nearly 10.000 grapes plus the maple sap. But as a BL, I have to turn every maple tree and every grape bush to grass before i can harvest. Thats means i have to hurt myself before I can absorb the myc. A NIGHTMARE ! The whole thing is total unfair, if you are a BL. For Freedom PPL there is a overlook in PVP Goals, so pls do something for us BL ppl too !
  7. Looking now for days for a Sol Demon. They all gone. This will be maybe now harder then create an fantastic item !
  8. okay so i only can go for grapes? Is it importent for the goal thats for example red? or can it be mixed?
  9. Can I get a Friday night Pizza?
  10. -1 Having a "Radar-System" in a Medival-Game is stupid anyway.
  11. sickle, iron 9ql COC94 - 1s50c Pls COD to "ALLIE" Big thx
  12. Grooming brush, oak, 12,76QL, 99CoC pls COD to "ALLIE" big thx
  13. Stone chisel, iron QL_84 WoA_91 1,2s COD to "ALLIE" pls big thx
  14. so which runes would make sense now on improving tools, like hammer, awl, leather knife and so on????
  15. RR - Rare Rake

    Hello guys, has a rare rake any effect? and if yes, which one? Big thx
  16. 26: rare long bow - 31 ql - 2 s What wood is the bow?
  17. Some Epic Things

    Yeah close it, pls.
  18. Some Epic Things

    WE ARE WURM-ONLINE ! We all brothers and sisters ! Let us have a fair transfer to Freedom.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!