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  1. Tomes and especialy True Strike need a fast and quick overhaul, if the new Ele should have a future! Its not fun, if players going down with one shot or high end account taking 60dmg hits from True Strike. Plus Its not fair for new player or for chaosplayers that was never before on epic. Its already discuss alot in the "A new Elevation" thread. Imo let remove all tomes from epic, and thats the opinion from nearly everybody who is playing on Epic atm! Even most of the guys who put alot of money into there tomes are happy if the tomes would be remove. Maybe removing all tomes will have time till November, but True strike has to be gone very very soon (next week would be awesome ). Otherwise, ppl will leave Ele/Epic very quick, and it will be a dead server again Pls making Ele a fun place for everybody by removing Tomes !
  2. A New Elevation

    +1 remove all Tomes on ele pls, bc more fun without tomes !!!!
  3. Valrei International. 088

    Love new Ele !
  4. Ele ingame map

    Imo its way more fun, if we would never get a ingame/dump map for ele.
  5. Make RT better

    What I want is a buff on RT. Atm its total useless, bc nobody wanna use it. 66FA cast is even to 104RT cast.
  6. Make RT better

    FB/FA is way better then RT. Afaik RT is giving 20%DMG and FB/FA 30% (or something like that). FB is only vyn so we dont be able to get it as BL. long story short, nobody wants RT on his weapon and that makes it useless. Would be nice to have a buff on that cast. so that the WL/BL weapon cast a bit morw even. I know there is still BT, but not everybody like to grind that up. with mobs its a pain and with alts its maybe fast, but when the body stats drop to low on the alts, it will not work anymore. plus you have millions corpses laying around at the token. RT wounds are useless too, never saw someone dying from that. I think its even more a downside that the RT wound stacks to the blow, instead doing an extra wound. (dunno how much DMG Venom is doing, but I never saw someone useing it. only the bypass of the glance rate is nice, what ever it means)
  7. Make RT better

    !!!!Make RT better!!!!
  8. Close

    blablablablabla..................this is all so boring. You guys really dont get it. DEVS DONT CARE ABOUT EPIC. There will nothing happen.
  9. Pls dont remove the old HOTA on ele. the new system alone there makes 0 sense.
  10. Valrei International. 083

    Can someone explain me how the new HOTA system will cause more PVP???????? Travel on a big elevation map with so less player sounds super boring.
  11. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    With Sindusk is going I lost all my hope for Epic. Thx for your words Sindusk, you are a man of honor !
  12. WTS - Libram of the night - sold out

    2 sold - one is left