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  1. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    With Sindusk is going I lost all my hope for Epic. Thx for your words Sindusk, you are a man of honor !
  2. WTS - Libram of the night - sold out

    2 sold - one is left
  3. Dispel improvement

    +1 YES pls
  4. Priest overhaul testing

    Mag can put FA on a weapon. plus has fire pillar as AOE spell Vyn can put FB on a weapon. plus has Ice pillar as AOE spell Fo can put Venom on a weapon. Why is "corrosion" not buff RT from Lib? Or Fugus trap as AOE? only acid dmg I know is from Karma missile and Potion of Acid. Is the ql of jewelry effecting the enchants?
  5. Make infected trees harvestable

    we not even get carbs, fat, calories and protains from myc. Or buff back healing from myc. bc atm its a joke, nobody use it anyways. I really see no point why we couldnt harvest from infected stuff.
  6. Hell's Strength not increasing Soul Strength

    yes hotfix this pls
  7. What a misery :(

    I like enchanting how it is. Sometimes I hit a 90 power cast sooner, sometimes it takes a while. Would be very bad for the game if you get a 104 Power cast after 5 times trying. So maybe you doing something wrong, or playing as a priest is noting for you.
  8. CLOSE Heartbroken

    Thanks for your words. You are a men of honor !
  9. CLOSE Heartbroken

    Enki big big thank you, to make Alegria smile again ! Happy End at end of 2018 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!
  10. CLOSE Heartbroken

    Alegria is a very good girl and a very good friend, if someone as to earn that then she. I hope all the best for you Very glad to see how the community reacting. Highest respect to the player who offers help for her. !
  11. Club for Zombie Trolls

    In that case Rebirth is total useless like Gladiator said already. Very disapointing ! I just hope there will be a rework of that spell.
  12. Make Oakshell an armor enchant

    Is it an AFK art?