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  1. Yes thank you very much !!!
  2. Yeah close it, pls.
  3. WE ARE WURM-ONLINE ! We all brothers and sisters ! Let us have a fair transfer to Freedom.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Me too. \o/ \o/ \o/
  5. W00t to the Hype !
  6. Grumpy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Very good job Czar !
  8. 1:1 skill transfer from Epic to Freedom is the only right way !!!!!! Ppl earn that for staying and paying so long on a dead cluster. LIBERATE the EPIC-player !!!!!!
  9. Dunno why , but that Pic is very awesome !
  10. Oh boys, calm down! We talking about a PVP-cluster here ! And Iam sick of playing almost alone ! I gind very hard also for my Skills! YES. But I want more Player on epic and I want more even fights. Iam total fine with it that new player will grind faster and will not put so much time in, to come closer to the top accounts. I know for all carebears and "dont wanna do pvp on a pvp server"-players, that will be hard. Replacing weapons and armour faster after dead, is good ! BC new player can hop faster in the next battle! I wanna do PVP here, with alot of players and even fights. Thats why iam here !!!!! Just remove Moon Metall, let us buy Tomes for Karma points and pls bring Nolo 100% protection back ! Then we will have so much fun here ! - Allie
  11. what that means?
  12. bump !
  13. When i make a new siege shield, Iam now able to run thru it! Old siege shields still blocking any toon, and it is not possible to pass them. So is it a bug or what? Wonder if thery still blocking arrows when Iam able to walk thru them, ?