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  1. +1 Best Suggestion ever ! I would like it very much!!!!! You are the best!!!, Luv you Allie
  2. JOIN US now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. btw the guy in the white shirt on the right side, thats Czar dancing !
  4. bump bump bump !!!!!!
  5. Iam a bit confused now! let say it so: Two new accounts starting Wurm Online. One before 2014 and one after: Account 1 start 2013: He brings Archery to 90 and get super duper body control. Then 2014 the nerf happened and he get good body control from all other skills. so at last two body control boosts. Account 2 start atfer 2014: He brings also Archery to 90 and get way less body control from it, .............but body control from other skills. Is it like so ????????? about how much body control we talk here, when someone bring it up to 90 archery before 2014?????? so lets say there is a body controll buff for archery in 2017. Account 3 start after 2017: He brings archery to 90 and get good body control, plus good body control from other skills. Looks like for me that the account nr.2 who start 2014 still the loser.............................. glad that I start playing 2014
  6. Ah I understand, so older accounts get more out from there work, and new player will be too. Only the middle age accounts will be f ucked.
  7. so in other words........ I have now for my archery skills less body control, then older accounts? That means for the same work I got less out?!?
  8. when was the nerf for body control on archery?
  9. Big THX for improving Gloom
  10. and pls very quick
  11. Happy Easter! everybody !
  12. If you put a Siege Shield behinde a door like in this pic: and you start bashing with a "ram", the siege shield take dmg before and the door wall take 0 dmg. In other words, the siege shield get destroy before the wall. After 3 hits with the "ram" on the "S. shield" it has this dmg: [11:52:20] A movable wall made from planks, this will block most arrows and also provide some protection against hot oil. It is made from unknown. It can not be improved. Ql: 71.082794, Dam: 97.2229.