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  1. Breeder Kingdom Title.

    Cool idea +1
  2. Do you have a monk inside you somewhere? Then come try us out. Monk of the month (april): Morrowen the Able Marbeler
  3. Change the PvP Affinity System

    +1 look into this, its broken for sure
  4. If there is a small grp of players out there that wanna try something over at chaos with a bit more risk and reward. Yea then send me a pm. We have a few projects and would love some more crafters/Builders to join Our ranks. Shoot me a pm here or on discord.
  5. Chaos loot mechanics

    Remove? This happend to tc, so then remove it.
  6. Valhall Descendants PMK Items

    Toppy tipp
  7. Time to support one PVP server

    Focus on chaos. More players there than whole epic cluster.
  8. Valhall Descendants PMK Items

    Ill pm you in the morning
  9. Valhall Descendants PMK Items

    Bump 1 wagon for sale on relase now, cedar
  10. Valhall Descendants PMK Items

    We can do that in abit, ill pm details