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  1. @Retrograde Should i just stop invest and play on chaos now or? Can you just tell us if the plan is to shut it down and just pvp on epic or on "Your New test Challenge server, former epic" Pls enlighten me, so i dont need to put in more money to this ######
  2. Is this the date for skill transfer from epic to freedom also?
  3. 23 Norwege Cherrywood
  4. If we can port over with at least 21 body control. Would that be Ok?
  5. @Galatyn You my son, i feel you just want good things for this game. When i see what you post on repeat. Yea then i wish you where my son. Id would then have taken you to a store, a rly dark place where they sold blacksmithing affinities.
  6. Yea or else Gimli will take over the brick market!
  7. This could stop all this crap about 100skilled epic toons
  8. Iam sad to see all this ###### some of you guys are able to write down here. If the epic community, blabla. Dont let the epic ppl play the game, delete everything on epic pls. They all have 100 in all skills. But in the end i have to agree to you guys. I feel very dumb for starting out on epic and i just wish i could get all my 100 skills over to freedom along with my 88 body str. Playtime of my toon is 103 days. Yea you are all right, the epic community is the most toxic we ever seen in a game. @Retrogradepls just delete everything on epic. All toons, everything. I beg you
  9. jakerivers, you are one of a kind
  10. I think Max 5
  11. Yea roam with HH and a few animal crates and a knarr in the backpack sounds awsome
  12. GL ppls, always cool with something new
  13. As a former epic player (still toons and ######), feels like all on freedom think ive played a few days on epic and have my pants full or drake, scale and other ######. And all my skills at 90. I dont complain to much (other to the damn Romans) but there is a few ppl i feel very sry for on epic. That maybe deserve to be treated somewhat abit more Nice;) Other than that. Make a way to transfer to freedom since you making epic to a Challenge server. This is a Roman victory!
  14. I hear talks of maybe a new map. Its very important to get it 100% from the devs. We gettin a new map? Or not? Give us something to hold onto @Retrograde
  15. You think even fights Allie. Wont happen, deeds gonna get flattened all over.