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  1. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Key_bindings
  2. [13:38:13] You see the corpse of aged folk dance rapper. I managed to take one of them down at least! Before the horrible sound of their rapping and stepping ended me. Good show Enki. Great fun!
  3. Not sure if that's the screenshot you intended?
  4. +1 for a great suggestion that is both visually and mechanically useful as well as giving us more use for an equipment slot that doesn't have much going for it. I could almost make an argument to use the completely unused cape slot for it if it could be done with a backpack as well and look right/make sense.
  5. -1 for player god mission Big +1 for a larger mission pool including Vyn again. I just don't like seeing more pointless player god stuff gumming everything up.
  6. Eyes Missing

    Re-logged, downloaded and fixed. Thanks Alectrys and the Wurm team!
  7. Thank you Yaga, edited my post to fix that mess up. It was the only one on that list I didn't actually check in person after seeing the disband message.
  8. Eyes Missing

    In my case, the male characters' hair has turned white lol.
  9. I'm having an...interesting graphical issue after downloading the new pack. Both of my male characters have had their hair/facial hair colors changed to white. I've tried relogging, logging for /lotime and even hopping back and forth from Epic. My female characters are unchanged, but can see the males' new styles. Any advice as to what I should do here? I'm almost positive this is the wrong place to ask...
  10. One last necro bump because I'm bored. Is anyone able to give me official clarification that this is intended or not? I am fully aware of the mechanics and how they work. Just looking to make sure the permission of a deed to use the context menu to drink is intended. Thanks.
  11. The following settlements have disbanded or could not be found on the map where they were placed: Alexandria [J20] Caer Bear [S4] Dolmens [G21] LRAT Harbour [O11] Shamflam Tradepost [J2] Shamflam HQ [J12] Szegvar [I23] Vignobles De Fondcombe [O12] Wyldemore [K16] Also the below (poorly marked in yellow) catseyeing was done by the residents of Wyldemore from that deed to Green Dog. (Thanks to JD for his help.)
  12. What do you want for the Rare Fine Med Rug?
  13. .

    CoD 1 rare pickaxe to Xanakira please.
  14. +1 from me especially anything that helps the aesthetic of a church in this game. I'm sure you'll get the usual responses of how new skills shouldn't be added because of the affinity food system but I would rather add skills and shake up that system than never be able to add anything more to this game in the future.