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  1. I have characters clients closing for no reason and it only started to happen after the last client patch. I check the console logs and the only errors I see is constant msg about [20:47:26] No mapping found for hair0 [20:47:26] No mapping found for hair0 hs_err_pid21764 dated today Have debugging on this seems to be the SEVERE issue: [21:39:23] Jul 04, 2021 9:39:23 PM class.LHB12430Er mMV5oPkCW [21:39:23] SEVERE: Input does not appear to be an Ogg bitstream. [21:39:23] Jul 04, 2021 9:39:23 PM class.LHB12430Er mMV5oPkCW [21:39:23] SEVERE: res/missingsound.ogg
  2. Ritual of the sun

    Probably will be another 100-130 days - 3 to 4 months. (depends on amount of people praying) I would check Pristine and Deli as they probably near being ready, I been checking here and there as well. I am here when one ready.
  3. How long will it take to breed new draft horses/bison with good traits to test the changes with appropriate traits?
  4. +1 for merchant convoy contracts and sending goods via water to other islands.
  5. The problem with Jackal is, you teleport over with you main and get like 1/10 or somehting silly back on anything gained, and the end rewards are junk. You might as well stayed on your main server. At least with a challenge server, always got a chance of getting something rare, and any funds gathered on there transfer over to main server.
  6. +1 has this became a thing yet? like 3 years old and make sense.
  7. From what I am reading all our current horses change and have 3 speed traits and 2 draft traits. They are all warm blooded too (default). And that wagons no longer get a speed bonus from horse speed, so they will perform not as good drafting and not as good speed (but have an advantage of breeding more speed traits). Pretty much what I read is we have to start over. And need more than 50 AH to get breed 5 speeds. (or how ever the speeds work now)
  8. Ritual of the sun

    Just waiting for it to be available to cast and get everyone together asap. I keep checking daily. Make sure to follow and get email alerts so can coordinate
  9. I hope this is nothing like the fishing update. I miss the good old days of fishing while watching a movie haha
  10. Yeah no idea about the NFI , cannot pmk or champ on the new NFI pvp island? It would be an interesting idea, but I craft on my main guy and I enchant on my other guy it works for me. Since the Nacho gimp I just have to go back to buying the chants I cannot do anymore haha
  11. If you move to Chaos, join or create a PMK, and then Champ your priest you can do all as you ask. If you can survive long enough you could even finish the crafting journal as a priest and become a master.
  12. To Bramson clay shaper oakenwood, scissors steel, spatuala okenwood please Thank you
  13. Ritual of the sun

    I'm interested with 2 mag priests in doing this with you. I need the journal entry. Both with 100 faith and can get entry credit for being part of it and not casting
  14. Had VirusMD create me a scale set with my mats. A+ service. Was very quick and he did a great job. Will be doing again soon.
  15. compasses

    COD #1 #2 to Bramson. Mahalo
  16. April Events

    Can you re-post on april 2nd if this is real and not something to get our hopes up about during this pandemic!
  17. I bought 2 Large metal shield skins for this month and every time I login I must un-equip and requip for the server to realize I have the monthly skin. Can this be corrected so auto detects the skin for the monthly skin? Mahalo