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  1. Aloha VirusMD I will take the remaining potions as following: armour smith, weapon smith, mining. COD to Bramson Mahalo B
  2. You are able to make anchors out of any type of metal with different effectiveness. I do not see a need for a rock anchor
  3. Just to confirm and update. I have done this work around and I can leave my character / characters in game without crashing. (Like I use to before the big Animal Husbandry patch) On your charactersheet your equipment and character might look PURE BLACK, and the wound switch button is missing. You just have to left click in the normal area and it will switch to wounds. Sometimes if you log in all your gear may look PURE BLACK - unequip and reequip seems to fix this. If you having similar issues to this forum post and have an INTEL CPU This is the steps to fix crashing nonstop. Open launcher -> Click on gear on right side of Setting Profile Go to Compatibility -> go down to FBO Support - and DISABLE it. The game will look like crap and you wont be able to see as far as normal but you will no longer crash every 5 to 20 minutes. We will have to live with this until a dev takes interest in fixing game breaking issues.
  4. Thanks for the update. What gets me worried about adding VR to a game like Wurm is currently there is already NO technical support for Wurm. There are plenty of game breaking issues that people are constantly incurring with nobody other than other players trying to assist with no dev support. (is there even a staff person assigned to technical support?) I have experience a game breaking bug since the animal husbandry patch, which between speaking with other players on and trying out things amongst ourselves (because again our posts in the tech support thread are unanswered) we discovered there is an Intel chipset issue which forces you to live with your client crashing randomly every 5 to 20 minutes all day long or run the game with FBO disabled which makes Wurm look like crap and cannot see further than 1/3 of the normal distance. I personally tried to live with this issue of crashing since the Animal patch and was about to quit Wurm until we figured out that FBO disable seems to be a work around for now. I got a top of the line PC which makes Wurm look beautiful but I cannot experience it because I have to play with FBO disabled until the dev's figure it out and fix the issue. Just my 2 cents but I would love to see some technical support on current issues / problems and/or more of the roadmap completed in-between major patches than any type of VR support.
  5. I am assuming this is all together, 20s
  6. I have changed both FBO and VBO from CORE to EXTENTION (both say Intel work arounds?) and it seems to fix the crashing issue so far. EDIT: yeah crashed still yet. Changed VBO to CORE and FBO to DISABLED. Ingame looks horrible now.... not sure what is worse, crashing all the time or everything black. See if this is stable.