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  1. I would try Millammber
  2. I do still need, are you on SFI (location says Cadence - NFI )
  3. Aloha I am looking for pumpkin terror shards to make a pumpkin terror. I can trade yule goat or yule reindeer shards for them or coin. MSG me
  4. I will give you 15s for 7 gift packs unopened.
  5. It is a nice deed. I personally found it slightly annoying (for me) that there wasn't at least one tile outside the canal shops or at low water level to traverse and ended up having to swim more than I wanted to but it was well thought out and interesting. I assume the depth was made so any boat other than knarr, sail or rowboat could access the canals. I enjoyed the decor and see a lot of time was put into this.
  6. I wanted to thank brattygirl for doing this service! not only did I get my old 50 kg anvil imped it was returned rare! Thank you!!
  7. I place an order with VirusMD to enchant my dragon scale set and make me a few unique sets of chain armor and a complete set of Glimmersteel tools. He did an amazing job and everything turned out great! Thanks as always!
  8. Looking to purchase a Red Scale Sleeve or .35 of any scale at 60c per 0.01 Mahalo Bramson