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  1. Items I am selling: Green Tome - Looking for 50s each OBO MR Flag x3 - 4s each MR Banner x2- 5s each Willing to trade MY green tome for a Large Magic Chest +10S. Willing to trade MY green tome for a Cavalier Helm. Willing to trade any of MY items towards a rare metal spear (looking for 2) + Silver to equal the trade. White Tome Sold
  2. I will try this as well getting same problem.
  3. I am having same issue this was just last night Do you have more thank 1 monitor? It seems to be related to that?
  4. Congrats ChampagneDragon - pickup at c15,710 Xanadu. PM me on forums to coordinate pickup.
  5. Please add White Mountain Meadery at 3232, 710 Thank you
  6. Looking to purchase a Cavalier Helm. PM cost or COD for 25s without contact and will accept right away.
  7. This auction is for Wurm University 2 Military Camps, 4 banners, 2 tall banner, 2 flags. (See Below) PICKUP ONLY ON XANADU. Starting bid: 20 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: Offer Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Only Buyout
  8. Are you still looking for one?
  9. I have dual monitors. which settings did you copy?
  10. Sorry - wrong auction . good luck on bids!
  11. I have characters clients closing for no reason and it only started to happen after the last client patch. I check the console logs and the only errors I see is constant msg about [20:47:26] No mapping found for hair0 [20:47:26] No mapping found for hair0 hs_err_pid21764 dated today