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  1. I'm there right now Looks like one floorboard is broken. I think it'd liven the place up to put laamps there, since it's a deed and everything. Also, thanks for having this in general It's great to know I can now speak without having to constantly be aware of the occasional HH
  2. Sold Close plz

    But for 30s? I wouldn't buy that for 30s.
  3. Sold Close plz

    I highly doubt anyone would be willing to buy one for 30s. Simply not worth it for a one time use.
  4. Probably the answer is yes, but it doesn't hurt asking: Would I need to join the village in order to be a pan filler? EDIT: Also, are you looking for a longterm or short term worker?
  5. Darn, I don't have that much :/ Good luck with the sale, though!
  6. I like the idea of a Northern, frozen server. Ice would be too annoying for people, though. Not fun.
  7. +1 Especially since this is a game about magic and alchemy was such a big part of early "sciences" and magical lore.
  8. +1 Finally gives a proper use to wool
  9. -1 Part of the charm is getting lost ;P
  10. -1 I know how to make bows and arrows in real life. They are completely different things. Might as well stick weapon blade smithing and chain armour smithing together as well!
  11. Selling a rare iron candelabra. QL is deliberately low, at 11.64 QL to give you the opportunity to make it supreme or fantastic, if wanted. Great for sacrificing as well ;P The pelt is a rat's pelt, so it's fairly light, but it's 80.95 QL with no damage on it and no use. PM me in-game, name name as my forums account, or reply to this thread for offers. I will deliver it to you by boat ASAP.