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  1. So upon the completion of my almanac I came to realize that several trees are missing. I ask and was told they are not harvestable so they are not part of the almanac. I said but they are just not in wurm “yet”.  The Birch, Willow and Fir trees are missing as is the Thorn bush. If there are more please list. The suggestion was made that I do a post on suggested new content. I have listed uses and harvest times that coincide with wurm months as well as tools and other suggestions. This has also led to and includes a suggestion for a new skill / trade, Glass Blowing. So please read and let me know what you all think.


  2. Pie kits or individual pies for goal. Pies are in pie dishes ready for oven. Need to be picked up on Elevation BL. Could send one pie on Freedom if need to complete there. PM in game or message me here for more details. If you need to finish on freedom then last pie can be COD on freedom, if you it isn't your last goal you can bake them all on Elevation.

  3. How about some simple fixes.


    1. Better hosts for servers to avoid the lag and glitch issues currently happening


    2. Fix Hota

        A. Set Hota as untouchable (no deeds- building, etc.)

        B. Fix the holes in Hota.

        C. Make Hota equal access each time

        D. Give prizes at regular intervals for Hota


    3.  Keep local- are you serious? Getting rid of /who is enough. Local also helps guide people to you for logistics as well.


    4.  Add a few more items like:

         A. Saddle bags for horse.

         B. Make carts / wagons / transporters bashable.

         C. Items for ships to enhance travel

              1. Speed

              2. View for captains.

         D. Increase skill cap to 100 on epic= you still have to work for it - even with buff there is more risk - it should not be     



    5.  Fix the Missions as already mentioned.


    6. Leave skill gain alone- all people here have had to work for it - no reason anyone else should not.


    7. Get better hosts for servers. (Yes I am aware this is a repeat- but worth repeating).



    Instead of going all out changing everything that is and isn't broken- try just fixing the things that are broken and making the instances of competition on a level field with awards and incentives.


    These small changes can have a large impact .