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  1. Close please

    Eu quero vender 8k tijolo caras de pedra, 2s / k, eu posso entregar na costa.
  2. Close please


    How much is the first cloth?
  4. Close please

    Hi wurmians. I'm selling 4k stone brick 2s/k (Just stone bricks, no crates). I can deliver in coast. Send me a menssage. Good game.
  5. WTB large crates

    Ty, I finished my order Close this topic please
  6. WTB large crates

    Hello guys, I'm looking for large crates, send me a message ith your price.
  7. Deedplanner 2.9.9 - 3D House And Deed Planner

    Hello, help me please My error is: [2019-06-30 15:36:11] Error has occurred! Java vendor: Azul Systems, Inc. Java version: 1.8.0_181 DeedPlanner 2.9.9 com.jogamp.opengl.GLException: Caught NullPointerException: null on thread AWT-EventQueue-0 at com.jogamp.opengl.GLException.newGLException( at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.invokeGLImpl( at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.invokeGL( at com.jogamp.opengl.awt.GLJPanel$OffscreenBackend.doPaintComponent( at com.jogamp.opengl.awt.GLJPanel.paintComponent( at javax.swing.JComponent.paint( at javax.swing.JComponent.paintChildren( at javax.swing.JComponent.paint( at javax.swing.JComponent.paintChildren( at javax.swing.JComponent.paint( at javax.swing.JComponent.paintChildren( at javax.swing.JComponent.paint( at javax.swing.JLayeredPane.paint( at javax.swing.JComponent.paintChildren( at javax.swing.JComponent.paintToOffscreen( at javax.swing.RepaintManager$PaintManager.paintDoubleBuffered( at javax.swing.RepaintManager$PaintManager.paint( at javax.swing.RepaintManager.paint( at javax.swing.JComponent.paint( at java.awt.GraphicsCallback$ at sun.awt.SunGraphicsCallback.runOneComponent( at sun.awt.SunGraphicsCallback.runComponents( at java.awt.Container.paint( at java.awt.Window.paint( at javax.swing.RepaintManager$ at javax.swing.RepaintManager$ at Method) at$JavaSecurityAccessImpl.doIntersectionPrivilege( at javax.swing.RepaintManager.paintDirtyRegions( at javax.swing.RepaintManager.paintDirtyRegions( at javax.swing.RepaintManager.prePaintDirtyRegions( at javax.swing.RepaintManager.access$1200( at javax.swing.RepaintManager$ at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.dispatch( at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEventImpl( at java.awt.EventQueue.access$500( at java.awt.EventQueue$ at java.awt.EventQueue$ at Method) at$JavaSecurityAccessImpl.doIntersectionPrivilege( at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent( at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForFilters( at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForFilter( at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy( at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents( at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents( at Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException at pl.wurmonline.deedplanner.util.jogl.GLInit.sendGpuCapabilities( at at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.reshape( at com.jogamp.opengl.awt.GLJPanel$Updater.display( at com.jogamp.opengl.awt.GLJPanel$ at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.invokeGLImpl( ... 45 more
  8. WTS 3k stone brick

    Want to sell 3k stone brick for 1,5 s per k, send me a message
  9. Wts Stone brick and mortar

  10. Wts Stone brick and mortar

  11. Wts Stone brick and mortar

  12. Wts Stone brick and mortar