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  1. It dont need to have any timer at all on pve, you already take 3 sec to activate the lock right clic the door and clic attach... +1
  2. Sleeping and getting sleepbonus while on a long journey can be interesting ? Probably something very easy to add ? Corbita - cog and caravel only
  3. 20s ? not sure you gonna have any deal, supreme maybe but not a rare one...
  4. Thx for fast hotfix!
  5. Cant receive mail, cant clic any box
  6. Small problem and example: I got 4 barrels rack that is renamed Cow Milk, Sheep Milk, bison milk and another not renamed, when i put my mouse on them i can see the name, if i drag a barrel on it, i loose the rack name. When you get around 22 rack of Crate it can be nice to see the name of them when draging a crate into them. My rare leather Jacket dont show good skin in Character windows
  7. Remove being able to finnish journal on epic then, cause its stupid.
  8. I can fit 12 fine high chair in a single tile also i just added 2 fine high chair with a tower bell easly on 1 tile but it just cant work with royal throne.
  9. I tried to put 2 royal throne on a single tile and i wasnt able to do, also tried to put a royal throne and a bell tower together and not enough space.
  10. Thank You! In a hurry to make your next order !
  11. I can see a light going from nowhere (or a mine) far far far tooo far away... not sure why !
  12. Would be fun to be able to ride the worg after we summon it until it go back home ?
  13. i'v found a setting that is helping me alot with that problem with alot of testing. Seems that Ambient Occlusion at Medium Give me that real bad effect. This setting at off or High help me understand that is some kind of transparency the end of the leaf have. When the tree move we can see other colour of other leaf through But this is not Fixing all the flashing effect unfortunatly.
  14. I dont have any issue in legacy mode, just tried it.
  15. All the leaf of tree is flashing, it was there beofre the last updtate but i dont remember what i'v changed before for that bug to happen. I think i changed renderer legacy to modern. Any idea to fix that ? Best video i was able to post we can see a bit what im talking about. i can send a better one to someone if needed. You see better what im talking about with the far away trees. https://imgur.com/a/Y02EDHc
  16. I already have tested that and i didnt noticed any more signifiant dmg to the monster. And didnt got any valuable info on it. Some only say it do Frost wound and this is the only change. I would assume its harder to heal frost than bite wound... but who cares in pve. Troll cant heal frost wound maybe so when you add more frost wound with salve of frost it just cant heal anything...? But my weapon is mostly useless with salve of frost... Also you loose Demise that is adding 3% dmg on whatever you choose. human,monster,animal or legendary.
  17. I rode almost all that have in this thread and only want to add something. We pay to play a game so we want to have fun. Praying are not fun for anyone. Yes you can probably do it afk etc etc find a reason to like it (because other dont like it can be funny) But praying isnt playing, and isnt fun. Yes we can do it... Human can do anything to get a reward. But please i'm sure Dev can think about something to Keep it hard but make it (fun)? Think about all those new players that will join soon from Steam. You want them to have fun or quit ? The end.... Thx. [00:11:50] Prayer increased by 0,0113 to 54,9407 (boring) Edit (Global cast was more fun to do.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EDIT Just got an idea to make it more fun. why dont you at least you add a rare coin when a moment of inspiration come. Lucky moon metal can appear sometimes ?(inspiration) Change flint or salt reward with items linked to your gods ? Add more timer to the run speed like 10 min other than 20sec. Bonus to channeling for 10 min ?. etc etc etc etc....
  18. +1 to change the prayer to be usefull, not like walking faster for 2 sec if not usefull but also because praying up to 70 skill is just stupid. Is that normal everyone go make the quest on epic? Now its the only quest remaining and its look like im stuck there... getting 0,05 skill each days for probably 3 more years...
  19. Im sorry Missed that post ill send you a tell when you get online !
  20. Sold Close

    Sold Thx [13:57:03] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.