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  1. What has made you hate Wurm?

    The vehicle litter eyesore that sits there for 1, 2... 5... years, yet can't be removed, general off-deed low-decay nonsense, the stale economy... 10 years is a long time with no reasonable sinks what-so-ever in the game to balance things out - To that point, I have several surplus high end chars I want to delete; Delete button please?
  2. UI too small on 1080p screen.

    I recently updated my graphics drivers(Nvidia, DEC build) and WO is now incorrectly displaying a 4K UI scale with my 1080p monitor. Any workaround for this other than rolling back the drivers?
  3. Ban character selling/sharing

    If the end-product is to reduce circulation of high-end level characters, a more prominent feature would be to decay skills based on a flat %/month for accounts that go inactive for say... Longer than 30 days. A lot of characters prior to being sold sit around on the bench so-to-speak for some time before being traded up. At the same time, ignoring acc sales, there are also an awful lot of players that go inactive for 3..4..5+ months, skill in my opinion should reflect that.
  4. Halloween Tricks & Treats!

    You'll probably find that everyone's spamming the overworld so much that mobs are spawning underground in droves or elsewhere on the overworld where the population isn't visiting as often. Checkout some mines, once the hoard where-ever it may be is cleared, they should spawn in expected areas again. My areas pretty dry at the moment on Deli (had quite a few hunters today!)... Except for a huge underground mine nearby which is chok-a-block with mobs.
  5. [Resolved] Missing "Manage Citizens" window

    Dirty Business, Deli (Thought it was in the ticket). Note: Manage Citizens is accessible now the server has rebooted.
  6. Special Animal Spawning

    I've also noticed this, traited wildcats/wolves/trolls/etc, a champion spider spawned next to me on my dock etc. Yet, I haven't seen any nests around.
  7. Trying to open "Manage Citizens" via inventory or token as mayor OR any villager part of that town with management perms. The window will not appear. Open "Manage Citizens" from either token/inventory. Support Ticket: #63435 Wagoner Derty was removed via deed shrinkage. Wagoner was setup at a new location, same name, Derty. I've reset my player data in the client, thinking that maybe the window was somehow moved off screen (32:9 screen, easy for things to get lost, usually), however, this did not fix it. The window just won't appear, was working fine a few days ago, today, nada, the only thing that's changed in the last few days; a) patch, b) our wagoner was moved yesterday. Since other deeds don't have an issue with their citizen management, I'm guessing the wagoner has bugged out my towns citizens management somehow. I am assuming that there is a conflict with the WurmID somehow for the wagoner and that is breaking the Manage Citizens window, I also think that it may be auto-resolved on the next server reboot when the server notices the issue, whenever that may be, but I have been asked to report this by Njorun.
  8. New Server / Islands / Region?

    -1 There is also tons of 'fresh' land available on certain servers and a constantly changing world to explore. Populations spread ridiculously thin enough as it is, everywhere is like a ghost town, ruins and decay.
  9. To be honest, I wouldn't mind seeing them on PVE, provided their numbers were culled a bit. The only experience PVE has of them is when they spawned en-massé inside players deeds and went on a murderous rampage everywhere.
  10. Console: https://pastebin.com/sJ1YWt28 Event: https://pastebin.com/KA2a7Xwx I can't drive my cart 2 meters without getting thrown off it. I originally thought my beehive had bugged it out somehow, but outside the hives influence, I'm still getting thrown around. It's impossible for me to ride any vehicle. I heard Deli went down earlier, related?
  11. Looting off deed

    I'd also add to that, any item off deed that hits similar damage that is planted or locked would become un-planted or the lock would 'rust' and become easily removable. This would go a long way to helping those who are trying to clean-up the map, not just from planted BSB's or racks etc, but from abandoned wagons, boats, transporters etc too. I have a clearly abandoned wagon sat next to my deed with 50+ damage on it, hasn't moved at all this entire year, same for some big boats at my neighbours place, who regardless of saying "Please let it decay, don't repair it" have noticed some bright-spark recently has come across and repaired it. We would love to move eyesores like that to our off-deed landfill site.
  12. The Adventurer's [4096]

    Pop the height-map into any terrain generator that supports it and you can re-populate the terrain with any trees/bushes you want and add your own personal touch.
  13. Sailing trough borders bugs player camera

    I get this issue almost every time I cross a border, kind of a long running bug. Usually requires a client restart to fix it.
  14. Not enough water (recipe not working)

    Shameless bump, still unable to fit enough water in.
  15. [Deli] WTB Bison

    Looking to buy 1~2 pairs of bison on Deliverance, will pickup. Open to offers.