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  1. Looting off deed

    I'd also add to that, any item off deed that hits similar damage that is planted or locked would become un-planted or the lock would 'rust' and become easily removable. This would go a long way to helping those who are trying to clean-up the map, not just from planted BSB's or racks etc, but from abandoned wagons, boats, transporters etc too. I have a clearly abandoned wagon sat next to my deed with 50+ damage on it, hasn't moved at all this entire year, same for some big boats at my neighbours place, who regardless of saying "Please let it decay, don't repair it" have noticed some bright-spark recently has come across and repaired it. We would love to move eyesores like that to our off-deed landfill site.
  2. The Adventurer's [4096]

    Pop the height-map into any terrain generator that supports it and you can re-populate the terrain with any trees/bushes you want and add your own personal touch.
  3. Sailing trough borders bugs player camera

    I get this issue almost every time I cross a border, kind of a long running bug. Usually requires a client restart to fix it.
  4. Not enough water (recipe not working)

    Shameless bump, still unable to fit enough water in.
  5. [Deli] WTB Bison

    Looking to buy 1~2 pairs of bison on Deliverance, will pickup. Open to offers.
  6. Animals escaping confinement.

    I never considered it to be a graphical glitch. When there are graphical glitches on entity locations, you tend not to be able to lead said glitched graphical animal (or interact with it or the affected player) unless you are next to their actual location on the server, because, graphical glitch, and ofc, reloading the client usually re-syncs any graphically-mislocated entities. This horse escaped straight through a solid brick house wall right in front of me, I was able to lead it straight away. It escaped, plain and simple. :/ I've heard stories, oh the stories, ever since animals were able to wander occupied tile borders, but I've never actually experienced it, till now. Could the tile border issue be related? Edit: Happened 2 more times. >_<
  7. Animals escaping confinement.

    Evidently, buildings won't contain animals in mines... You know, since my horse just walked straight through a solid building wall.
  8. Animals escaping confinement.

    I just witnessed one of my baby horses walk through the wall of my house at Dirty Business (Deli) from the locked pen that sits against my house underground. Then proceed to try and make it to freedom. Edit: Seems more frequent when animals are seeking food. 9 escapees so far.
  9. [Preview] Animation glitches

    Noticed on the preview client that helmets such as the chain helmet, kind of become disjointed and out of sync during certain animations (digging for example) and the player model's head will show through the helmet. https://prnt.sc/ioso72
  10. Dedicated hunting server

    Love to know where you are exploring because I can't get a break from mobs on any of the smaller "hunting" servers that already exist. The players are part of the gameplay, the items and skills you bring back, are part of the gameplay, they affect other players, they effect the economy (big or small) and it would spread players out even further... Its a sandbox survival MMO (Keyword: MMO) with emphasis on your actions affecting the environment and people around you. What is being asked for is an even easier no-build map with an even more insane spawn rate (without the understanding of how the current system works?) than what we already have access to that will further devalue the achievement of gaining resources and skills.
  11. Dedicated hunting server

    -1 Regardless of the highways which have been around for quite some time, there are more than enough mobs to hunt on the smaller servers and you can still find plenty of mobs on the larger servers (excluding Xanadu; Because why is that still a thing? Sorry Xanadu). I just sailed down a short stretch of coastline with 50+, champs, hounds and what not on Cele, yesterday in the opposite direction along one of the old highways, just as bad... Yet, the other day I had someone visit my place "Ohh, not many mobs around since these deeds have popped up" (1 small deed recently popped up), well, of course, mobs avoid deeds, especially ones with Templars, that leaves other areas dangerously jam-packed with mobs. Yet the nearby hunting ground was packed with mobs. I was on Indy a few months ago, the hunting grounds don't take long to get to and they're often packed, not to mention the highways can be quite dangerous. It doesn't take much effort to go wandering for a kill, especially with 1) smaller servers, 2) what seems a lower player base than ever logging in, meaning less competition for mobs. Its never been easier to find something to kill (speaking as someone who survived the great animal crisis years an' years ago) and its never been easier to reach other servers by sea and boat plotting. Players are already spread thinly enough without removing more activity from the current servers. We do not need more 'ease of gameplay' and casual disregard for what gaming means (effort/challenge, reward = fun). The game is built around exploration and survival, with that in mind; The resources are there in an absolute abundance, pull a finger out and go explore more. Don't be a hater, it's just my opinion. o/
  12. Water splashing on land

    Not sure if this is in the right place, I assume this is a server mechanic issue since it has persisted through several reboots and is noticeable by others. There is a loud shoreline water splashing sound on my deed (Roasted Malt: Indy), by my pig pen gate, I'm quite far from the shore and quite high up in a mountainous area. It wasn't there when I moved in and appeared after I made a sandpit (which was moved) and it is still there.
  13. Weird bright fog patches

    That fixed it... Now light sources flicker. Think I know why it wasn't on by default, I must have turned it to unlimited way back. To flicker or not to flicker... That is the question. Edit: Will have to deal with dodgy fog, light flickers are extremely frequent and nauseating.
  14. Weird bright fog patches

    I'm noticing during fog these bright patches/rows appearing in front of me, the denser the fog, the closer and more often these patches occur. Anyone know how to get around this monstrosity? Console log; http://paste.creeperhost.net/view/0a88ed41 System Specs; https://valid.x86.fr/pk8dj3 Picture:
  15. The client is playing unrelentingly loud shoreline water splashing noise up at Roasted Malt (Indy) because some sand was placed down on our mountain. *Would be great if we could get an option just to silence or change the volume of said water files.