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  1. Macro's are for snowflakes, real wurmian's are like;
  2. I appear to be missing the "Move" menu on any object, I've reset the client (including ripping out the configuration files from my user directory in windows) and the issue persists. Any ideas how to bring back the "Move" menu? Wurm Online 4.0.11 (with or without experimental files, same problem).
  3. I have a job thanks, it just involves long periods of 'nothing to do' on some days and absolutely everything to do on other days - Wurm fills that void of boredom. As for being 'glued to a computer', not so much, plenty of 15~30min breaks where I just walk away from the PC each day; coffee/smoke break, house cleaning, looking after the animals and other things (shopping etc), yet still hit the fatigue wall. Don't be so presumptuous. Character 1: Grinds 10+ hours a day, doesn't hit fatigue 'ever'. Character 2: Grinds <8 hours/day, hits fatigue, repeatedly. The only difference, one of them is really old and one of them is a new character. Somethings obviously bugged either way.
  4. The biggest reason I'm playing WU at the moment is I can use the no-fatigue mod. I played WO for years (7+?) on my main, I never once hit fatigue (in the early days I did hit the pop-up question checker thingy maybe 3 times) and after Xanadu came out and tore up my village population who mostly quit, I quit. I've attempted several times to 'start fresh' and give WO another go and every single time I've quit having hit fatigue in the first day or two, it's frustrating. A number of players on my server have had chats about returning to WO as a group and giving it another go, but every time the answer is the same "Let's not... Fatigue system...".
  5. Been noticing a similar behaviour on my server, when I'm online. [08:00:13] No other players are online on The grind (1 totally in Wurm). Seems to happen after a restart > logon, play for a bit, correct player count > logoff > log back on hours later and the login isn't recorded properly.
  6. Fog spiders may be related to the agg. creature bug, with the nonNewbie hacky-fix in, we noticed a lot less fog spiders spawning. Without non-newbie, they were spawning in droves and invading deeds like crazy.
  7. One way to check if it's the mod; disable the mod and see if it still happens, if it doesn't, report it to the mod dev so they can inspect it closer and roll out a mod update with a fix.
  8. Check it's not a new player too, I often notice VirtualZone errors like that for newly logged in, brand-spanking-new-to-the-server-players, until, they logout and log back in again a few times. If it's a new player, I tend to ignore it.
  9. Disabling the dens just reinforces the fact that 'wild-spawns' for certain mobs is fubar. I did this and meant that cows, bulls, wolf, cats, bison etc spawned... but lava fiends, trolls, spiders, bears, scorpions, crocodiles, god creatures, didn't spawn at all, as previously documented; So I assume at this point, certain mobs go over their % cap because other spawns are not being factored into the cap (because they're actually missing from the spawning routine by some bug or other) and a huge % of their cap is made up by dens. Their cap % isn't actually what you think it is, it's inflated as there's a chunk of mob %'s not being factored in ...at a wild guess. The missing wild-mobs you do see at the moment are den dependant, which means those like the hell hound/scorp/horse and bosses do not appear in the stats at all - to this date, there is only 1 boss on my new server map that I spawned myself, no bosses have naturally spawned over the last few months, which is a very different result to the boss infested creative map we had back in Nov. Can play with the 'weights' all I wanted, could force hardcapped limits (not the soft-cap %) to prevent over spawning (creatures template, add temp.MaxCreatureCount (I think it is - check the shark one out, it's hardcapped much like octopus and dolphins)), same result, a chunk of mobs are missing entirely and its always the same mob names cropping up. The only thing I can deduct; Dens aren't the problem. Biome weights aren't the problem. SpawnTable isn't the problem. Unless ofc, something in the code has had a knock-down effect on the spawning mechanics. Which brings us to the hacky-fix; The only way I managed to get something similar to original spawning was to go disable the non-newbie line in the zones.class, which seems to have unlocked the missing wild-spawns and allows everything to spawn once more. Being a Java newbie, I have no idea what the non-newbie thing does, I only found it by process of elimination by throwing in log reports every step of the spawning routine, until I hit the print out that matched in that code. Something tied in with 'non-newbie' has borked, in my newbie-opinion. I just can't bring myself at the moment to pickup the game and play it, because the challenge has just been sucked away and my storybook is just rife with "... built a wall... tended my crops... went fishing... took a stroll... culled some more rats on the marsh, shamelessly low FS gain... nothing new today... another player has quit to play a totally different game *yawn*"... I actually miss having to look over my shoulder every 5 mins and running to help a neighbouring town or random wanderer, the highways have never looked soo safe.
  10. Any update on this?
  11. First reported on regular build for us too. Server uses; Announcer BetterDig HarvestHelper JPWM Offspring Names Move to Center BountyMod SpellMod MeditateMod SacrificeMod SalveMod SkillMod ProspectMod Some players are exceptionally laggy due to their home connections and run into problems quite often (such as this, or stuck items in the inventory), and some are on high speed low latency connections, across Windows 7, 10 and Linux. Server is running on Win10 Pro since WU came out, behind an anti-DDoS filter router (cable line-bonded over multiple high speed fibre connections), has no performance issues with CPU and doesn't come close to capping it's RAM, hardware is tested monthly with no hardware errors to date. Max player base has been around 20, however, since the aggressive creature ratio % is still not fixed, it's dropped to 1~3 players on average and there haven't been any incidents recently, at least none that have been reported. One thing I have noted; it seems to effect vehicle passengers, I think all reports have been stuck passengers, including one on my own boat(Knarr) I was driving.
  12. Seen it a few times on my server, players have called for my attention because they're often 'stuck' in vehicles when it happens (not personally had it happen to my character yet). They can't move, or even rotate their view around, can't disembark and have needed to be #reload.
  13. When you remove a mod that adds things, you normally have to remove the 'things' manually. As I can see it, if you disable the mod, what is going to tell the server to remove the items from the database? There's no code to do that(?). Could probably have a second mod that is run once to remove them(?), OR if it was me include with the mod a remove.bat that would be dropped into the SQLite folder of the map and ran once to sends a query to the database to flush out all the no longer wanted items?
  14. I would suggest checking out; We noticed some odd behaviours over the last few months with creatures on our server, more obvious things like; No wild forest spiders, bears etc... (do you only see these mobs near 'lairs'?). No hell mobs such as hell hounds, hell scorps, hell horses. Whilst suffering this bug, we also noticed our deed mines were constantly being invaded by rats and cave bugs, fog spiders would frequently appear in town during extremely fast (almost instant) fog and make a bee-line for villagers. The fog would be over in less than 2 mins. Since we implemented the fix, the fog has been somewhat more 'stable' (rolls in nicely at a gradual rate), the fog spiders have calmed down a lot and our on-deed mines are quieter. So I took up learning Java over the last week or so and started poking things and came up with a solution for my server, that may help you. You will need to clone and edit the class file in something like Intellij, the compile it and copy the edited file back into your server jar. Backup before you test it (or create another server for testing. I hold no responsibility if this blows up your server, I am after all, new to Java). It seems this bug (if it's confirmed a bug) upset the 'balance' of spawns and spawn rates on the server, resulting in some mobs heavily overpopulating more than others (often non-aggressive) and some mobs just not spawning at all. A bit of a warning, if you implement this and it works for you, if you have changed your creature aggressive % on your server settings in the last few months; you may want to put it to what you were previously using before you decided to ramp up the aggressive count. We ramped ours to 90% when we noticed aggressive's weren't spawning as expected.. forgot about it... implemented the fix recently... trolls everywhere, spiders, hell hounds galore, many deaths. With WU updating this week(?), you wait it out another day or two to see if someone over at CodeClub notices/adds in a fix.
  15. Just a Q Ago, because I honestly don't know. Wouldn't leaving 23,24,25 in the creatures mod cause issues with the new horse colour traits (23,24,25) Wurm added in (ebonyblack, bloodbay, piebaldpinto), and thus require a few higher numbers not already occupied by Wurm colour trait list? Aka, someone would need to use say, 26,27,28 in creatures mod.