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  1. Well, something is different: I get the visual bugs more often now, I'm having performance issues when wurm's kicked into the background (with clients derping at 60..70..80% load, in the background), and 64-bit version is using less memory/ in general uses more CPU. Does anyone know how to fix the JNLP startup script on Windows? I was using just a basic script, which apparently isn't enough anymore. "C:\Program Files\Java\JRE\bin\javaws.exe" "https://wurmonline.com/client/wurmclient.jnlp"
  2. Since switching to the 64 bit launcher installation over the direct running of the JNLP, Wurm gets heavily throttled when not in focus, down to <20 FPS (and very choppy), this doesn't matter if the FPS limit is enabled or not. Anyone got any ideas on how to fix this?
  3. Remember: If you get your villages rarity window improved (up to 10 seconds), the drumroll's make their appearances much more frequently. Participating in Valrei item finding missions and saccing them on full favor can boost village rarity windows, as well as saccing locks amongst other things. I often find Valrei items sailing around, especially near server borders.
  4. Only other problem with using the 64-bit installer, is that I have to deal with missing textures randomly a lot more. EG: Load in, 1~2 parts of my long beautiful wall are just one-tone grey, and a section of house. :sadpanda: Edit: And now focus issues. [Twitches]
  5. Unable to launch JNLP: https://wurmonline.com/client/wurmclient.jnlp com.sun.deploy.net.FailedDownloadException: Unable to load resource: (http://www.wurmonline.com/client/libraries-live/lwjgl-natives-windows-x86.jar?version-id=3.2.3, 3.2.3) Note: Using JNLP bundled into a run.bat (java jnlp) because without it I get frequent heap crashes because the game uses more than 4GB of RAM on higher end graphic settings. Would really like this fixing, or maybe fix the other launching methods to make use of 64 bit Java allocations.
  6. I tried this first. I was fishing for almost an hour before I caught something, my 50+ fisher is lucky to catch something in 20 mins, with a 40ql+ net, I have no idea why it's so unbelievably difficult. Prior to the fishing update, I had no issue fishing with decent quality rods, I could even pull marlin and sharks. Certainly small fish like herring were no issue.
  7. I cannot, if I click the border, I get whatevers behind it, I've clicked all the way around it, in it etc.
  8. I don't understand why things are double (thickly) bordered, there's so much space allocated to design, the text is also much bigger than the size 10 font I was using previously and seemingly can't be changed for the new UI. I have no idea how many items I have in my units without purposely expanding out my container windows now to 350+ pixels wide, 400+ on my inventory (90% UI scale), where previously my inventory used 300 pixels (105% UI scale). That's a lot of screen real-estate lost due to excessively thick bordering, whitespace and removed scaling options. Would be nice to get: The hover-over tooltip with that information in (item counts). A minimalistic skin. Text size options. 'Toggle weight' option for the columns so I can actually see how many units I have in there without having to drag out a calculator, or, constantly be readjusting the frames. Having "No Target" pop in the menus great for mobs, but what about select bar objects/etc. Toolbelt doesn't follow the UI design. Buffs/Debuffs don't follow the UI design. Quick bar doesn't seem to fit in well either. No target appears detached from objects now (affecting clearing the select bar). The only thing I'm totally kicking about it so far, is the fact I can finally roll the chat frames how I want them, but... Since the frames now use bigger font and thicker borders... The pros of it don't outweigh the cons for me, so far.
  9. I can't seem to find a way to unlock the select bar on the new UI.
  10. Decided to give fishing a go, last time I tried was the week after the fishing update. Is everything still broken, or, can someone give me some tips? I can't seem to find any tangible information anywhere. Pole fishing is just rendering snapped lines constantly, eaten hooks, etc, over and over again (15 and 50 fishing skill), these herrings are greedy as fudge. Net fishing for what seems absolutely ages now, and not a single catch. How do you get fish now? Let alone fishing skill. Fishing was no-where near as difficult as it's become after the fishing update.
  11. Depending on the server, it can take up to 5 years for abandoned trash to disappear. The current system doesn't work and it doesn't seem to be that dependent on quality: My 50QL caravel has taken 20+ damage in 12 months (on deed-), but the <20ql BSB secured (or trellis at 5QL etc), has taken less than 2 damage on my previous Xanadu deed's perimeter... I ended up moving to another server because of it. I terraformed. moved trash and spent over 6 months fixing over 5 grids north-Deli, it still took over a year for vehicles like wagons to become pushable and 2 years later? Every single one of those vehicles and objects are still in their hidden underground trash heap. Allowing people to lockpick away securings on PVE would go a long way to the small army of users trying to clean up the map. Every single area I've cleaned up has been moved into and repopulated. People don't want to settle in trash heaps, it's an eyesore and it's off putting to new players. - It's really not difficult to collect the silver to get a deed setup (<1 week). - It's really not that difficult to login to an MMORPG once every 90 days.
  12. One of those awful auto-pregenerated maps, Xanadu style?
  13. Looking to buy bison, at least 2 females (aged or younger). Player: Draylynn Edit: Still looking - 25/06/2020
  14. Are different servers supposed to have different colour skies? I've noticed an overwhelmingly orange glow for a few days on Exodus, but other servers I've visited have been blue? (Indy vs Exo) https://prnt.sc/ss8oc9
  15. Steam will cause a influx of players who will leave trash and abandoned locked stuff all over. On some servers this stuff can take literal years to decay, cannot be moved or removed, from buildings to vehicles etc. Fixing terrain damage isn't too bad, fixing people's abandoned trash that barely takes any damage in a year (at least in Xanadu) and cannot be moved, is nigh impossible. A peri building was usually dead easily within 3 months at least the last time I nuked an 80ql abandoned building. On Xanadu, a peri building of similar QL and same materials is still standing with <20 damage after a year. And in-before "Oh, but it's 80ql, newbies won't be able to make that": I have a locked and secured BSB on a peri for over a year @ 38QL that I can't remove either, due to the building... It has 2 dmg on it. An easily obtained QL in <7 days. - These things aren't being repaired. I hope we get some form of resolution for this system first to avoid the headache of abandoned (now locked by default) vehicles and trash and better decay rates for unclaimed abandoned buildings such as a rusted-lock feature tide into the owners account activity.