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  1. As the title says I've encountered a bug while making a mission to build a guard tower. Finished tower did not count towards the mission progress, mission stayed active and I didn't receive reward. Following my coversation with CM Baeowulf, I want report this as a bug, specifying that I started building my tower after the mission has begun and completed it by myself.
  2. One more tower:,2195 Pinchi 898
  3. If your archaeology skill is good, I'd suggest investigating along the road, you might get a hint on where that deed was located if the place is right.
  4. Some more towers from today's journey:,2292 Alinicon 250,2294 Zin 34,2252 Qdlaty 394 (MK Tunnel G17),2529 Qdlaty 66
  5.,1960 Qurm 538 (Myst Port 23/24 F/G)
  6. Hi, Dale, nice to see you too Some more towers I found:,2346 Unknown 394,2347 Krim 530 (Isle of Wonders G18),2348 Runland 778,2366 Runland 266,2512 Krim 298,2573 Krim 2,2619 Alinicon 938,2669 Krim 874,2869 Nonono 730,2928 Draxxle 882,2978 Brattygirlisback 386,3054 Alinicon 154,3022 Brattygirlisback 170 (Village of Thule),3027 Wuming 58 (Thule East (Marina Entrance)),3094 Adisious 50,3147 Irithallyrin 930,3083 Meog 682,2959 Yardo 874,2964 Garlf 666,2864 Vitaliy 194 (Oakheart to the west),2600 Muznak 810,2520 Selendra 474,2404 Extravapanda 538
  7. Some towers I located:,2477 Rhinox 794 (Rhinox Tower),2477 Flubb 954,2421 Flubb 162,2294 Dredbanger 114,2273 Annileth 106 (Wonders Alliance G19),2269 Dredbanger 418 (LIGO G 19),2063 Flubb 130 (Windspears Perimeter),2106 Radrohn 618 (Windspears Perimeter) Also the tower Tunnel of Doom Western Terminus at,2353 is called Huser 210
  8. Will do, if you are ready to wait, I'm working on another order atm. I will pm you when it's done
  9. Bump and updated, new stock of herbs and spices
  10. Back in business again, some update on sprouts
  11. How about sleep bonus , we have AH to grind =)?
  12. Hi, please cod grooming brush, oakenwood: BOTD 89: 54c to Rotgut, thanks
  13. Hi, please send grooming brush, oakenwood: BOTD 96: 95c to Rotgut. Thanks