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  1. Great service, had a moonmetal weapon imped along with 2 tools imped and runed. Was very speedy and even made sure I was on a good server for them to send back the items. 11/10 will definitely use again
  2. I would like to buy the rare studded sleeve, boot, and cap. Please cod to Timotheum
  3. Epic Fail

    To all the negative comments. Have you all never been a part of a launch day for any mmo? They are always bad for ones that grow in popularity leading up to their launch. Blizzard has it happen every launch day for a new expansion and they are a multi-million dollar company. Give it a little bit, they will resolve the issues and I am sure they are working endlessly to resolve them.
  4. I am in no way against the wagoner system. i actually really enjoy that system. I just feel like there could be more opportunities out there for other means of transport and delivery to be seen as means to explore. If you don't want to leave your deed then that is understandable, but there could be someone who would be willing to deliver the goods for you for a certain coin and he could make a bit, you still get your goods where they need to go, or you could try to save the coin and make a trip to make a delivery. Just food for thought on ways to give people who don't have a reason to explore a reason at that point. While it may be driven by a trade, it could prosper an idea for a project, a new deed spot someone never would have thought they would like. It just seems that a game built around the medieval fantasy realm really missed an opportunity for a courier that isn't instant transportation of goods. Yes I know there are still large items that people have to deliver like boats, wagons, animals, and bulk items. Just food for thought is all. I appreciate everyone's feedback though.
  5. After taking a deeper look into the wagoneer system, I think that the courier system in this game has created little reason for people to leave their deeds for goods. I believe that a good way to get wurmians traveling the continents again is to make it where trade will have to be done either via a courier like the wagoneer or physically deliver or have a pickup for items. I feel as if this would give people a reason to see each other's deeds again. While it may be driven by a sale, people would be able to explore and admire each other's deeds. This would also get people exploring areas that they may not have seen if not needing to make a trade. I believe that some things could still be sent through the mailbox. Small items mostly, such as a gem or as heavy as a clay shaper. So some tools can still be sent but certain things like weapons and such would have to have an actual interaction. I also believe the size rune should not work on the mailbox as well so the size could not be increased even in this small of a setting. I would love to discuss this idea to see what others think about it.
  6. I will say that I believe that the decay to off-deed items outside of a building should decay slightly quicker than the norm is now. I think a building that is off deed should start taking exponential damage based on the time period. so after a couple of days it may have a couple of low ticks of damage depending on ql, but after a few months, it should really be ramping up the damage ticks on the building and once a building breaks, then the items that were inside I believe should start following the same notion. Across from my deed is an abandoned deed. Has been that way for a while. In my 2 months over here, I have not seen a full point of damage happen to those walls. The deed has been down for quite some time as my neighbors tell me. Why should an off deed building and item be able to stand the test of time for years before it finally blows up?
  7. No change to terraforming for me. That is what originally brought me to Wurm. I love blasting down mountains
  8. Hey are you guys still recruiting for the alliance on Celebration? Cedar Rapids would love to join up I am Timotheum in game
  9. Very well done. Hope to see more timelapse projects from you guys in the future
  10. I mean on the topic of surface mining, while yea it is a slow process, it makes the success story at the end so much more satisfying. I have been working for 2 weeks on surface mining my new deed and man has it been a lot of work. We have filled 45 bsbs full of rock shards from it so far. The most satisfying thing is that i can see the finish line. The sense of accomplishment that wurm is all about flows through me while working on this deed.
  11. You still looking for a digger?
  12. on the topic of fish not sufficing for meals. a .15 grilled fillet brought my food bar up 10%. That, to me, is very filling for a newbie.
  13. I mean it is a brand new skill in a sense. They took something that did not have a reason to really have high or low skill to succeed at, and they made it where we have tier lists for fishing. fishing nets for low skill players just trying to grab a meal and professional reels and deep fishing lines and such for people who are looking for big trophy fish. I mean the old afk for 6 hours was great and all, but I do enjoy the fact that they added a reason to fish. And to top it off they gave a reason to skill some skills that a lot of us havent had reason to even touch until now. I never leveled jewelrysmithing because I build ships, but now i have things I want to make for fishing that require the skill. The new system is gonna take some tweaking for difficulty level but overall I think its a fun system.