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  1. As I ride back on my new 5-Speed HH, wind through my chain coif and cave bugs in my teeth, I reflect on how good a purchase I made. A young, fast, Hell Horse that got up to 40km/h (With proper shoes). Transaction was fast and merchant was polite. Will do business again. -Dridmar
  2. Dridmar here to give my 2 cents. I've probably floated through all the kingdoms by now, just like another person that people seem to like to target on these forums. In most of those kingdoms I may not have been the most active, useful, or sociable; with that said, I have always tried to be respectful friend and foe alike. What I don't like to see is if somebody makes a mistake or does something a group of people don't like then this person can potentially be haunted the rest of their Wurm life. I think the forums should be a lot more strict to remove these personal attacks. So from my experience I think you need to be Respectful of property and items that aren't yours. Respectful of other people in and out of combat. A person who doesn't trash talk on the forums or in-game. Perceptive enough to identify strains in relationships and bandage it before it becomes a bad or severely damaged relationship. to have a decent experience on Chaos.
  3. I know for my April Fool's prank I'm going to recommend Wurm as a good game! LOL
  4. 39 Overall Archery 25 Shortbow 9 Mediumbow 1 Longbow
  5. Seriously, I've been shooting an archery target but gain no skill. I've shot arrows and shafts at a few creatures but no ticks. I've done these things with other bows and have gotten skill. Do I need to /support this? I've used low and medium QL longbows, still no difference.
  6. Selling a bunch of items to clear some space. No prices listed, just make a reasonable offer and I will send the item to you. First come first serve. I will take the cod out of your offer, just let me know what server you're on so I can adjust the price properly. (Eg. If you offer 3s and on Exodus I will charge 2s 80c for the item).
  7. https://niarja.com/skill_compare/Dridmar?cluster=Freedom Thinking about quitting, wondering how much the account is worth. Almost SOTG, has prem until March.