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  1. A special thanks to a friend

    awww ty fairy:) your awsome:)
  2. Chrysanthy's Page [Xanadu]

    100 mortar pls. PM me ingame at Xaviour pls Thanks! -Xaviour
  3. do you happen to be able to do 90ql plate sets? if so Pm Xaviour ingame. thanks! -Xaviour
  4. A special thanks to a friend

    thank you perce and nomad! I appreciate it!
  5. A special thanks to a friend

    i would like to thank FairyShine and Jarkson for something she did for my birthday. She went above and beyond to make sure i have a good birthday. I had no idea she was doing anything until Krisstofer and Percefonie took me to Fairyshines place and and she showed me a brand new Cherrywood knarr for me for my birthday. Fairyshine even Let me put the last piece on the knarr so it looked like im the one that made the whole thing when people look at it. I was completely shocked that she did all this for me and i use my knarr everyday. So thank you so much Fairyshine and Jarkson, for my new Knarr and making my birthday awesome in wurm Wurm on, Xaviour
  6. please close

    Looking for a few villagers who are active and respectful. Island location with room to build. Premium players preferred but non-premium players can also join. If a new player you are welcome but please let me know if you decide you don't like the game and wish to quit instead of just vanishing. Friendly alliance, not really any neighbors. I am by myself in this village so it is not overpopulated. PM me ingame (xaviour) for details, rules, and location on map. Thank you! Xaviour
  7. Cleaning up.

    do you have a lower ql butchering knife?
  8. WTS Maple Syrup

    hi, how much for 100kg of syrup?
  9. Make an Offer Sale

    do you by any chance have a COC whetstone?
  10. Make an Offer Sale

    ty much!
  11. Make an Offer Sale

    76 COC mallet and 73 COC grooming brush for 1.75 silver? COD Xaviour. Thanks!
  12. Close pls :)

    goodbye guys:)
  13. WURMHOLE AGAIN servers gone

    ty back online
  14. WURMHOLE AGAIN servers gone

    ty..will the boat still be floating around?