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  1. Post your best memes

    T-pose to assert your dominance.
  2. Chaos, Complete 180°

    How about removing Chaos and having one cluster for PvE and one cluster for PvP?
  3. I figured I might add to this. Another player that did not have this issue suddenly got the issue when within my local, but the issue stopped persisting after he left local.
  4. Deutsches Xanadu Deed

    Du liebst Mycelium? Leider ist House of Kha nicht mehr yeah sorry my German isn't as good as it once was, but hey I like seeing another German deed around
  5. Post a song that describes your time in Wurm Online

    He asked me if I had seen a dirtwall with all this dirt and sand...
  6. New HotA System

    New Elevation map, because the current map is centered around the HoTA. That doesn't make sense if the HoTA is to be removed. A simple reset wouldn't help much.
  7. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Freedom. Independence was fun when it was released, and I did enjoy it for a long time, but when people dropped a deed just outside my deed so I couldn't mine anymore.. well, I've never looked back.
  8. New HotA System

    I'm gonna link the suggestion I posted in the suggestions & ideas section as it is relevant to this rework of the HoTA system. Chaos isn't the only PvP server (though it practically speaking seems to be these days), and the map on Elevation is centered around something that won't be existing when this rework comes.
  9. I was able to reproduce this with an iron butchering knife.
  10. Anyone know what this is?

    We have a Kaa on Affliction, come get it
  11. Can We Talk About The Lag On Indy Now?

    No lag on Epic!
  12. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    Ok, but how exactly?
  13. Deed Bound Tower Guards

    If you want deed guards, pay for a spirit templar.
  14. Good suggestion, especially considering it won't bring any new models to the game. Not so sure about iron (as that would probably need a new model, and I don't think it fits too well with Wurm's general aesthetic), but everything we can make bricks out of should be used in ovens, forges, fireplaces and anything else that might be fitting.
  15. The current Elevation map on Epic is based around several islands surrounding a central island known to most people as the HoTA island. It's very flat and very empty except for the central island which has gotten most of the attention due to the importance of HoTA. If there was to be a new Elevation map, I'd also like to see the map reduced. Currently, a playerbase similar to Chaos' (at least according to /who statistics and such) is spread across several servers. If we make all the servers 4km x 4km, we will have a cluster about the size of Chaos which would be much more appropriate with the current playerbase on Epic. I really enjoy playing on Epic, even though we are a rather limited number of players. A smaller, new Elevation map would make it more enjoyable to actually play on the central server, instead of spending an hour just to get to where your enemies are holed up.
  16. I'm not suggesting this to get people to play on Epic. I just want it more enjoyable for myself and others who play are currently enjoying Epic. The home servers have thriving communities as far as I've seen - let's make it easier for us to "visit" each other and also hang out on Elevation, which is mostly abandoned as it is. PvP needs some more attention, sure - maybe even an overhaul. But this is not it. I fail to see why you're against a new map, just because there aren't enough players to support two PvP environments. Epic is a fair bit more than just Wurm with PvP enabled.
  17. New HotA System

    I tried it around for a bit, and even on the horses supplied and the terrain on Baphomet, and found it annoyingly difficult to find just a single battle camp. I think something similar to what Sn00 is suggesting would be better. The problem with that is that it's a race to get there first. I suggest that there should just be one outpost - one point of contention. Not only should it take some time to defeat any mobs/guards there, but you need to hold the outpost for x amount of time in order to win. This should give any opposition time to recapture it - the captors have to defend it from any potential opposition. This means people know where to find PvP (but it's a different place everytime) and you can do some interesting tactics with hiding around and so on. So again summarizing: Hunt of the Immortals, but when you "win" it, you still need to hold on to it for a bit and defend it from potential enemies before you win the "scenario".
  18. New new hota

    It takes takes about an hour to cross Chaos/Elevation. Whoever it gets spawned next to wins, unless it somehow spawns right in between the opposing kingdoms - which seems unlikely. I don't like it. Edit: I will say though, anything with some basis in lore is good.
  19. new fresh server

    Come to Affliction, we have plenty of untouched land. Unless you by untouched mean untouched by mycelium. Anyway, we can't constantly have new servers come out to give people "virgin land". Look where that has led us - everyone spread across mostly unpopulated servers.
  20. PC on my account

    How much premium time do you have left? That would add a fair bit of value to your account. If not, yeah around 10E.
  21. Wurm is supposed to be a slow, yet rewarding game. Teleportation doesn't belong in it, and especially not permanent portals. This would, as far as I'm concerned, make several bridges, tunnels, roads, ships pretty useless. If travelling is such an issue, settle closer to others. That is what has happened on my server, where most folks are concentrated around the starter deed. Anyone who settles further away has to build roads and bridges, breed horses and equip them. If I could teleport, all that would be completely useless.
  22. New HotA System

    Would it be an idea to reduce the map size for Elevation in order to make this mechanic more viable?
  23. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    This song makes me think back to the good old days.
  24. EPIC Art

    now this is epic
  25. Seek of russian village

    There is a Russian guy with an outpost on Affliction, but I'm not sure that's what you're looking for.