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  1. We destroyed a tower on the new Elevation server. The kingdom influence does not disappear and you're unable to build your own kingdom's tower into the area.
  2. Valrei International. 088

    I'd love to see you guys work on a deed on Elevation, in spite or perhaps because of your cave efforts there already. I believe there is some more space in JK's shieldwall. A good idea would be to set up a tiny PvP-ready deed prior to stream though, in case you end up having some unwelcoming neighbours.
  3. TrueStrike and Tomes on Epic

    "Nerfed" or perhaps "rebalanced" CR makes it easier for weaker characters to jump in, but Truestrike makes it so they get decapitated or penetrated from head to toe with one hit. Combat should be fast-paced, but maybe not so much. I'm glad to see even those who have the advantage of having Truestrike supporting this, and it's a clear message to the devs that it's not wanted for either side.
  4. You have to neutralize them before capturing them so there's already a warning.
  5. nerf iron, buff steel / new metal type

    Steel is very useful on Epic for things that take a lot of damage: shovels, pickaxes and shields to mention a few things. I think it's useful enough, or at least I found it useful enough to spend the time to make a lot of my tools in steel.
  6. Make time of day clientside.

    Doesn't ruin PvP a lot for me, but it does ruin a bit of my immersion and I think the night/daytime thing is an interesting thing to work around in Wurm.
  7. hitchin slot

    Tame the non-hitched horse and have it log out or hitch them both to a managed cart?
  8. Wurm Classic

    Hot HoTS patch
  9. A New Elevation

    A skill reset won't help in the long run, as people would just skill up again and in a few years we'd have the same problem again. Just make it easier for new players to catch up; though it already is relatively easy, as fighting isn't as characteristics dependant on Epic compared to Freedom. Reward new players with faster skillgains instead of penalizing people who've spent years building up their skills.
  10. A New Elevation

    Regarding the proposed changes to meditating, what happens with Intellect of the Enlightened or Stamina of the Vibrant Light? It leaves out a lot of the best perks to meditating. I think these are too interesting to just leave out of the Epic cluster entirely. I'd rather see the more PvP-related level 11 meditating bonuses reworked than just outright removed.. though I do see the appeal of making it easier to participate in PvP by not having to meditate to get "up to speed". I'd rather see meditating timers be shortened, and Shield of the Gone reworked.
  11. A New Elevation

    Regarding the characteristics "nerfing" of higher skilled characters, wouldn't it be better to make it the other way around for the sake of high end PvE (unique slayings)? Instead of stronger players being nerfed, I'd rather see weaker players strengthened. I don't want to see unique slayings becoming impossibly difficult or long. We need to get more scale somehow.
  12. A New Elevation

    This feels more appropriate on Chaos, where PMKs essentially are just alliances with a king. Epic is kingdom vs kingdom, god versus god, at its core.
  13. A New Elevation

    The major problem on Elevation isn't the fact that the deeds are old and impossible to break into. The problem is the map is too big. No matter what sort of map we get, this fixes that exact problem. Some sort of restriction on the gathering of materials might make things interesting. On the matter of home servers and their removal, I don't think it's a good idea. The home server/war server model gives newer players a bit of protection on the home servers, both with the debuffs and of course geographically. It's the way the game is meant to be played, with the "soft" PvP on the home servers and the full PvP on "Wild".
  14. A New Elevation

    I sincerely hope the voting won't be derailed by people who don't care for Epic or even PvP. Even though I've spent the last couple months of playtime to work on a new Elevation deed, I am personally looking forward to a new Elevation map. The question is, what comes afterwards? Will there be a new map? Only time will tell, but this sure looks promising. I also like the suggestion by@hemrzz- that could be interesting.
  15. Even though Epic is pretty dead, I've still enjoyed it for the past year. It's nothing like the good ol' days and I don't think this will be a lot like. But hell, PvP Wurm is usually fun whatever its form. Give us a good, fully PvP cluster - even if it's just one server. I'm not sure how I feel about resets, but it's something we used to have in Wurm's earliest days. It might be looking into why the challenge servers were abandoned though. I missed taking part of those, but surely there must've been a reason for them to not exist anymore. I don't think a resetting server is something I really want, but perhaps it is the way to get as close to how Wurm was intended to be played? I want it to have no connection whatsoever to any of the other clusters though, no transferring of skills, items; anything, back and fourth.
  16. Close

    I just want a new map for Elevation. The catch up mechanics on Epic work well enough.
  17. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Please don't trivialize our suffering or try to make fun of why we are angry. We love this game, or at least we used to, and it feels like it is on its last few breaths. We want to have some kind of vision for the future, some kind of hope, instead of staring blindly into the unknown and seeing the game continue to decline.
  18. Tow rope for ship builders

    Yeah, modern sailboats towing by motor. Loading boats onto boats is more sensible with the time setting of Wurm.
  19. Epic Portals 10c Each Use

    It's not difficult to finance a deed on Epic.
  20. Tow rope for ship builders

    Show me a sailboat towing another sailboat.
  21. Tow rope for ship builders

    You should be able to load vehicles, not lead them. Loading a rowboat onto boats bigger than the corbita and up makes a lot of sense.
  22. Remove "Desecrate" option

    But part of the Libila faith is to desecrate enemy altars?
  23. Affinities in non-action-based skills

    Aggressive fighting.
  24. Valrei International. 083

    I wouldn't say the new hota works perfectly.. map is so big you can just route around your enemies when most of them are sound asleep or at work. But alright..
  25. Epic priest limitations removed

    Why would anyone not be a priest then? No thanks.