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  1. Yeah, maybe so. But 525 iron ribbons is ridiculously easy. That is the will of the gods or however else you want to justify it - how are we are mere mortals to judge their commands?
  2. Just come to Affliction. We are mostly friendly.
  3. Events on Epic?

    We killed a champion kyklops last summer. Would have to meet a champion forest giant to know for sure, but we're not plagued with that on Affliction right now.
  4. Events on Epic?

    I'll be coming to Serenity whether you invite me or not Also, we seem to be able to do uniques on our own just fine on Affliction and our player numbers are quite similar.
  5. I don't have a lot of characters - I have my main and a priest, not too unusual for the common Wurm player these days. What I do have is a lot of friends. Wurm is about co-operation - you can do an infinite amount of stuff but you can't do it alone. Invite your pals over, fletch a few quivers over a sermon or two and there's no need for a fancy orb. I don't want people to pay their way out of having to co-operate. I don't know how you do it on Freedom, but if somebody skips out of order here we just kill them and destroy everything they hold dear. People tend to stay friendly.
  6. We can already teleport ourselves and use wagoners for goods. Why? I'm glad I play on a "PvP server" where I still have to navigate by the stars and moons.
  7. I can manage to do sermons on the dead servers of Epic, so I can not see at all why this would be a problem anywhere else. We live in a society! Bunch up with your fellow men of the cloth in a nice lil monastery, pray and sermon all day.
  8. Mewt

    Join a community of players in a similar "level" of the game - preferably other newer players and you will have a good time.
  9. If you think that's boring you won't be alone in having that be one of the reasons you'd rather play on a PvP server. There's not a lot of PvP on Epic, but you can still picklock.
  10. Please let it be an entirely different cluster with no transfers of any sort.
  11. Full Steam Ahead

    What type of PvE server is going to be released? Will it be a strict Freedom ruleset where you can not break any laws at all or will it be similar to the JK-H of the old days? Will the Steam PvP server be seperated from the PvE server? Or will it just be another Chaos-esque server where there is literally no purpose to make a fortified deed except for as a spawn point, since you can hide all your goodies in the inviolable safety of the Freedom servers. I'd be very interested to see somewhat of a return to our roots in the Steam release, and seperate rule sets now that we have an opportunity to start somewhat fresh. Experiment a little, make something that feels fresh even to an older player and I think that might just feel fresh for newer ones too. With no new twists and turns, the road for the steam release will be similar to the road we're currently walking down here in "vanilla" Wurm Online. Good luck.
  12. We destroyed a tower on the new Elevation server. The kingdom influence does not disappear and you're unable to build your own kingdom's tower into the area.
  13. I'd love to see you guys work on a deed on Elevation, in spite or perhaps because of your cave efforts there already. I believe there is some more space in JK's shieldwall. A good idea would be to set up a tiny PvP-ready deed prior to stream though, in case you end up having some unwelcoming neighbours.
  14. "Nerfed" or perhaps "rebalanced" CR makes it easier for weaker characters to jump in, but Truestrike makes it so they get decapitated or penetrated from head to toe with one hit. Combat should be fast-paced, but maybe not so much. I'm glad to see even those who have the advantage of having Truestrike supporting this, and it's a clear message to the devs that it's not wanted for either side.
  15. You have to neutralize them before capturing them so there's already a warning.
  16. Steel is very useful on Epic for things that take a lot of damage: shovels, pickaxes and shields to mention a few things. I think it's useful enough, or at least I found it useful enough to spend the time to make a lot of my tools in steel.
  17. Doesn't ruin PvP a lot for me, but it does ruin a bit of my immersion and I think the night/daytime thing is an interesting thing to work around in Wurm.
  18. Tame the non-hitched horse and have it log out or hitch them both to a managed cart?
  19. Wurm Classic

    Hot HoTS patch
  20. A skill reset won't help in the long run, as people would just skill up again and in a few years we'd have the same problem again. Just make it easier for new players to catch up; though it already is relatively easy, as fighting isn't as characteristics dependant on Epic compared to Freedom. Reward new players with faster skillgains instead of penalizing people who've spent years building up their skills.
  21. Regarding the proposed changes to meditating, what happens with Intellect of the Enlightened or Stamina of the Vibrant Light? It leaves out a lot of the best perks to meditating. I think these are too interesting to just leave out of the Epic cluster entirely. I'd rather see the more PvP-related level 11 meditating bonuses reworked than just outright removed.. though I do see the appeal of making it easier to participate in PvP by not having to meditate to get "up to speed". I'd rather see meditating timers be shortened, and Shield of the Gone reworked.
  22. Regarding the characteristics "nerfing" of higher skilled characters, wouldn't it be better to make it the other way around for the sake of high end PvE (unique slayings)? Instead of stronger players being nerfed, I'd rather see weaker players strengthened. I don't want to see unique slayings becoming impossibly difficult or long. We need to get more scale somehow.
  23. This feels more appropriate on Chaos, where PMKs essentially are just alliances with a king. Epic is kingdom vs kingdom, god versus god, at its core.
  24. The major problem on Elevation isn't the fact that the deeds are old and impossible to break into. The problem is the map is too big. No matter what sort of map we get, this fixes that exact problem. Some sort of restriction on the gathering of materials might make things interesting. On the matter of home servers and their removal, I don't think it's a good idea. The home server/war server model gives newer players a bit of protection on the home servers, both with the debuffs and of course geographically. It's the way the game is meant to be played, with the "soft" PvP on the home servers and the full PvP on "Wild".
  25. I sincerely hope the voting won't be derailed by people who don't care for Epic or even PvP. Even though I've spent the last couple months of playtime to work on a new Elevation deed, I am personally looking forward to a new Elevation map. The question is, what comes afterwards? Will there be a new map? Only time will tell, but this sure looks promising. I also like the suggestion by@hemrzz- that could be interesting.