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  1. QL 80 Shovel w80 c73 (96c) and QL 81 Pickaxe c79 w71 (103c) Please cod to miccael (No caps)
  2. I just got a new pc. After several attempts I have a 64 bit java running a 64 bit chrome. When I try to install wurm to my new pc I get a client crash immediately before the launcher is even installed. It wont allow me to copy paste the log but the top line is no 'lwjgl' in java library path. Any help would be groovy. Thanks I'm within inches of restoring the pc and starting again
  3. Room for 1 more? Miccael will be there 70 FS 90 ql huge axe
  4. Rare Huge Axe, ql 38, no enchants (Iron) Start bid 5s Increments of 50c Reserve 8s Buyout 10s