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  1. Bringing this suggestion back to the surface! This idea is really needed.
  2. rare pickaxe still available? if so shoot me a PM
  3. Could you explain a little more about the search command and how to do it and what it's intended for?
  4. [RELEASED] Live Map

    how did you get it to show veins you've yet to uncover?
  5. is it possible to mod the current deed settings to allow for a more finite control over certain tasks. Better control over veins, trees, crops, ect... Give deed owners the ability to let visitors mine copper, but not the lead on deed. or chop fir trees but protect oak. harvest only the pumpkins.
  6. Kadmint, yea i finally found another post that gave the same suggestion not long ago. fixed it right up.
  7. When I log on what ever the surrounding tiles are at that time "follow" me when i move around the map. Anything to help correct this issue?
  8. What mod is this?

    Same here. Would make things a lot more fun on my server. I would also like to have the livemap addon that shows all the hidden veins in a mine. Gotta give my GM wand a break.
  9. Anyone out there that can cast Ritual of the Sun PM me so we can discuss a price and payment.
  10. I'm pretty sure that you can dig 10 slope below the water table.
  11. sorry no but its being developed so lets hope its out shortly
  12. So even when I'm out enjoying the Mardi Gras festivities, I can't help but see a Wurm reference. Gotta love the "Crew of Columbus" and the great festivities that were had!
  13. using the wand, right click on one of the tile borders thats around he hold and then create a mine door. from there you can change the tile back to the type of tile you want (dirt, grass, tar, ect)