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  1. Went to save my larger deed to pastebin and found out that due to the filesize, we're now unable to save since it exceeds the size limit. Message given : ( You have exceeded the maximum paste size of 512 kilobytes per paste. PRO users don't have this limit! ) How difficult would it be to change from XML over to JSON and leverage a site like say,
  2. Not sure how to best explain this. I added a bridge to my house. Looked at it in 3rd person perspective and decided it didn't look good so I removed it. I saved the file to pastebin to show a friend and the bridge is appearing in my link. As an example, - this is built in 2.5.6 and shows the bridge (on the house to the northeast). If you click in the center tile of the bridge and "Select start tile", you can remove it. I think its more like hiding the bridge than removing it.
  3. Navigate to the meditation page. Look at any of the "Path of .." links underneath the Path Management and Advancement or Path Bonuses All of these links for all of the paths & abilities are broken. They are found via searching the Wurmpedia (
  4. That's the way the cookie crumbles!
  5. When managing your merchant contract, you see this screen. "loose" should be lose.
  6. I was replanting a field while farming. I queued up 2 actions for sowing, and my remaining two actions for harvesting some fields. When the sowing actions finished, my character stopped, even though I had queued up the harvesting actions. I tried the inverse, which is sowing after harvesting, which worked fine. So, the bug is that you cannot queue up harvest actions after sowing.
  7. I uninstalled my old java, I saw I had the JDK installed and removed it too. I installed jre-8u73-windows-x64 so we'll see how it goes
  8. I think there was a new java update today. I'll get this done soon! Thanks for the reply
  9. First, let me state that by "extremely poor", every few seconds my FPs dips to 0-8 fps and jumps back to 20-30 on a single client. My other character is unaffected. Both clients (Netto and my priest) use the unstable client. While this is occurring, I'm seeing huge CPU spikes in Task Manager for this one client. Once I login with Netto, the CPU for that client goes to 21%. Performance/fps issues Extremely poor performance on certain high-end systems Disable GLSL in compatibility tab. Please also make a bug report post with your console.log I saw this and disabled GLSL and walked around a bit in game and didn't have the issue. I can validate better tomorrow night. Console Log - CPU: AMD FX-8350 GFX: GTX 760
  10. Skill Gain Analyzer

    As a part of my process, I actually round to 4 decimal places. I think the pivot table I use rounds to 2, so I'd actually be interested to know if this is fairly accurate in case like yours, where your gains are so small for chainsmithing.
  11. Skill Gain Analyzer

    Actually I hadn't. But admittingly I didn't spend a lot of time searching. I just wanted a simple webpage to pivot the data, presented semi-nicely and have it hosted in the cloud. I was going to add charting to it but haven't worried about that yet. I'm not a web developer but more of a BI dev
  12. I wanted to release an application to the community that I've been working on for the past two days. My problem was that I wanted to assess skill gains on a daily basis to see how well I've been doing, particularly for farming in my case. I concluded that this was best presented in a pivot table format. URL to access: How do you use it ? Click on the 'Choose Files' button. Navigate to your /players/logs folder of your wurm directory. Select your _Skills file(s). 1 Click open to select the file What is this ? This is a column based heatmap of the skills on a daily basis. You can filter by clicking on the V arrow You can move skill/date/gain by dragging them to the top or left sides. You can change from heatmaps over to just a table or bar chart. 1 Skill files are rolled monthly and you can select multiple files. If the file is not a _Skills file, then you will see an alert saying the file is not supported.
  13. I thought it was client related, but also this same bug is for wagons, carts and boats.
  14. Also noticed this applies to Large Carts when entering and then trying to move "too soon".