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  1. it can be done quite easily. All existing tunnels would be filled in, however I am not sure what the effect of objects in tunnels would have. Having rock suddenly spawn in a grid that contains structures, tools etc might cause problems and kill your database.
  2. Hello, I am from the UK To be honest I dont really play Wurm anymore but Im happy to help you out with map stuff or any general GM questions if you have them - tho I expect there are more experianced GMs here on the forums. I dont watch the forum often but I get email notifications about PM's so you can contact me that way. Your welcome to use any of my maps and they can all be edited. I am not sure if this particular one would make the best choice to be fair - the biome thing was just an experiment, Im not sure how well it would actually play but its up to you I have made some other maps here;
  3. happy to lend any help you may need. Tho as for playing, I tend to shy away from pvp servers as I cant really defend my deeds :P
  4. mmm, I wouldnt want to have to rely on donations tho. Maybe one day when I have a better job Ill keep an eye out in case anyones wanting to start a server but needs help.
  5. Custom Maps

    @Ricowan - Indeed I think Brash's reasoning was that maybe noobs aren't looking beyond the mods section and missing it?
  6. Custom Maps

    The default maps that come with Unlimited are a bit overused (and uninteresting). Changing the map is extremely quick and easy and definitely worth trying out. There are many, many others that other people have made that you can use instead - just browse the Maps section of this forum. Here is a small bundle of some of my better maps along with basic instructions on how to add them to your server. These maps are free to use/edit for personal or public servers. Maps included in this bundle -
  7. I often considered hosting my own server - I used one of my maps and was building a huge city starting town complete with cathedral, city hall, upper class housing district, slums, pubs and taverns etc. I had a history lore created and was going to add random little things of interest around that match with the lore - old battlefields, deserted/ruined villages, fortresses etc and use custom npcs to give out info and clues to stuff. The odd little quest that leads to treasures or special equipment. I was also going to add someones improved trader npcs to try and get somekind of economy going, mainly for newbs. Got the city over halfway built but lost momentum when I realized id never be able to afford to host it so it felt futile :P
  8. No problem at all I really enjoy making the maps. I only stopped because I ran out of ideas lol. I have no idea how many people actually use any of them - ill see if I can find stats in my google drive. I'll also have a go at promoting them a bit more **edit** it appears that it doesn't like adding new trees to the existing biome image (although its fine adding other tiles bizarrely). Only way to sort this would be to totally re-do the biomes from scratch. May or may not have time to do this this week, depends on work.
  9. "Of course it can" Is that because of the extra stuff that was added in the final patch? Because it has felt like modders have been hitting up against the technical limits of what can be done for a while before that.
  10. ah indeed. I have edited the standard Ore map and spawned an extra 100 bushes randomly over the map (no idea where they went ). Push comes to shove someone can always get the grapes wherever they are and plant them in the north/south. I havnt updated the special Ore map as its been a long time since Iv done any of this and I'm not sure where the actual data is stored - for example is both Ore and biome info in the if so then updating just the biomes will be tricky.
  11. I don't mind about the official servers. WO will clearly evolve in its own direction - but can WU evolve from this point?
  12. I'm no programmer so I was hoping some of the main mod makers here could answer a question... With the end of official support, Retro mentioned that they had added some extra stuff in the last updates to help with graphics and you modders see plenty of potential for new and interesting mods or have we more or less reached saturation with what can be done and what we have now is more or less it?
  13. I died A LOT when I was new. Over and over again. Sometimes due to mobs, mostly due to starvation I think (it was a long time ago). It took me a while to learn how to get food going reliably and to set up near a tower :P I had no problem with it tho, I love the fact there's no map etc - one of the biggest pulls of Wurm for me is the sense of exploring and discovery. Basic navigation to find your way (landmarks, sunrise/set etc) isnt that hard to get around. These days when I start I just stay right next to the starter town, use the bartender for food and just build a rowboat. This gets my basic skills up a good amount until the boats finished and then ill have a safe way to explore, will be able to scrounge up some food and basic tools before i head out. Also a set of fences ready to go so I can set up a perimeter as soon as I hit the beach!
  14. on the hightmap tab press the "import hightmap" button make sure first you set the map size to match the map your importing
  15. whilst i do like wurm very much, I feel like people havnt played many mmos if the OP list is anything to go by. Most of these features are available in other games. I just haven't found one (at least a fantasy one) that brings them together nicely. Even games that get close and do some things better than wurm have some big "thing" that makes that whole game less appealing to me than wurm
  16. its getting very difficult to come up with something different
  17. looks good. If you wanted to go a bit further you could choose a smaller brush size and go along the coasts putting in some more detail. Not sure if im seeing it right but is it about 90% trees? That might be ok on one of the islands but players might get quite quickly bored if they have to clear a crap load of trees every time they want to build something
  18. All the info can be found in teh link below but ill do a very basic run through. Set your map size. I prefer 4096 as its nice and big but not ridiculous. Some people prefer 2048. Ignore the other settings and press the "Generate Hightmap" button. When its done you will see an black and white image. Click the dirt/water tab and then press the "drop dirt" button. When its done you will see a colored picture of your map. Next go to the "biomes" tab. You will see a drop down box that currently says "TILE_SAND". Click the "Add biome" button just above it. You should see the map change as sand is added. Go through the drop down list one at a time and click "add biome" for each one (ignore the last 3 at the bottom). You probably also want to skip mycellium. Now go to the "Ores" tab and click "generate ores" (you can change the values if you like. The higher the number the more common it will be. A value of 2 makes it very common). Once its done you will see a greyish picture with multi-colour dots all over it. Thats a very basic map done. Go to the "Actions/Export" tab and click the "Save Map Files" button, let it finish updating and then click the "Save images" button. In your "maps" folder on your computer (probably in the same directory as the wgenerator executable) you will see a fodler with a name that matches the one in the wgenerator actions tab. open it up and check you have 5 png images and 5 .map files (they should be 65,537 for a 4096 map or 16,385 for a 2048). It can be a bit temperamental about creating the images so if you dont see all 5 .png files or if they are strangely small (1kb etc) just press the save images button again. It can take a few moments to do it even tho it doesnt show any signs of life in the editor - if you watch the image files you will see them blink as they are updated. Once you have all your files, copy them and go to your wurm installation directory. Go into the dedicated server folder and then into the "creative" or "adventure" folder (depending on which your using) and paste those files - over-right the ones that are there. Launch your server and enjoy.
  19. This one has some lengthy explanation so made a separate thread. So the general idea on this one was to have region specific resources rather than just randomly spread. I (In my head) split the map into three climate zones with a view to putting in biomes and ore according to the climate you'd expect them on earth. I very quickly realized the limitations of Wurm and so while I did try to keep faithful to logic regarding where you'd expect to find certain things - there was a fair amount of artistic license used. The three zones from north to south are Cold, Temperate, Hot. (I tried to think of polar, equatorial etc but realized being that specific wasn't going to work). In the north I have tried to make a frozen tundra kinda feel. You will also find an abundance of tar at the top - in the wastelands. There is a large marsh/swamp area in the middle of the cold climate zone, complete with moss and peat. The lines are just a rough guide, not a hard border for biomes. Below is how trees are divided; (note, you will find far less trees in general in the hot climate) Cold climate Birch Pine Cedar fir oak hazlenut maple (nearer south) Temperate climate apple tree willow oak walnut maple (nearer north) hazlenut grape cherry (nearer south i think) Hot climate lemon tree orange tree olive tree grape cherry All over Linden raspberry blueberry lingonberry camellia rose lavender ? (might be more south than north) Now, I have created a standard Ore version and a special version. In the special version I have also distributed the ore resources regionally however there is an issue where Wurm likes to randomly spawn sandstone and rocksalt in game which kinda puts a wrench in this idea (as you will see below). Luckily Cuddles has kindly created a mod to fix this here If you want to use the special ores map I highly advise installing this mod first. Special version. Iron is at a standard 2% all across the map. All other ores can be found all over the map BUT they are extremely rare outside of their region. Some material types have more areas than others. Areas are irregular sizes and shapes. In the cold climate slate is very common - 2 % In the hot climate sandstone is very common - 2 % All the other ore materials are more or less non-existent in all areas of the map EXCEPT for patches here and there where they are very common 2%. I have tried to make the patches logical according to where you'd expect to find them IRL but again, a very large amount fo artistic license was required. Cold tin lead silver Temperate marble Hot copper silver zinc Gold doesn't really follow climate zones, more mountains. The exact locations of the ore can be given to anyone who asks, the reason I don't just post a map is that the point of this map is to be exploration and discovery. Standard Ore - Special Ore -
  20. possibly - wasnt sure where was best to post it tbh. Im going to play a bit more and then go to the thread i think. cheers
  21. did some testing. on a brand new map i can paint anything i like and it all works. Doesnt matter what order i paint in. The issue seems to pop up after I have put a fair amount of biomes down. All of a sudden trees just wont paint anymore even though other terrain (moss, dirt, sand etc) will. The problem also seems to persist in the image file. If I save the biome image, close everything down, restart teh app and reload the highmap back to blank (painting now works again) but if i import that biome image im back to not being able to paint trees again Its very frustrating as I need to paint the terrain first. Cant really do the trees first and then terrain as it doesnt look right
  22. I have noticed that sometimes when i am using paint mode for trees, i click to add and nothing appears after the map updates. Its not just a case of the slope or height settings or anything like that - it seems to happen after a few biomes have already been added - i think maybe its snow that seems to trigger the problem? For example i am currently working on a map - i have done most of biomes, including snow and now i go to do tress and the vast majority of the tree types arnt applying to the map. If I click the reset all button and then try again with the same settings at the same place it works right away Any idea what the problem is and if there is a fix?
  23. I think this is an issue with the veins spawning in the first place rather than the size of them