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  1. Do you mean that you've got several bugged ones which didn't work for me even though I'm sure that all the requirements were met and still demand some kind of a review? And btw, no clue on where did you get the idea of me getting 120 achievements over 2 days because I've played since the very start and had ~15 days of playtime total at the end. Please keep the topic clean of this as its main purpose is to report bugged achievements. Thanks.
  2. So, Challenge is over and I can give a bit of a recap on bugged achievements now. Actually, at the end every second achievement left wasn't working and most of them are really time-consuming and even more time-consuming when you try to re-check if everything was done correct indeed. Frustrating, really. I hope that you will fix most of them by the next challenge. "Most personal goals accomplished" position was also affected by these bugs and it ruined the competition completely. Also, you should probably think of a way to remove some personal goals from challenge(e.g kill an eagle spirit, climb a high mountain, etc.) as they're impossible to complete here. Bugged achievements list: Deforestation(cut 1000 trees) - planted 1000 sprouts(got "Fo's favorite") and cut down every single one of them, about 500 using a saw instead of hatchet. With normal trees this should be like 1300-1500 total(grinded them for this achievement as well. Didn't check this one after recent patch Environmental Hero(10 000 items in trash heap) - my first try was with 20 trash heaps which I filled to full during few days for about 6 times. After that I built 80 additional trash heaps and wasted more than 4 hours in one session waiting for ~12k items to decay. Didn't check this one after recent patch Moved a Mountain(drag a cart for 1250 tiles) - wasn't fixed in the patch Rider of the Apocalypse(ride 4000 tiles on a horse in one session) - wasn't fixed in the patch. Although similar ones(Trucker, Joyrider) are working Lord of War(smith an axe, a sword, a maul, a shield) - tried every type available Pirate(Lockpick five boats) You Beauty(wear bracelet, necklace, ring at the same time) - wearing a bracelet is bugged and it goes back in the invetory if you try to relog. Demolisher(destroy a structure using catapult) - destroyed 2 sheds completely(one of them was enemy's, other was mine) and never got the achievement. Even though I'm not sure about the point on the leaderboard, probably it's still added up. Under the Influence(drink a potion) - got one point on the leaderboard after drinking, but no achievement in the list. Ambitious(do 100 000 actions) Not sure about these: Chief Mate(ebmark rowing boat and sailing boat as a captain), Cap'n(embark all boats as a captain) - probably were fixed in the last patch since I've got Chief Mate on the alt, but none of them on my main. Just a Cold(catch a disease) - was bugged somehow on my main as I tried to tend 10 animals(most of them were diseased) during 3 days, stood on the same tile with them for a long time as well, got nothing, but my alt got a disease on the first day by simple standing in the pile of animals. This is not a complete list yet and will add more if something pops up in mind.
  3. You Beauty - bracelet doesn't count as weared and goes back in the invetory after relogging Cap'n Chief mate All Hell Rider of the Apocalypse - I rode 20km(which should be more than 4000 tiles requirement) on the hellhorse without leaving it or relogging, still no achievement. Also rode normal horses for 16-20km both with and without relogging/leaving the horse, but not completely sure if there was enough tiles The Lucky one - 2 times at 1% health, first time got healed by fo priest, second time healed myself using cotton, no achievement. Not sure about this one, as I remember getting it on my main, but that was quite some time ago. Also: I didn't find a single flower tile on the server, even though I checked ~40% of the avilable land