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  1. Hows it comin guys? Mine is up to 43.
  2. Not true about combining. When you combine a rare and non rare item you have a chance for it to remain rare but it is not 100%. Tested many times.
  3. Chaos Changes

    Good to see some familiar faces on elevation lately.
  4. Should limit the number of lamps you can place on a deed based by deed size.
  5. 10s for the first wurm thong pic. I'll volunteer if need be.
  6. This has been bugged for ages and reported a long time ago.
  7. That visible armor would be cool.
  8. [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7msIGWKEr_w
  9. My right honourable friend we both hold precisley the same view, Holla!