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  1. Tiny symbols / Tiny GUI on High Resolution

    You can change font sizes in Wurm, but not icon sizes. You will have to run the game at a lower resolution or get used to just reading the text instead. Sadly, Wurm has never been any good at handling this sort of thing.
  2. Patch Notes: 23/DEC/18

    Will they hatch normally if you leave them in a coop? Currently, eggs only hatch if you keep them on grass, dirt, or crops? Will this limitation still be true inside of a coop or will the coop override? (And can we get lawn added, please? I've always wanted the visual of keeping my chickens on lawn.)
  3. Valrei International. 071

    I really like the new hedges. Looking forward to see what else Saroman comes up with.
  4. [RELEASED] Live Map

    Thank you very much, Bdew.
  5. [RELEASED] Live Map

    Rock tile QL is not showing for me either. This is really useful information so you can set aside tiles to mine for high QL shards, or to go back to later and Strongwall and re-mine.
  6. [RELEASED] Live Map

    Awesome. Thank you!
  7. 4x4 Paving

    The eight slab tiles on the outside are what makes the pattern possible. Diagonal paving takes the pattern of the nearest corner from whatever you pave that tile "nearest corner" with, covering half of the tile in question, then it takes the other two quarters of the tile each from whatever is on the tile with the shared borders. For the four stone brick tiles under the fountain, you would stand at the corner where the fountain is, face diagonally outward, then pave the nearest corner. To put it another way: You would start with a 4x4 of packed dirt directly under that fountain. You would go stand at the fountain, right on the corner. Face to the northwest, pave nearest corner. Face to the southwest, pave nearest corner. Face to the southeast, pave nearest corner. Face to the northeast, pave nearest corner. If you were to have grass tiles or something else where those slate slabs are in your picture, that is what you would get in the corners of the stone brick tiles. An example of the southeast corner: If you were to have a stone slab on the east and a pottery brick on the south, you would get a tile that is 1/2 stone brick, 1/4 stone slab, and 1/4 pottery brick. Note that you can go back and change the the adjacent tiles (where the stone slabs are in your picture) later; I have had no problems with the game updating to match the new paving type. (Or grass, or dirt, or whatever.)
  8. I am still have to run five clients at he same time. If your clients are crashing since the last update, go into your settings on the launcher and make sure you have not switched over to the new modern renderer. If you are trying to use the renderer, make sure you have everything set according to the patch notes. (You can find them on Steam if you don't want to search for the old Wurm Online ones.)
  9. [RELEASED] Live Map

    I am having an issue involving cave cladding. I am using Bdew's hax version. I clad a bunch of mine walls in my main mine. Instead of showing as rock, they now show the pinkish color of mined out areas. This makes navigating the mine with Live Map very confusing because it shows solid walls as being open and it appears to show more veins being accessible than really are. There does not seem to be any setting in the properties file to change what color cladding shows up as. Is there any way for cladding tiles to show up as either normal rock or as another color so it is clear where the walls are?
  10. Everything still works. Based on the error message, my first thought is to make sure Steam is running... The most common error I see setting it up is not copying the text file to the correct directory. Just copy from: \Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmServerLauncher on over to: \Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher
  11. Keybinds not saving?

    I have had problems with the following: If you create keybinds in the Console and then go into Wurm Unlimited's settings, especially to the keybinds page, Wurm Unlimited the overwrites the saved keybinds. The "settings" doesn't seem to get the Console info properly. It also chokes on some situations where you save the same keybind to multiple keys. I use a complicated set of keybinds. My ultimate solution was to create a proper copy of all of my keybinds in a txt file, then have a bat file that I use to delete and replace the keybinding files for all of my alts before I log into Wurm Unlimited. The nice thing is you can then organize your keybinds in the file and Wurm Unlimited won't randomize them and make finding stuff to change difficult. You can also use two forward slashes "//" to create comment lines, just like when you use "exec" from the Console.
  12. [Release] [Client] WurmEsp

    Note that you can change which items are toggled on or off by default in the properties file. I set everything to "false" so that my alts don't have any WurmESP info, then manually turn on the items I want for my main. Fewer clicks that way when I log everybody in for some terraforming.
  13. [Release] [Client] WurmEsp

    Don't know if this description will help, but: As I was moving away from my deed down a highway to the east, I suddenly saw a cluster of animals. I realized it was the outlines of all of my deed's animals repeating. The outlines of new monsters in the new area were there as well. Had to turn off WurmESP at that point because there were so many mobs, so not sure if I would have gotten more repeats if I'd continued going.
  14. Wurm Assistant - Enrich Your Wurm Experience

    While waiting for the fix, we can move all our logs from "test_logs" to "logs", delete the now empty "test_logs" folder, and then create a symbolic link in Windows. You may need to run cmd.exe in administrative mode to get this to work, depending on how your windows is set up. I set this up and have been testing it, and so far no issues as a temporary fix.
  15. Deedplanner 2.9.8 - 3D House And Deed Planner

    I got similar weirdness with pottery brick bridges, so probably not you.