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  1. Updated OP to include a link to files.
  2. Can we get this stickied? This is super helpful, and I would hate for it to get buried!
  3. Hello Fellow Wurmians! Setting up a server for the wife and I, we decided we wanted a bit more control of the map. I found some great tutorials and tools on this forum (thanks everyone!) and created a custom map. I wanted to customize the in game map, but keep it as true to the original as I could. I searched for some sort of template to use, but could not find one. It was further complicated that the creative mp map was a .dds in the graphics.jar and Gimp didn't natively handle this. I knew that I would likely want to make other maps, and that others in the community probably would too! So I quickly made a template to be used, all you have to do is paste in your custom map. It isn't perfect, but I hope people find it helpful! You can find a .png of each layer here for those interested in building their own custom maps. There is a project file that can be used to export as .png or .dds for Gimp users. (GIMP is free, open source software.) Maps that are a .dds in the graphics.jar will need a DDS plugin in Photoshop, Gimp etc in order to load and save as .dds. Happy Wurming!
  4. I figured it out! After mucking about a bit, I realized that the secret fix is to re-check random spawns in the server settings. Now the wiki says: So now I can log in with my test character just fine, but it does not spawn me at the specified area since it randomizes things. Do I need to GM edit the soulstones out of the world and place one where i want it? do I have to make a deed? Why can't people connect with just co-ordinates? Thanks! *EDIT* Seems to have been the fix for me, i set the co-ords based on in game right click on tile and unchecked random spawns again. Made a new test account and BAM! Will have the wife try it tonight :D:D:D
  5. I just realized. Her server id shouldn't matter? I created a brand new character and was still unable to connect, similar to what she was seeing? It appears both characters are seen as new, and unable to connect? I would be willing to just start all over, but I would lose my characters progress and that is not what I want. Is there a fairly easy way to move my character over to a new map? She doesn't mind so much starting fresh, but it KILLS me lol
  6. Ok, so wurmplayers.db DOES contain her char name. However, using ntoepad++ (or any text editor really) there are some formatting issues. However, I theoretically should be able to log into the server as GM, use #setserver <playername> <serverid> and it should be fixed? I will try that. No joy, the command gave me "Failure when loading <playername>. Try setting to the previous server." I pulled down a copy of and opened up the .db file. I can see in the structure there is a players table, but under browse data, there is only my character under players. The player history email and the player history IP table, both have entries for her based on her Player id matching in the email table. However, she does not exist under the Players table?!
  7. Thanks Wulfrock, I considered moving players to a new "server" all together, however the tools I found online for import/export did not seem up to date, or working. I settled on simply finding a new area on our current map to "start over" in. Bigsteve, I have a feeling it may be the server id, I will try something like notepad++ to check for her name? If all else fails, I will try the command Retrograde suggested. I will keep you all posted, THANK YOU!
  8. Thanks for the response! Server side no, client side I am running livemap which should have no bearing I imagine.
  9. ***EDIT*** I had put the wrong coordinates in and unchecked random spawns. Right clicking the tile as a GM and getting the right coordinates there, fixed the issue! A while back, my wife and I began playing on a lan creative copy hosted on my machine. Her computer has since been reformatted and we wanted to start playing again. I decided starting over in a new area, but keeping our players made sense. I loaded up the server, made my player a GM, flew to a suitable spot, and recorded the coordinates. I set the spawn point there and unchecked random spawn. I noticed however that her player was missing from the players tab of the dedicated server, only my char was listed. When she tries to log in, it just stays on the "connecting to server" bit with no errors in client or server. If I create a new player name in the launcher (using Steam) it does the same thing to me, on my own computer where I am hosting from. I am not sure how to identify what is preventing new players from joining. HELP! THE WIFE ACTUALLY WANTS TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES WITH ME! Thanks in advance friends!
  10. Well, I am not seeing anything recent on here about this, so it makes me wonder. However, This is happening both on my laptop and my work machine starting today. I go to launch Wurm and it either hangs at the Downloading Application menu, or shows the wurm splash and then dies with no messages. I have gotten to the launcher once, but when i clicked play, it just died with no errors etc. Am I alone?
  11. This still running? May be interested.
  12. Might work for you?