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  1. Reset all of epic MAP please not the emphasis on map, do not take away those hard earned characters. Give them a notice like you did with affliction. Hand make a map like you did with the recent challenge. Make it about 1/2 the size of xanadu, with equal 3 sides for each main kingdom, have 3 more sides in between for player made kingdoms, and a big free for all in the middle. In the middle of the middle would be a non modifiable hota zone. Then do away with challenge. Do events on epic for rewards. Have the rewards go as coupons like challenge so the freedomers can join in and take their cute little statues home. Make it premium only (sorry but alt abuse just plain requires this). Do not increase the skillgain for the new Epic. While it would be cool and nifty, it would be completely unfair to the folks who have earned their skills/stats there already. Lets face it, there are a hundred or so regulars on epic (if that) they do not need 4 maps.
  2. Please move to correct forum if there is one. I could not find one. The challenge stats for round 1 are unclickable at least in Chrome/Safari. I did not test with other browsers. The submenu is too far down below the Challenge stats link, so when you try to move your mouse to it, it goes away. I was able to fix this by using element inspector in Chrome and adding margin-top:-20px; (it could actually use more raising but that allowed me to click) Cheers though the new website work looks good!
  3. Nope, they put our old characters outside of the GV portal. So you can use those characters and choose a new faction. No worries on derailing, its not a topic of critical importance have fun
  4. I think waiting until an hour before the new round starts is enough waiting Capi. Maybe the devs muscles are too tired from hauling computers. That long trip from the old office to the new office with those heavy computers (yeah I know not heavy but devs tend to have muscle atrophy) must be rough. Can they not lift their arms to get to the keyboard and say hey heres the new challenges! If thats the case just say so, maybe I will buy a few silver so they can buy some greek yogart to get that protien going back to their muscles.
  5. This thread, while funny, begs a question. What do they win? They win Wurm Online being closed? lol...
  6. So uhh... Here it is a little over an hour before challenge should reopen and nothing is posted about the new challenges for rewards? Even the challenge stats still has last rounds stats in place. No challenge for challenge this round?
  7. Has anyone tested taking your challenge toon from last round to another server, and seeing if your phat lewt is in the bank?
  8. Hmm reading through this I noticed that as soon as someone mentioned talking about MR Epic, Rolf stepped in to try and stop people...same old same old...
  9. Honey, for Valentine's Day this year I am giving you the gift of leaving you alone for a month. You go do what you want, here is the credit card, I will be in my computer room. Kisses.
  10. That is not exactly what everyone was expecting. So any money spent/earned is stuck on challenge? Not a good way to get people to come back for the next one. That was the one saving grace after Rolf's massive mistakes on tallying points and awarding inactive people.
  11. Great news this time, more like this!!! Love the way the new challenge map looks, though the bottom left side seems to have a mountain range fully fencing it off...not sure if that will become an advantage or disadvantage for that particular kingdom. I really like how most of the suggestions us challengers gave, seem to be getting implemented this time. HOTA battles for that precious loot shall be fun for sure! Only one question though, when can I log on my challenge toon and get my phat lewt?
  12. Yep, I don't know how many times I have tried to tell people that the devs are doing what they can. The problem is in Java, and while there are a few bandaids that can be applied, Oracle needs to fix the problem (the company not the GM).
  13. Maybe that is for people who do not have over 30 body strength? never tested it with less.
  14. Bashing skoggs doesnt count
  15. "He looks strong but undernurished" is closer to what it actually says.
  16. They do go down, but it takes a long long time, especially if you are going for the achievement for 7% nutrition no more fasting, that takes most people 2 weeks of afking 24/7 to get it to go off.
  17. So what you are saying is its ok to be really fat, or never eat, but if you manage your nutrition (who the heck does that) you can get bashed like always lol....might as well just remove shield bash all together.
  18. How about some word on the logging into our challenge toons to get our money. That is more important than the server coming back up.
  19. They did number them last year based on which week of the year it was...otherwise the number would have never gotten so high, after all the entire team took 3 months off after xanadu release, and RedBaron had that extra time for his bouncing baby birthing.
  20. Well this round you could not use your characters you had to make a new character to play. I see your question being valid for the future if they connect the server so that you can use a portal to play challenge with your main, but for not it is the only fair way to distribute in my opinion.
  21. Can only hope, however I feel its an excuse for the devs to take another month off.
  22. The guy thats already ahead converting for some fun is gaming the system? What I find sad about this whole mess is Unique achievements category had nothing to do with actual achievements, and Koth winning most hota when he barely participated in any Hotas at all, he was just part of the alliance that was winning them so got credit, now he gets a reward for being mostly inactive? This whole thing is a mess. Koth: Mostly inactive gets a reward. Asianwonder: Inactive gets a reward. Tidelander: Inactive gets a reward. At least alcoholic and laststand were very active throughout the entire challenge.
  23. Same thing buddy, I sent RedBaron a PM but it is 6:30pm in Sweden so likely will be tomorrow before he can answer us
  24. Ummm those accounts can not be logged in, in game or at the wurm shop....