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  1. Alrighty. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for when it goes back up!
  2. Server was down this morning now a password on it and live map website errors out. Server down already or maintenance?
  3. On top of the event window are tabs for other windows. The one just to the right of event that says 'Skills' is probably what you're looking for. If that's missing I'm not really sure how to get it back though.
  4. I'm with @MaurizioAMon this one. Never had an issue with Xsolla. Used them for years. I understand a lot of people have money in PayPal accounts just through trading so that makes sense, but just for straight up paying for prem or prem/silver combo, I would recommend Xsolla.
  5. Do you have a specific deadline you would need this done by?
  6. Hah it's no different than what @MissWilcdid to me on Deli and Release. Feed me, clothe me, outfit me with a pickaxe and watch me suffer. Fringe benifets were much better with her though lol. I dont mind hoping servers and seeing what's different in other places and meet new people. Build some good friendships that way. I took a hiatus with the birth of my daughter not giving me much time for Wurm (definitely parenting is first priority) but I would have quit a long time ago if it weren't for Wilca, and the people she introduced me too. Besides, you (I) haven't even found gold yet in the mine! lol
  7. I was smuggled over against my will!
  8. Global chat usually has some chatter. That was one decent thing about Xanadu is there was always people talking in Freedom chat. Although they are so far away it might as well be global chat. I've only seen 2 lines of speech so far on Cele freedom chat. I am guessing that most people talk in alliance chat and I think that would be the best move for a "community feel". Finding an active alliance with people to chat with. I know I would like to find one. I'm not sure what "peak times" are on Cele either. Don't know if there's a mix of US/European players or if it's more weighted one way or the other.
  9. Hello all. I'm one of the guys over at Angelklaine's deed keeping an eye on things. I was on Indy for a bit way back with Rosedragon and over on Release and Deli with Wilca. Been helping out a couple on Xanadu starting out their deed. This is my first time to Celebration and am already impressed with what I see. I look forward to meeting a bunch of you in the future. I was a little worried in my few hours on I didn't hear a peep on the Freedom chat
  10. Can confirm. I live in Green Bay.
  11. What got me when I first started a couple years ago, was the lack of direction when you start. Most MMO's hold your hand basically until you quit, so you always "have something to do". Dropping in Wurm is, "here ya go, have at it". A lot of people like a full blown, no hand-holding sandbox, but most people coming from other MMOs won't be use to it. Finding the right group of people to play with is what kept me in the second time around.
  12. Green Bay, Wisconsin here...I feel your pain.
  13. Beau if you are anywhere near our deed of Swampland Heritage, which is on the west coast of the peninsula, east side of Serendipity Bay, somewhat south-ish, I recently finished a row boat that was just sitting there when we took over. You are more than welcome to have it and I can transfer it over to you. No anchor sadly but there is a lock If you think any of this would work out for you pm me thru the forums!
  14. I'm at Swampland Heritage in the detailed picture there. When the deed is more or less finished I can help out with whatever. Not a whole lot in terms of skills but I'll help out wherever if possible.