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  1. Would be fantastic if this mod was updated. Suggestion would also be having the icons grouped together and separated by type by groupbox. example: ---Defense spells---- icon icon icon --Attack Spell-- Icon Icon --Item Spells-- icon icon icon icon icon
  2. I have not retried it. When I did try it I could not log in. Results may vary for other people.
  3. I am pretty sure this corrupted my player database. Can't imagine what else would have done it. Scratch that. I removed it and I was finally able to log in. No character loss.
  4. Got it to work. You don't have to do anything but change the name in wurmlogin.db from Ocrea to your desired name. In my case the name of the custom map folder.
  5. So in theory I could rename mapdump.png the name ocrea.png without changing the name in the wurmlogin.db and it would push the custom map? At least to test.
  6. Okay yes, sorry for not being specific. Leaving the Properties and config file unmodified and doing #savemapdump creates mapdump.png in the server root. However this is as far as my understanding to this new setup goes. map_ocrea.jar gets pushed to the client. So I am guessing that this is do to the name set in wurmlogins.db? but what does the new name have to be changed to? Do we still have to reference something in the file like we had to before with the jar packs we use to have to make? Perhaps I am thinking this is suppose to be something that it is not as well. I may have overlooked something you already has stated before. I can be a ditz, apologies if I am asking you to repeat yourself.
  7. I am confused about how to get this new way to to push a map of a custom map to work.
  8. It is a shame that this mod never included a way to set a limit on the perimeter.
  9. Could you please see if you can detect if someone has been standing idle too long and we could have an option to disconnect them or have the iron flow stop? Still a great mod as is though. However the karma idea that Governor had would be an awesome addition as well.
  10. Yay! This is exactly something I know I have wanted ever since the release of WU. I will be doing some localhost testing on this ASAP. Thank you!
  11. Ago please consider a #loaderVersion command so I know what version of your mod loader is on my hosts site. I have no idea if the mod loader they provide is up to date or not.
  12. I am wondering if it is at all possible that a mod could be made to do particle effects above corpse into the sky X:range from character. So that it would aid in locating some copses fallen in grass. Would be especially handy on deeds where Templars might happen to kill a bunch of things while you are not looking.
  13. Jonneh, Have you considered making this a complete map folder generator complete with a clean database set?
  14. Chat relay mod

    You could probably use PircBot API as an irc interface. Unless that is one of the outdated you speak of. I am not sure if you can just ignore using it to make a bot and just rely on the api Or jiRCd is still a recently active project that is an irc server written in java. Sorry I don't have any other advice myself,