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  1. Fantastic 🙂 Suggestion: depending on map quality and users' skill as well as compass quality, perhaps a user while having it open could select an action to determine one's own location on a map (if local). Perhaps a dot guessing near general location, higher skills yield better accuracy and eventually even becoming a direction indicator in place of a dot. Perhaps, this would be a use that would encourage more people to level the skill for practical use if they can't justify it for any other way.
  2. I was recently reminded about the spyglass being a reward for consistent premium payments. I think that is good, But there must be tons of clever things glass could bring to Wurm.
  3. I hope one day there will be glass blowing with the ability to craft mirrors, glass, and spyglass.
  4. A little bit embarrassing, I remembered you can drag rip the skills tab off the event tracker, resize it and lock it wherever you please. This satisfies what I was desiring.
  5. A skill tracker option to set it to auto build the list with skills by frequency. This would list the skill you're currently grinding at the top for example. and/or A right click menu option of skills in the skill window to 'Add skill to tracker>' -sub- 'Slot #'
  6. It is a client mod. It will work well if you also increase the max ram for the client. I did 4096 and it works well.
  7. Thank you
  8. What is the skill level and skill requirement for this now. I have zero chance to build one now.
  9. This is a really brilliant MOD. I had wondered if not finding a furnace on the same tile it could check the neighbor tile in the direction of the chute. Then you could be able to set it up through a wall. But no matter what this MOD is perfect.
  10. Would be fantastic if this mod was updated. Suggestion would also be having the icons grouped together and separated by type by groupbox. example: ---Defense spells---- icon icon icon --Attack Spell-- Icon Icon --Item Spells-- icon icon icon icon icon
  11. I have not retried it. When I did try it I could not log in. Results may vary for other people.
  12. I am pretty sure this corrupted my player database. Can't imagine what else would have done it. Scratch that. I removed it and I was finally able to log in. No character loss.
  13. Got it to work. You don't have to do anything but change the name in wurmlogin.db from Ocrea to your desired name. In my case the name of the custom map folder.
  14. So in theory I could rename mapdump.png the name ocrea.png without changing the name in the wurmlogin.db and it would push the custom map? At least to test.