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  1. Update to the Village of Zin location. With the new map dump, it's actually at 6644, -3302.
  2. I was setting up for growing herbs and such. I had a pottery planter in inventory and pulled up it's menu. No herb was selected, so it just said 'plant' and not 'plant <name>'. I clicked 'plant' and the planter disappeared. Not on the ground or anywhere to be found. Bug? I did successfully use the other planters with herbs and spices by targeting the herb/spice then selecting the pottery planter and selecting 'plant <name>'.
  3. Ah, got Village of ZIN at 6643, -3507 on map. I'm at 6644, -3298.
  4. Village of ZIN: [6644, -3298]
  5. Awesome alliance. Woo Hoo..ZIN is even listed!
  6. Oh well, seems the sentiments haven't changed. Back to counting tiles/steps. Think I'll go back to placing road markers every km or 1000 paces once I find a nice spot to settle. The Romans at least had those. Lots of development, roads, and the new bridges. Left just as they were introduced.
  7. Well, back after a year or so break and I see there is still no way to find your location coordinates or see your location on the map or is it that I can't find the right commands and settings? Can anyone offer a reason why these simple things aren't in the game? If it allows you to annotate the map where your mouse pointer is, how hard can it be to use the player's location to annotate? This has to be the most frustrating part of wandering around in this game.
  8. Not having an Auction House is the biggest hole in this otherwise enjoyable PvE game.
  9. Based on the interaction I've encountered playing for about 3 weeks now, these responses make sense. In the 250+ hrs of game time and travelling to most towns, I've actually seen maybe 5 people. No real need to know where anyone is at those numbers. Back to playing.
  10. Where as the King is paid tribute to grant a settlement and taxes to retain it and that the King's assessor has the location of all deeds and settlements and that the King's cartiographer is already publishing a map for citizens to use and that said map allows those citizens to annotate that map. It is resolved that the locations of all settlements (on PvE) should be annotated on the available map by the King's assessor. This effort would also promote trade by showing population densities and potential markets for new ventures. -CmdrZin, Zin's Silver Mountain Mining Company, Xanadu (a little more work would be required to also show major roads.)