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  1. Single-handedly, in 4-6 months, I can rewrite the base code of the space shuttle launch system because I am the king of Assembler. Of course, I don't do Java, and I don't have a couple hundred mouthy people crawling up my back every day while I try my best to make things better. I was a GM for almost a decade, and I would argue that no matter what this team is paid its not nearly enough for the garbage they have to sort through on the daily. An open world sand box game is an evolving concept and you should get that if you play it. Asking the devs to say "what will milking look like in 2023" is just silly. We probably have the most attentive and involved dev team that we have had in years, and I would guess the whiteboard in that room looks like Ramses' tomb. The communication over the past few years has been astounding, and while I have had my concerns in the past about any number of things, this group we have now is busting their *ss for this community. /flagging my own post for being ornery //wait I can't do that anymore ///not a paid advertisement
  2. Oh shi. Having struggled for the past couple of years through innumerable personal and professional tribulations to get my collective sh*t together and return to the game and community and friends that I adore on a number of levels, I am unashamed that this was the post that ruined a perfectly good keyboard. This was, is, and will always be the most amazing collection of misfit(esses) and derelict(esses) on eurf. I can only hope that all our players and player(esses) recognize how special (and specialesses?) they are. "[23:51:07] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Tears, week 4 of the starfall of Diamonds, 990. That's 3585 days, 10 hours and 41 minutes ago." Clearly I was drunk when the Penny Arcade crew convinced me that immortal pheasants of doom and MetalDragon's shovels were worth checking out. Who knew. Also, for what it's worth Willow say's "Stop being tossers". I don't speak a lot of Brit but I'm pretty sure that's bad.
  3. Done, and happy...butchering? Yeah that's what I'll tell the IRS....
  4. It's that time of the year when I try to get my collective crap together and sort out the many piles of junk that fell out of my fountain pans! My tedium and aggressive eye strain is your potential gain! Only posting 90+ or cool combos. Weapons coming in another post because effort. And before you ask, no I don't imp anything because I am incredibly lazy. If I don't respond to you within seconds please see previous sentence. Specifically that last word that starts with "L"... Several items for sale or make a bid for everything. Mostly skillers and some experiments and a few you might need to come get. Prices are reasonable and some things just need to find the right home. Oh and "M/O" means make a reasonable offer just in case, um, yeah. And the things that have the little "x" means that's how many of that item I have. Sheesh. PM on Forums or try and catch Skenderbeu in game to negotiate. 101 Courier on my end so zoom zoom: ITEM MAT QL COC WOA PRICE Pelt, MT Lion 87.73 92 0.50 Pelt, MT Lion 70.21 95 0.50 Pelt, Dog 92.61 91 0.75 Trowel Iron 98.88 95 87 M/O Trowel Iron 65.42 96 1.00 Butchering Knife Iron 28.39 96 1.00 Butchering Knife Iron 29.65 101 2.00 Shovel Iron 88.45 80 102 M/O Stone Chisel Iron 81.06 95 1.00 Mallet Pine 73.68 94 92 M/O Mallet Pine 78.26 98 1.50 Large Shield Iron 32.49 94 1.00 Spindle Pine 49.67 94 1.00 Whetstone 95.45 93 1.00 Whetstone 94.85 92 1.00 Carving Knife Iron 66.78 95 1.00 Rake Iron 68.76 90 84 1.50 Ropetool Cedar 76.01 91 1.00 Glimmersteel Lump 0.40 KG 83.03 x1 M/O Seryll Lump 1.0 KG 92.21 x5 M/O Spyglass Brass 70 x7 2.00
  5. Not a fan of beating horses that have some illness or whatever, but as many have noted it is very possible for us to change player names when necessary. The larger issue may be that we have a history of players who either pretend to sell or create sham sales in order to skirt potential disciplinary actions that they may have legitimately earned. These can be very tiresome events to track down - while not technically difficult in most cases it still takes a lot of what amounts to volunteer hours to sort out. Some of the suggestions are actually pretty interesting. If there was a way to record player name history with the player record it could mitigate some of the problems that the moderation staff is concerned with. I have alts I made ten years ago that someone might find useful, but due to an entirely narcissist naming convention I would be unlikely to give away or sell, so I'm not entirely opposed. But I do believe reputation over time matters a great deal. As some have rather passionately pointed out, knowing who the person behind that character is can be very useful in a game world that has real world economic elements. So an overt name history would have to be a part of any offering for it to work. And certainly the administrative staff has the tools to use that history to resolve some of the less than noble reasons a person may want to change their name. A house divided as in most Wurm things certainly. There are many examples of online games that allow name changes as well as many who do not, so clearly it is a contested issue that has been fought over many times. I am rather pleased however that this discussion has been and continues to be as civil as it is.
  6. Since this thread is still open, and I am still jet lagged from my journey back to redneckland, I'll toss my 2 irons into the fire. Not everything in this game should be automatic...I live on an island that will never produce a certain color of grape. Alas, I shall have to avail myself of the community for assistance. In this particular scenario I actually bought a baking slab from another player - not that I gave a wit about baking of course, but rather that at some point I would need one and my mines are almost oppressively zinc. The 10i I spent was well worth it? Maybe? Not sure since there is no part of my game that actually requires me to bake anything. There should be some effort in a game such as this perhaps. Otherwise we lose the thing that actually makes us what we are. I'll give you a free stone and pestle or whatever you need, but if I do I think you are missing out on something that makes this community special. (Please note that this is an opinion of a player only, who started this crazy journey almost ten years ago, and in no way represents the official position of Wurm Online or OneTwoFree er Code Club AB. I'm just me being me which can be pretty offensive. But I can and will wizzkill you if you give me crap. Okay no I won't. Or will I?)
  7. Yaaaas...Taxidermy as a skill. I think instead of trinkets and much maligned baubles each year, we should introduce a new skill or skill set based on a user poll in the months approaching the holiday. IMHO etc etc.
  8. Hello Indy! As many of you know Festival Cove is the historical site of Willow's infamous Christmas Impalong's, and a place that holds a lot of fond memories for a great number of players. But with Willow's departure last year and my own extended hiatus this summer, it became increasingly more difficult to maintain the deed and its surroundings in a reasonable manner. I wanted to preserve Festival Cove for as long as possible, in honor of all Willow did for the community as well as for the history that it represents. To that end I have given over management of the deed to a good friend of myself, Willow, and Wurm, and someone I know will keep it in the sort of condition it deserves. So if you see some new faces and activity in the area rest assured that everything is good, and I am eternally grateful for the help. ~Tam (in case the new mayor wants privacy I'll let her decide to make herself known or not)
  9. Pouring a large one for you madam. I know how long you labored at it. Bittersweet indeed
  10. I know where this drake came from and who it's previous owner and creator was. The deed where it was stored fell legitimately due to lack of upkeep. I tried to get back to Wurm in time to save the deed but was too late. I actually spoke to the player who recovered these items while they were in the recovery...process. This was not a shared account getting misused. It was not due to player security. It was an old deed that expired, and that is all it was. Scavenging is part of Wurm. It does not matter who or how well known any player is, if you let your deed fall and provide no way for anyone else to add upkeep, there is no crime. The spoils of Wurm are just that. Free for the first person that finds it. I never vouch for players I do not know, but rest assured that these sets are neither stolen nor hacked. This is a fundamental part of the game. If I let my deed fall I would hardly blame a person for collecting whatever they could carry (mind the twenty or so fountain pans though, I hear they are going to explode soon). Buy with confidence knowing that you will own a piece of history.
  11. Great thank you, I'll get this checked out!
  12. Thank you for reporting. I am running Avast Internet Security 2015 (version 2015.10.2.2218) on several machines in our environment and have received no errors or warnings when accessing the Wiki. Can you post the warning syntax please?