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  1. so the 12 missing crates showed back up tonight.
  2. Saturday night I started 16 large crates, just nail and plank. 12 were out in front of me and 4 ended up in a pile of items. I completed those 4 crates and then logged for the night. Logged on the next day and the 12 large crates were gone. Checked inside all piles of items, and made piles on all tiles to check for them. Moved any object that was near them. Checked inside all carts, wagons, containers. Checked all the characters of mine or my roommates. The settings for the deed do not allow anyone except me and rm access to pick up or load anything. Nothing else was missing. Logs (sent to GM email) show I started them and finished just the 4 and does not show me picking them up.
  3. How does it work with fences/gates? I have a fence around my deed so there is no way to put a waystone there? Tried testing but couldn't get it set up correctly.
  4. I have 29 sleep powders, 1s each. South Xanadu.
  5. +1 also a way to line up say bookcases, I always have them a bit off
  6. wow good way to kill the game. Seriously play your way or not at all? How are options bad? Not saying it has to go in today, but mouse movement versus more pvp that 10 people play? Mouse movement could bring in more then those 10 people.
  7. Ok so everytime I go hunting I come home with 50-100 bodies. Which is great when the token has funds, get a nice little boost to my deed money. However since I am on Xanadu the coffers are empty a lot. So I started thinking...if we could stuff the bodies and pose them we could use them to decorate. Hell Scorpion in the hall, Trolls on guard out front, the possibilities are endless. Maybe you could also just stuff the head and hang it on the wall, example deer, bison, unicorn. So what do you think?
  8. I have advanced hardware, that doesnt solve everyones issue. Just because something works for them doesnt mean it works for everyone. But hey if Rolf doesnt want my friends who mouse move to come play then fine. Of course I will probably end up going else where with them but....