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  1. Eh it's fine, I'll be there for people who don't mind me there, which is why I mention on each event that if it's a problem I just won't come. If I'm not invited it's fine, maybe another time. Colliecakes will be disappointed though. I know the first time I went to a unique event there was a forge open to all to get their weapons imped to 90ql. I went over to get Colliecakes' weapon imped, and to my surprise, the weapons were still there while I was patiently waiting my turn. I figured they'd be taken out asap as I am "untrustworthy", but they weren't. It was a good event, whether people thought to keep an eye on me or not. Nobody had issues with me, and I had issues with nobody. I took Collie out to a unique, and we had fun. She got her Dragon Slayer title and it was a worthwhile event. We even had some decent meals to take home with us as well. I am not welcomed, then I will not come. I'm just sorry it has to effect Colliecakes. Maybe next time.
  2. Colliecakes and I will be there. The last two we have attended have been pretty good, lets hope for another fun event. ( 70FS, Dragonslayers )
  3. This. This made me LoL. Also, to the OP, why was my name brought up?
  4. 69 WoA butchering knife for 69copper, CoD to Bruhamoff please.
  5. In need of a village? Are you feeling down and ready to quit? Where you feel like you're unwanted where you're at? Where neighbors ignore your existence? Where you're hated by the entire community? Look no further! ( In case you were looking at all ) We are here to relieve you of that pain, to give you a place where you can go, where no one will discriminate. A place where you can get out of the public eye for a little and regain yourself, or just a place to have a friend when no other want to be. A sense of home. If interested please contact Bruhamoff or Colliecakes for further info. If we aren't on then contact Duderun.
  6. Colliecakes and I will be there too if it's no trouble. Good excuse for us to see our cousin.
  7. I just hope all of this drama ends in something positive, hint hint writs for boats/carts/ or even crates if we have to. Maybe even a document that you sign saying you AGREE to this trade agreement, like in bulk dealings and what not. Then hopefully people will stop hating me and trade with me again I can't keep track as to how many people have tried to take advantage of me on my knarrs this entire trip. At least Yamuliss gave me a fair deal on the knarr he bought. And Thank you Yamuliss, for being 1 of 2 who has stood by me publicly. We finally got our referrals bought so we will stick around, I just won't be talking to many people anymore. True colors have shown in everybody these past few weeks, for those who made themselves involved in the situation ( this has been solved a while ago, this has been an apology to the community to END the bickering. So far Gnomegates hasn't accepted it yet so I havn't decided to close the thread until he does, even if it takes years. ) I do hope you see this apology Gnomegates, I understand how you felt in your situation. I was there before. I didn't view it as a scam when I did it, and I did feel instantly guilty for doing it, I was sailing to put it back but you logged in and I got scared, which is why I denied stealing your coins. I didn't mean for it to go this far and I hope all of this granted you many many customers. You deserve them more than me. I feel like with everything going in your favor, that you don't care, and I am probably right on that, but I do hope you somehow find a way to forgive me. Thank you,
  8. 90+WoA Pickaxe, any CoC works but required casts and price please
  9. Duderun ingame, doesnt have a forum account. He has a rare barrel for sale although idk the wood type. I'll let him know of this thread I think he was asking for 1s for it