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  1. Guessing you missed this. You can change the "4096" in -Xmx4096m to however much memory you want it to use at start. I did it with creating a .bat file (write the second line of code in notepad then save it as a .bat instead of .txt) in the same directory as Wgenerator that I created a shortcut to. If you use this method, you can drop the first line of the code there "cd /directory/etc..." That automatically opens the generator using my specified memory allocation.
  2. I really like the idea of diverse forests. Maybe a dominant tree, with a few different types of other trees scattered into it.
  3. I definitely disagree with Arkonick about the water, seems to be a solid amount of land IMO. The dirt levels are debatable, a lot of mountain peaks tend to be barren, and you said yourself the slope max for dirt is 40, so it looks like a decent mix along the mountainsides. I do agree heartily with the trees though, big patches of forest are great, but there's just too much bare land. There should be trees more heavily peppered around the map, and please, for the love of the Gods, make sure there's tree diversity! I always see maps where it's like, 'Here's a giant forest with nothing but Oak, and this one is ALL Cedar!" It really kills the immersion. Otherwise, I think it land masses look pretty great, though I wish the community could come up with a way to alter the geometry of the land building to kill the square land effect.
  4. Gimp dev channel has 16-bit, it just hasn't made it into the main release channel yet.
  5. This is gonna be your best bet. I'd say 5-7 is the best range, lower gets too smooth, and higher gets too rocky. Even 5 is a little ugly on larger maps.
  6. I cannot for the life of me get this to do anything remotely like what you're getting. I'm using L3DT 15.11 Pro (evaluation version). I'm guessing by "Resize Heightfield" you mean something else, because changing that to "4" makes the world tiny (being as the values in the heightfield are the px dimentions). I've tried setting Horizontal scale to 4, and that doesn't do much, and setting vertical scale within the parameters you suggest basically just flattens the world. I'm definitely not giving up, but it's not going very well, haha.
  7. It's currently not possible without some jar edits on the client side. Hopefully that will be fixed soon enough.
  8. This is a really great looking map! What did you use for the heightmap?
  9. By the beard of Zeus that's insane! The map looks gorgeous though.
  10. Generating a quick map to test it that appears to be what it's doing. I'd imagine the "BUSH" boime does the same thing.
  11. That is based on the Iterations. The lower the number, the smoother the map. I usually play around in the 6-7 range. Gives decent definition without being too sharp.
  12. 1) Oh Gods, I wish! I typically just export my biomes.png and paint things myself. The current system simply "paints" based on your parameters (min/max height, near water, max slope, radius and density) and where you click. (Edit: For manual painting, the rgb values for the different biome types are listed in the original post under one of the spoiler tags.) 2/3) There is default grass and rock above water and dirt and rock below water, everything else (including beaches, forests, tar/clay/peat pits, etc.) has to be added by seeding (or painting, I use Gimp, MS paint doesn't save the pngs properly).
  13. The Drop function does the whole thing. Drops dirt and updates water. There's no short way of updating the surface dirt aside from biome editing.
  14. Drop Dirt drops a fresh dirt layer whenever clicked, it will only save the current information stored on the Dirt tab (dirt height, slope, water level, cliffs, etc.). It will go through the full process of dropping. Update water simply adjusts the visible water level based on any changes you've made to it, and does not change anything (including any biomes that may now be underwater if you have made any changes to them) else.
  15. Yes. But, it would be easier, and less of a margin for error, to have a drop down. You may recall the part where it was a "suggestion", not a "request". I also wasn't exactly expressing this for myself, there are a lot of people from all different walks of life that use this software, and these forums. I was simply making a suggestion that would accommodate a larger number of users.