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  1. I felt Miss Sophie's 'party' was a little devoid of party goers so I made some for her. It was nice seeing some parts of Indy again. A lot has changed while I was away, that's for sure.
  2. Well, if that's the approach it won't be successful at all. I know we are way past the point where games would be played for intrinsic reward alone, but advertising Wurm as "we have other things to do when we aren't literally Progress Quest" is not exactly appealing. I guess the new fishing system was designed with this mindset: Unusable by newbies and primarily anchored in skill grind. Wurm Online's USP is its persistent world backed with a sense of authenticity. Minecraft's worlds are ephemeral in comparison. That aspect should be expanded and emphasised. And on the technical front: JWS is deprecated. It's way past time for a standalone launcher for WO. Depending on the Oracle JDK is also a huge problem because ideally, you'd bundle a JRE with the launcher and I bet Oracle would want money for that. The path forward would be bundling OpenJDK on Windows and working with OpenJDK everywhere else. I doubt I'm telling you anything new, but from my view this issue is pretty dire. It all comes down to friction, though the issues around Java are more like a brick wall. To say nothing about the bad reputation Java has because of applets.
  3. The last time I priced out a high-IOPS low-latency always-on 'cloud' offering it was several times as expensive as our own physical boxen over a three year cycle (duh) while being less powerful. Nice if you're running generic web crap, but a horrendous (and expensive) way to host game servers especially if you can't scale down during AUTZ without downtime. //edit I hope you set spending limits on your account. You can rack up extremely high bills in a very, very short amount of time. AWS support does waive them on request, usually, but I wouldn't rely on it.
  4. I'd love to read a post mortem once the cause has been fixed.
  5. Well, I can say that I made an alt reusing an old name, and at the exact time I took the Cele portal, the server died instantly. So you can all blame me for killing the server. Oops.
  6. I've been playing around a bit with the new system. And because I have RL fishing experience it has been a weird experience. The system is clearly modelled after the real world and uses a lot of real world names, but real world knowledge doesn't transfer most of the time. I have no idea why different floats exist, for example. In RL I can use literally anything that is buoyant enough to keep my bait at the desired depth while being light enough to indicate bites. The float does not affect anything beyond that. And in RL, most fish hook themselves and pulling on the line may even be counter productive, like with carp which are notoriously paranoid. These issues turn the system into the uncanny valley of game systems. However, my main problem is how poorly fishing explains itself. It starts with the inability to get to a "working state", i.e. a state where catching fish reliably works. This is because it is never clear why something doesn't work. Specifically: * It is not clear that one absolutely has to click to hook a fish. This should be communicated better because it diverges from RL. * It is completely unclear why fish keep escaping after clicking. Not fast enough? Too early? Hook ql too low? Something completely arcane? The messages should either be clearer or it shouldn't fail. Combining twitch gameplay with rng skill checks is confusing and frustrating. * I don't see any way of finding out which fish like/dislike what with all the variables in play. Players shouldn't have to write scientific studies using extensive test runs and control for variables just to catch a carp. Perhaps write up some small blurb for each fish type including their preferences and expose that information via the analyse feature already used for the almanach. * The role of each reel/line is left completely unclear. Judging by the weights of the fish I've cought I should've always used the thinnest line possible and tiny hooks, but hooks only exist in two variants that I wouldn't ever consider IRL and one type that I would… I think the problems are completely fixable since there's nothing really egregiously wrong with it on a mechanical level, but far too much of it is shrouded in mystery. It should be dead simple to catch freshwater lake fish with the most basic and obvious equipment (i.e., a line tied to a branch and a small iron hook with a worm or some corn on it) to give players a base to branch out from, where they are reliably able to succeed at catching _something_.
  7. Intel crashes on startup: glxinfo: Afaik Intel doesn't want to do the insane thing the AMD devs have done and implement compatibility profiles because only broken software relies on it. Intel has never had any presence in CAD so they're not spending any time on compatibility profiles. Getting rid of the compat profile dependency is definitely a good idea. Both Intel and AMD come with 4.5 core ootb on all major distributions hassle-free, but compatibility profiles are a crapshoot.
  8. Note: Using the upcoming mesa 18.2 works ootb. Is wurm seriously requesting a non-core profile? No wonder it instantly crashes on Intel… Glxinfo mesa 18.2:
  9. Full glxinfo: When opening Wurm with with modern renderer, everything set to "core" in compat tab, it crashes: However, launching Wurm like this: MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=4.5 /opt/oracle-jdk-bin- Starts fine and I haven't seen any obvious errors. Is this just a version detection bug?
  10. You haven't bothered reading the OP, have you? Btw., Docterchese, the diagram you posted only works for modern sails. If you look at the models of the sail boats in the game, you'll notice that they use a different type of sail. I'd love to see the small sailing boat remodeled to use a modern yacht sail, allowing it to sail with pretty good speed even at 30° against the wind.
  11. Eve uses chromium/awesomium and they went through quite a bit of engineering to shield that thing from the game itself. There are also javascript methods to let the client do things. The old browser even had some bidirectional capabilities. I'd support a browser in Wurm only if it had similar capabilities to the browser in Eve. Without those additions, it's just bloat..I already have a capable browser on my Desktop.
  12. It's not your "opinion". You stated something that is factually wrong and very dangerous if followed by people. Drive-by downloads via zero-day vulnerabilities are extremely dangerous and are not prevented by any kind of "anti-virus" software. Don't get all defensive about your "opinion" when you get called out on giving dangerous advice.
  13. No, the problem is websense. It is a terrible system that is really, really terrible. I've never seen so many false positives. Its Wikipedia article has a whole subsection dedicated to the terrible false positives ffs. Did I mention terrible? This is the system that, after all, classified as an evil site..