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  1. Ah, I didn't notice this: [05:29:04] OpenGL vendor: nouveau [05:29:04] OpenGL renderer: NV137 [05:29:04] OpenGL version: 4.3 (Compatibility Profile) Mesa 21.2.6 Though I am relatively confident that nouveau would be able to run Wurm, just at atrocious frame rates. (Because Nvidia is a garbage company). I've run Wurm on pure software emulation for testing and all these drivers share a good lot of code. I'll think about editing my post, but the forum search is good enough to find this one with all the keywords we've put into it now…
  2. You need to read crash logs in chronological order or you'll be chasing symptoms resulting from the actual problem. In this case the hint is in the following line coming earlier: [05:29:05] WARNING: Unable to compile pixel shader (shader.hbao_blur.fragment): class.T7un0PbcB: 0:57(13): error: no function with name 'texture2D' [05:29:05] 0:57(13): error: type mismatch It is trying to compile a shader while initialising GLFW. Shader compilation fails because a function called by the shader does not exist, which causes an error to be thrown. This causes GLFW to fail, which causes LWJGL to fail. As a result, Wurm catches fire and burns. Wurm ships its own dependencies (mostly) so it's irrelevant what you install on your system.
  3. You have made an enemy for life today.
  4. That's news to me, and I keep using it myself. Send me a PM with the output from the terminal window if it stops working. I was working on releasing the whole thing publicly, but I am elbow deep in code at work so I haven't gotten around to it. By all likelyhood, the Wurm devs will beat me to it anyway.
  5. Here's one that's actually impossible: Contour lines don't match any of the terrain in the hint, there's no scale procided, the light green splotches don't appear to correlate with anything. And here's what that area looks like on the map dump: You are never going to find it without the mapdump, and you are absolutely never going to find it ingame.
  6. You don't need a map dump to solve that specific one, but you'd have to map it yourself the old fashioned way on graph paper. The spot is clearly near a hill or small depression, on the SW/NE slope, NE of splotch of tar or peat, with some sand in the NW. The algorithm for choosing the maps should probably be tweaked to prefer lower entropy so there are more identifiable landmarks, but I haven't had one that was unsolvable yet. Like: That's a wooded area with a road going in a S/N direction up or down a hill, with a valley or hill in the western third of the map forming an L. You don't need a map dump to figure that one out, though of course it helps even if the contour lines don't match up 1:1.
  7. The config file is in %USERPROFILE%\wurm\configs\ or ~/wurm/configs/ by default. The file name is "gamesettings.txt".
  8. Renamed to "Steinofenwachmannsturm", so it can be distinguished from the other tower.
  9. The logs do not point to a GPU issue. The crash logs point to native code, i.e. not Wurm code. That makes it impossible to debug without having direct access to the computer. There have been several reports with similar crashes and all that I've spoken to could be helped by running Wurm with a newer version of Java. Keenan has indicated that an update of Wurm's runtime is on the horizon, so that's likely going to help when it happens.
  10. If your computer is experiencing bluescreens, it is always either a driver or hardware fault, or software at the system level (i.e. antivirus). It is never the fault of a user-level process. The Wurm launcher unpacks the runtime in "%localappdata%\Programs\Wurm Online\" by default unless you change the path. It will try to download a zip file called from into that folder, extract it to the folder "win64", delete the .zip, and launch Java from there. You can try deleting the win64 folder, it will be reacquired. The .zip file can be a problem if you have badly made "anti"virus software that locks the file so it can't be deleted. That's the first thing I'd check. You can also try to manually extract the win64 folder into the launcher folder by manually downloading the runtime.
  11. Catering to the "Discord community" has ruined plenty of games. Absent of proper threading and moderation tools you just have loud cliques crowd out the conversation. Any dev using Discord should be aware that the feedback they get from it is utterly worthless in the best case, and actively detrimental to their game at worst.
  12. I have a dreadful experience with g1gc, so I run shendandoah instead for less microstutter. The current Java8 runtime isn't compiled with shendadoah support, so overriding via _JAVA_OPTIONS doesn't work. There are a few issues on Linux that are caused by the old version of JFX that would be obsoleted by updating Java anyway. Dito for a few crashes in native code on Windows. If those two issues are fixed I can probably archive my own launcher that I've written and return to the official one.
  13. A one-time purge of all highways and repopulating them from scratch seems to be the most useful approach to me. I doubt there will be much highway construction going forward, so once the initial churn is over there won't be much upkeep required. Purging them each dump seems like unnecessary busywork to me.