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  1. See title. I'll be online for the whole day; can summon people to my place. Poke me (batolemaeusjr) directly, or post in server chat. //edit: Got some half-eaten vegetables and gem soup at my place (p23) ready. There's a canal leading to the place from the eastern shore at q24. I'd like to get this thing cast this evening, ~19:00 UTC if possible.
  2. It appears to have been fixed with this update ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Building a shed is one of the first things a new player is directed to do. I have not twisted your words in the slightest, they were just that incredibly transparently stupid. I remember Newtown. It was better than the curated sterile empty wastelands of today.
  4. Yes, by filtering out all the new players. Let's make the attachment rate even worse to preserve your precious starting area…
  5. Indeed, but I think there's one important thing you didn't touch on in your post. A lot of sandbox game worlds are ephemeral in comparison. There are very few that allow players to build on and change the game world and have their creations persist. I enjoy traveling across the land and seeing other people's creations, and I like building something interesting. It's the one thing Wurm does exceptionally well. This cannot work if everything becomes effortless to accomplish. Some quantity of actual labour, in whatever form it may take, must go into creating something in the game. That said, I think the dial for a lot of tasks starting out is way too far in the "tedium" spectrum. A new player should not have to spend several hours to create a 1x1 shed.
  6. I don't think using spells to alleviate problems with the game is a good idea. There are already a number of band aid spells around and it would be much better if those issues would actually be fixed instead of shunted to the priest system. The selling point of priests should be that it opens other avenues of play, not that you should have a priest to work around adversarial game design.
  7. It would probably be worth reimplementing <blink /> tags in the forum and perhaps bump that to 64p size with a flaming effect. Every time the topic has come up in kchat or on this forum people take the AWS move as a panacea to all of Wurm's problems instead of infra modernisation. I feel with you on the RAID by the way. We've managed to finally excise all hardware RAID from our infra entirely and it has been liberating. Is that comparing manual setup with automated? We got similar gains when we moved to preseed+Ansible, except we are mostly physical. Most time is actually wasted because server manufacturers love twiddling their thumbs in firmware instead of booting while the actual configuration work is done in a minute or two. (And restoring from backup would take days to weeks because, cloud or no, you aren't restoring 0.5PB over lunch)
  8. Performance on AWS is lower than on your own hardware while being more expensive. It's used primarily to shift capex to opex and for autoscaling web ###### that doesn't need performance guarantees.
  9. AWS does not give latency or IOPS guarantees unless you pay big bucks. Its benefit is easier right-sizing of the instance when you aren't running cloud-native services. I.e. allocating less resources. If you need more, going to AWS makes no sense because it gets expensive real fast. Some expectation management might be in order…
  10. The problem as far as I can see is that many people do not play the game for its own sake anymore. Back in my day people played to make interesting things and you can still see some people doing just that. But when I look at people talk everything is dominated by raising a number in a stat sheet. That's all everyone talks about. Even utterly inconsequential things like a few percent skill gain bonus are Big Things that must be defended from the evil game developers. It's an industry-wide trend that has transformed game design in the past decade. Everything has to be quantified; progress is defined by numbers raising; making numbers raise slower is an attack by game devs on the player base. I find this equal parts abhorrent and alien, but it is what it is.
  11. Blimey, you are so close to a fundamental revelation in regards to playing games out of intrinsic motivation. So close and yet so far. I do appreciate that you are formulating a better argument against skill gain affecting bonuses than I have ever been able to.
  12. I know Wurm has a special player base, but surely you don't consider high time investment and constant failure especially intellectually challenging?
  13. All this metagaming around skill gain should've been removed long ago FWIW. Doing it partially is still better than doing nothing at all. Do you still have to create ~800 pieces of thatch until you have enough skill to make a single thatched roof?
  14. I don't understand this obsession with IPs. Absolutely nobody competent uses IPs beyond correlating other techniques and for tripping reauthentication.