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  1. Help Tree Growth

    When i asked Taufiq he said that editing the actual speed of growth would be a fairly involved process Have you had a look at each of the items class files? as the growth time might be included there as each tree has a specific grow time (ie, oaks grow alot slower)
  2. Tree Spread Odds

    when i asked if it affected growth speed taufig said no, and made it sound like it wouldn't be an easy change to implement to affect growth speed, but thats something for the modders to look at.
  3. servers created/launched before a certain date had this setting set at 0 if your server is showing 20 then your fine and do not need to worry about anything
  4. Freedom was never a select able kingdom on Epic, you joined one of the 3 factions depending on which flag you chose on GV. i'm guessing WU has more of a Chaos set up. what does /kingdoms say? (i noticed your post said you tried /kingdom however this is incorrect)
  5. when you set up the creative server, did you set the co-ordinates for the 3 kingdoms? on the tile your players are trying to build on, you will need to right click the ground and examine, you will get something like "This is part of the lands of Mol Rehan" or which ever kingdom they are part of. individual player choice at creation, ie their kingdom, doesnt actually equal the areas kingdom, just who they represent Guard towers need to be built within a certain distance of existing kingdom tiles, otherwise it wont let you. you may need a GM char to create a guard tower of each kingdom to force it
  6. Red tome bugged?

    have you followed the reqs exactly? Item Use Requirements You need to be standing in a 3x3 flat area in order to use this. You need to be in the vicinity of a holy altar. You need to be deep in the barren desert, where nothing ever grows. Can be used at any altar in a 3x3 flat area, inside at least 51x51 desert area. im guessing the 51 x 51 desert must be 100% sand also
  7. is there a value somewhere else that affects tree aging time?
  8. Define large quantities? Clay has always had a very small chance of being lowered while being dug down (like, 5% maybe). to rectify this just drop some dirt, this should raise it back.
  9. Has anyone tried setting up a 2 way portal between servers on their clusters? ive tried with both the epic portal (which wont work anyway as the servers arn't epic flagged) and the crystal portals and neither seem to be linkable, has anyone else tried? or gotten them working
  10. Farming Question

    if your farm settings is set to 0.2 that means that you have a window of 12 minutes for each stage, so if you dont harvest quick enough they will wither
  11. can this integer be amended to increase tree growth speed? or does it simply affect the spreading of trees?
  12. Setting up Multi-Island cluster

    thats what i thought, however, i clearly must have done something wrong, as I started up both servers, logged in to the login one with a character i knew to be on the 2nd server and it just created a fresh character on the log in server......