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  1. Hi There, Thanks for your order, We're a little snowed under at the moment with a couple of jobs, so it might take us a little bit of time to get this amount of Dirt to you, If you are OK with this, I will gladly add your order to our lists, but if you wish to shop around for a more speedy service I wouldn't blame you Let me know, Kind Regards, Toeol
  2. Hi Validate, Thank you for the order, we will get started sending you the stuff as soon as we can :) you mentioned Wagoner but didnt specify a server, however I can see you spend most of your time on Xanadu, so is this where you would like the orders setting up? Kind Regards, Toeol
  3. The Devs have stated multiple times that Wurm Unlimited was no longer supported/receiving active development
  4. just get them to press M and look on the map, they all have it written there too in the top left area
  5. On Behalf of Solinswith and myself here at Tarsis Trading, I would just like to thank everyone who has supported us as we reach our first year anniversary, We really couldn't have done it without our valued customers, and from the bottom of our hearts we thank you, Heres looking forward to another successful year!
  6. this already exists in game, you can plant from a Satchel you just need to make sure you activate the satchel and not the seed on your hotbar
  7. sounds like one of them is mislabled or written should be minutes instead of hours
  8. All current bulk orders have been fulfilled, Thank you for your patronage
  9. Delighted to say it has worked here
  10. unfortunately, my placed maps are still blank I know it wasnt listed in the notes so had not got hopes up, but its still a shame
  11. its almost as if they have taken the new QL thresholds for player made maps and applied them to the treasure maps. the first one you linked looked lilke it was a sub 10ql player map, the last one a 10-20..........
  12. Hi Spacy, My sincere Apologies! I took a small break from the game/forums and my e-mail didn't notify me that you had posted, I'm going on the assumption that you had already sourced your slate, but as it stood, we did not have slate to hand but could have mined some from a couple of known veins, apologies once again :(
  13. HI There, Unfortunately we do not stock/sell Marble in any form and do not have a supply of it. Apologies for the inconvenience
  14. Hi There, WE can indeed accept an order right now we're still busy working away on a terraforming order but we can split the workload for your order, what do you need?