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  1. How big is the enclosure, and does she have the "Penned animal" line? I found a while back that if the field they are in is over 30 tiles in size, animals were not considered penned and would not use troughs
  2. Hi Playtime, Thank you for your order! We have those in stock right now, but I'm currently at work for a few more hours, I will get them sent to you via Wagoner this evening if that's convenient.
  3. Bump, Still accepting Bulk orders
  4. you dont get MOI's on leveling and flattening, so its just regular digging / mining
  5. Benjames's order added to Queue 3k mortar, 1k slate shingle, 1k slate shard and 1k dirt Yggdrassil Teraforming order #2 added to queue
  6. Hi there, thanks for your order, We'll get started on that and let you know when the Wagoneer is on his way Unfortunately 80ql logs is something that I cannot supply at present, although I'm hoping that this wont be the case in the near future if there is a market for them,
  7. Another Order from Soraya 2k wooden beams, 3k planks, 600 ribbons, 1k small nails, 1k large nails
  8. Domnhall's Order: 18k Dirt and 4K rock Delivered Arelia's Order 6.9K Dirt Delivered Thank-you for your orders!
  9. Rosatopia's Order added to Queue: 2k Sandstone Bricks, 2k Mortar 1k Planks 300 Small Nails 200 Large Nails Hi there! Ordinarily I would be apologizing and saying our Queue is full and asking if you were happy to wait until after for us to get started on your order, however as it happens I do have 18k Dirt in stock and ready for delivery If you don't mind waiting until after I have finished Yggdrasil's Order we can get delivery of yours arranged also while Solinswith is busy with the next order. If this is good for you we can discuss delivery when ready
  10. Updated Work Queue with Soraya's order 3k planks, 1k shafts, 1k wooden beams, 400 ribbons, 100 fence bars and 2k small nails, 1k large nails
  11. Updated Work queue with Aristria's order; 3.3k Pottery Bricks
  12. Feels like only half a story is being told here, Guy puts up an auction, claims that he had sold them for a gold before, (he mentioned this in a comment in his thread and said that we could "Go look it up" but that got edited out) Gets no bids, so relists and lowers the price to 50 silver, I only asked a simple question, and get accused of ruining/trolling his auction. Thread for Reference: If the answer is that the Rare trait does have an effect on Hellhorses, thats great news.
  13. Thanks! We'll be in touch in game to iron out the specifics and logistics
  14. Thank you for your kind words and continued orders, we are glad to hear you are happy with the service and look forward to the next time!