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  1. Another concern for maps is not having to explain to someone how to get to where you are because they haven't been on the server long enough to have explored into your area. There is also the situation where when someone gives you coords, you have to ask which map they are using and wait for the link, because there is no one standard map to refer to.
  2. Everyone saying "maps ruin my immersion" or maps ruin the game, how many times have you looked up a map on the forums? Okay then, be quiet.
  3. A visual interface for crafting and/or creating can be both good and bad. It can make it easier for people to bot, for example. The current method, while tedious, is much preferred for keeping people from overproducing crafted items for any reason, including grinding, which I personally disdain. Others prefer mindless grinding to get that one skill up and that is fine by me. Just please do not give grinders a tool to help them go gangbusters any more than you would give a player a means to bot. A general map would be nice to have access to in game, provided it were based on an up to date map dump, and also provided you were able to save your own waypoints or points of interest to it. For example, say the map is basically an in-game window with a wallpaper for a backdrop instead of the standard black background. You could use a slash command of some sort on your own to periodically mapdump to your client for an updated map. This would only update the wallpaper in your general map window, but any points of interest you choose to label on your map would stay. They would not be visible to anyone else. As far as a "minimap" or local map goes, if those are entirely personal, and something you can turn off, ie optional, then great! I would, however, suggest that, even though I am unfamiliar with the Santa lamp reference, I think it would be a good idea to include a map making skill, and require there be a dye filled quill and at least one sheet of papyrus in your inventory, and that the map ONLY SHOW what you manage to physically get close enough to. It should NOT take the form of a minimap, however. You should be able to note personal points of interest. Such local maps should only cover a very limited area. If there were a slash command to start a new local map, then I would say a local map should cover ONLY the radius of what is considered local to the spot you were standing on when you activated your new map. This way, if you absolutely had to have a map of every little teeny tiny detail, you would have to go get it. I do not recommend local mapping of any sort for the PvP servers.
  4. It would also be nice if we could have the option to pm you to request that a disbanded deed not be listed for whatever reason (such as a mandatory wait for cash to reestablish or what ever) It could be bad if you had a deed drop and were waiting on the cash to refound it, only to have someone notice it on this shiny nice map and come mess it up
  5. The Co-Op is reopening. Those of you who have shopped this co-op before know we always give great prices, usually the best prices. As we are not in a central location, only a serious shopper will ever likely make a purchase, but such a shopper will be glad they investigated the prices. Finally, I do not feel a need to make it easy for someone to undercut my attempts at paying for my required things. Bearing all this in mind, I will not be posting prices. If you care to know what they are, however, below is a map. I earnestly hope to make many of you VERY happy shoppers.
  6. My Skill Dump

    As I said, it was for my friends. Further commentary was really not needed
  7. My Skill Dump

    I never said it was a brag for you. I said it was a brag for friends.
  8. My Skill Dump

    just a brag for friends 8)
  9. Characteristics Soul: 27.391487 Soul strength: 26.08015 Soul depth: 28.169619 Mind: 37.366577 Mind speed: 21.471283 Mind logic: 43.30286 Body: 45.358536 Body control: 28.900265 Body strength: 41.260674 Body stamina: 34.83314 Religion Alignment: 99.102 Faith: 20.4 Favor: 20.4 Skills Paving: 39.355053 Tracking: 21.351913 Coal-making: 18.212845 Prospecting: 33.309242 Religion: 11.723473 Prayer: 21.2347 Healing: 15.101471 First aid: 32.215244 Archery: 1.7577556 Climbing: 14.555552 Axes: 30.866411 Hatchet: 36.474426 Swords: 25.607584 Shortsword: 1.0708785 Longsword: 40.2799 Knives: 24.633242 Butchering knife: 32.080193 Carving knife: 21.478878 Woodcutting: 57.27522 Carpentry: 78.83097 Fine carpentry: 46.274418 Ship building: 29.862906 Bowyery: 11.037714 Fletching: 15.57643 Nature: 51.079514 Gardening: 46.885204 Fishing: 33.09658 Animal husbandry: 36.57316 Farming: 64.369225 Animal husbandry: 36.57316 Forestry: 45.32112 Botanizing: 30.909924 Foraging: 34.55475 Animal taming: 13.855156 Meditating: 8.038034 Cooking: 21.45716 Hot food cooking: 36.40928 Beverages: 14.762658 Butchering: 23.303394 Fighting: 70.033676 Taunting: 10.226492 Normal fighting: 34.899063 Defensive fighting: 17.666218 Aggressive fighting: 42.957108 Weaponless fighting: 3.2324166 Alchemy: 15.301416 Natural substances: 32.1108 Miscellaneous items: 68.43609 Stone chisel: 31.0728 Hammer: 62.898804 Sickle: 41.887794 Repairing: 39.619514 Saw: 22.015928 Pickaxe: 57.1104 Rake: 43.326244 Shovel: 79.13947 Pottery: 21.97568 Firemaking: 11.931901 Digging: 91.73818 Mining: 54.289482 Smithing: 33.805862 Metallurgy: 6.446866 Jewelry smithing: 8.690742 Locksmithing: 11.1872425 Blacksmithing: 61.531704 Armour smithing: 7.148582 Chain armour smithing: 18.657167 Weapon smithing: 14.534325 Blades smithing: 17.487797 Weapon heads smithing: 5.789323 Masonry: 76.90072 Stone cutting: 47.923363 Tailoring: 22.596922 Leatherworking: 31.401611 Cloth tailoring: 37.622528
  10. It is nice to see a market taken over by someone who has the decency to care what the existing merchants think. /cheers!
  11. Actually coif is head. A chain coif is thus. A mask would be face, like so...
  12. Levelling is awesome in spite of the many calls that it is not so. I do not get where some people feel this will hinder a newbie. This makes me terrified of a newbie as it is somewhat easier to use than traditional flatraising via flattening. I also do not see where levelling will have any economic impact on finding newbie diggers. Rather, I feel this will make it easier to find someone to come help you flatraise your deeds and what not. All in all +1
  13. Thanks. Always good to know who has your back 8)
  14. The Co-Op is no longer located at Celebrity Seaway, and is temporarily out of business. We will reopen our doors once we have secured a new location. Rest assured we will have a much wider selection of merchandise at the same great low prices once we do reopen.
  15. Can you please add a snap of the co-op and my link to my price sheet up front, Roland? http://forum.wurmonl...-farmers-co-op/
  16. From all the Stiggmatta people, all the best wishes for where ever your life now takes you bro.
  17. Any respawning of the dragons should be done quietly and not at the request of the player base. Do it better. Make dragons breed on their own so they multiply and become dangerous
  18. damn and I was driving cross country too
  19. I have re-installed java and still get that.
  20. I will likely lose my best 2 horses because of this bug. I see people are actually ON celebration but I find myself unable to become one of the people on celebration. I was on the completely opposite side of the map building a road, not a building. When will I be able to log in?
  21. right after the warning got broadcast I got booted