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  1. from what I've heard so far: bless dispel tangle weave drain health humid drizzle no locate aura of shared pain web armor magranons shielding courier reveal settlements... Cure medium
  2. +1 itching to see the new list...
  3. I like this idea... Add some depth to a lacking profession. +1
  4. If you really want more to do in combat... Uncheck auto-fight it then opens a body with different offensive stance options, focus, shield bash, distance to/from attention to the combat tab as it will say ex: "spider targets your lower right" you can then use the key binds to move into defensive stances. Just go into keybinds to find which keys they are assigned to. Special moves is another item that will unlock based on skills. Of course not all of the options are available at low skill but this can make fighting much more entertaining. This link explains more Hope this helps 😀
  5. I did everything as well and same problem on epic.
  6. Just went to bone altar on Elevation... Tosiek and Libila as of right now.......