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  1. Sylvanus - SOLD Vashja / Zelune - Nahjo followers working to priesthood. Once 70 faith or higher will be up for sale. PM if interested and if any skills you'd like. Thanks!
  2. Sylvanus - pending sale Vashja and Zelune have had faith dropped and now following nahjo. Once priested they will be sermoned to at least 70 and then sold. PM if interested and if you want any skills raised. *Angelklaine: (( They are posted on there, I have provided the links via pm to several different people so far. Thanks. ))
  3. I have 3 priests that will be sold eventually. Currently fo vyn and nahjo. Id be willing to convert the fo/vyn to nahjo if more nahjo is needed/wanted. One has a decent skill set, the other 2 are more basic. If you are interested let me know some skills you might be interested and I can level up some skills for ya. Feel free to ask here for more info or pm me. The one nahjo is almost 70 faith so she will be ready to go soon most likely(decent skill set) Thanks!
  4. Got Vyn and Fo converts. Going to also need a Smeagain in a couple weeks.
  5. I am looking for priests of Fo, Mag and Vyn to priest up my alts. If anyone can assist me with this please respond or PM please. I live on Deliverance near Greendog and am willing to pay 1s per conversion if you come to me. Thanks!
  6. go ahead and close this...going with paaweelr ty
  7. I have a character that needs a vynora convert to follower and then in a couple weeks to priesthood. I live near Greendog on deli. Can travel. Thanks in advance!
  8. Now to find a priest for the final conversion in about a week.
  9. Seeking a mag follower convert on deli. PM romeo if online or shoot me a message here. Eventually seeking priest conversion. Thanks in advance
  10. Doesn't suck... Vynora followers still get 10% increase skillgain passive at 20 faith, yes vynora has coc but also nimbleness, wisdom of vynora(sleep bonus) and the most aoe of any priest. Vynora still also reins as the best mission priest with both reveal creatures and settlements, opulence for food when unable to heat it, wood chopper and tornado for aoe tree chopping(cut tree missions). don't think it sucks to play any particular priest as they each have their own unique play style. Some are harder, some are easier.... Just depends on what you like to do. After playing wurm for several years I'd welcome some sort of linking change ir spell fix. +1 for thinking outside the box
  11. FYI (I am the original zorradon although I sold the character a few months back) I was never a spy anywhere. Just trying to have fun in wurm. left BL around the time they were getting raided a lot and one of their deeds got flattened. Knowing Maurizio from freedom I decided to try out his kingdom. After a couple weeks of being there, BL made some attacks and a raid on Ebon. Not fully understanding the politics and tired of drama when I was just trying to skill up I left for freedom after a raid. Upon my return I discovered dual priesting was removed so the Arche gm made me pick which religion to keep Vynora or libila. I chose Vynora. Stayed on freedom a while and started playing 3 priests(devynora sirona and zorradon) plus two other alts(forina and sylvanus...mesuda was a f2p alt) which were later going to be linking batteries. Burned out and several months ago I sold my 3 priests. More recently I got devynora back but unable to reclaim zorradon. I started to join chaos when I came back on sylvanus but it just seemed very much like when I left. So I created a new character, Romeo. With the addition of the new gods and having started over I decided to try epic as I had friends there. Still drama on epic but seems like less than chaos. On a side note it seems elevation has more comparable drama to chaos. Honestly it's not even "drama" it's more how comfortable you are living close to enemy lines. The closer you get, the more paranoid and protected people are gonna be. Think I finally found my happy medium on epic for now Also rantul is one of the nicer people I have played with in wurm, it sucks to see him treated so poorly. Come join me on epic buddy!