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  1. You are the one who is commenting rudely demanding refunds. If you can't keep a hold of your animals, maybe you shouldnt have them? Anyway, more on topic; Lets hope server stays up this time i demanded nothing i stated fact that people losing out due to the dev's mess ups will not be compensated, show me where i demanded something? i payed real money for them and you talk like that, im taking this up with trading standerds lol
  2. you MAY have lost virtual FAKE have our sincerest condolences. Now please calm down. i doubt you have a right to comment so rudely did you pay real money for these horses as i did no, so sort it out if you claim to be a dev
  3. bet they wont compensate our loss regardless of our prem accounts this game is so bugged.... >
  4. if the dev's make me lose my horse's they owe me 2s, was AFK when the second server shutdown today happened !!!!!
  5. FO Priest New Dublin 16x30y UTC/GMT -7 hours /tell ramkkard on at weird hours Mag Priest New Dublin 16x30y No UTC/GMT offset /tell syanide on at weird hours Mag Priest New Dublin 16x30y No UTC/GMT offset /tell Comradeboris on at weird hours
  6. New Dublin arena

    we will eventually look into good and high QL prizes on event fights also we will have 3 magranon priest's to dominate harder enemys hopefully
  7. New Dublin arena

    Welcome to the New Dubling fight arena
  8. Thank you to whoever added NEW DUBLIN on there ppl dont forget the fight arena is so close to completion head over and see for yourselfs Mock PVP fights in opperation already DONT MISS OUT soon prizes will be added
  9. Be converted to magranon today X16 Y29