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  1. Newspring to Lormere road shortcut

    Big thanks for the connection!
  2. Priest network for teleporting services

    Heya, good idea and just missed the thread. Can usually summon daily to Newspring: Priest Name: Ruth Main Contact: Renate Location: Fir Market (Newspring) T8 Times: GMT morning/late evening/early night Gimmicks: Mailbox, Highway, Merchants, free beds, Farmers Market, right beside Eden Community
  3. Shifting objects and escaping animals

    I found several lamps and a pillar gone or misplaced. The pillar was in cave and came back above ground on same spot.
  4. New Newspring

    As the Newspring starter deed is nearly finished i would like to thank the fellow builders and friends that helped during along the way, especially Alen for heavy digging and setting up buildings and things everywhere, Baloo for creating decorations and vigorously attaching bricks and planks, and Bipolar for carving the most amazing rooms underground (before i would set my pick to ruin all symmetry and elegance with a wild seal cave). I also want to point out Ele and Captain as amazing plank-setting team, Shy for bringing the fastest shovel, Zoranah for sending her priest to set up the rope bridges and the Newspring Alliance as whole for general support. Many thanks also to Retro and Enki for providing things and being most helpful to interesting problems. It was a pleasure to work with you on this. Please check the list of builders and pm in case i forgot someone, before i am writing them on a sign somewhere on deed and declare the thing done! Alendhor Baloo Bigsmith Bipolarbear Captainmonro Elenonia Niadara Ostentatio Scoop Shydow Thely Zoranah Some screenshots from work in progress below. I completely forgot to take some in early stages.
  5. Heya, i just made all different kind of clad walls - the Wood Clad needs two large nails instead of small.
  6. heya, right after patch today - identify is now twice on right-click menu (over 'drop' and under 'prices', when identifying tool is activated and right-clicking fragment).
  7. Having it at every login for at least around a week.
  8. Priest overhaul testing

    My Fo priest is using oakshell daily on herself on pve, cant think of a good reason why that should be limited to pvp. Even less as the damage reduction is decreased.
  9. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Happily be there again, count me in for Blacksmithing, Leatherworks and Jewelry.
  10. Newspring starter deed voting!

    Big thanks for votes, trust and comments, also a salute to Bearded for the tight competition. Newspring Alliance now happy and ready to start digging it up.
  11. Newspring starter deed voting!

    Some more thoughts that went into the design: -convenient use for residents and newcomers, functional center for stopping bye as normally done -reference point, i remember riding through all the island as newbie to find buildings with ‘that combination’ to see before i would build them myself. Now the possible varieties are so much higher and i like the idea to refer to the starter deed to see how several combinations will look -orientation, on some renewed starter deeds i had trouble with the directions, so i made these highways look unique in every direction, mostly done with the tree types. The idea is to recognize ‘i came from the birch road’ -i am loving ’chinese gardens’, with the use of the terraces and trees it is thought that entering a quarter will give offer you a special scenery, while hiding the other parts from view, so that each quarter is somewhat a deed in itself to explore -social spaces, spots to gather at events -doable terraforming and building for an alliance group Friendly greetings
  12. Newspring? More like -a better view-spring! (I'm sorry)

    My entry is this: Newspring Makeover I would like the starter deed to be open and colourful, with many different looks and sights for inspiration. All highways lead up with a pleasant slope to the token and main assets (traders, bartender, mailbox), creating a low pyramid with terraced quarters, that show different aspects of wurm living. Sixteen towers are connected at tree height with rope bridges, from where every part of the deed can be overseen. The deed blends in with the forest at perimeter, but can easily be recognized from afar. From the token area four entrance buildings lead into each part, featuring the archeology statues of the related main gods inside. More decoration will be added to give detail to workshops, the entrance buildings also will show related tools and furniture to the aspect of the quarter. A little downtown area contains ‘The Drunken Seal’, a friendly inn and place to rest. I am a Newspring guy since i started playing several years ago. The plan was shared and discussed with friends and neighbours of the Newspring Alliance, that offered help to build our new starter deed. Where are the seals? The mine entrance leads to an illuminated grotto at water height, where the mysterious Sealspring is located. It seems that seals that roam the island derive from this point. Dropbox-Link to deed plan / direct link to file Screenshot-Album on Imgur
  13. heya, found all contents from inside small bedside table on ground and it cannot be opened now. couldnt find it as change in patch notes, so a bug?
  14. Wurm fashion collection spring 2018

    Two casual outfits for my priest. Thanks a lot for the update! mixed leather and cloth, forest green awesome to have a fitting shirt for blue foresters hat now
  15. spring cleaning

    Heya, hammer c82 w93 to Renate please.
  16. The Newspring Connection Highway

    Awesome! Big thanks for the connection!
  17. praying and sacrificing

    Heya, this seems to be a bug: [01:51:03] You start to pray at the altar of Fo. [01:51:05] You start to sacrifice at the altar of Fo. The saccing just started, without waiting for the prayer to end, also the prayer didnt finish. Tried again and saccing always ignored praying timer.
  18. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2017

    Heya, very much enjoyed the Impalong last year, coming again to mostly imp Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Leather. Would love a room for me (Renate + Hilarios) and my friend Kevox, Thanks!
  19. Found a screenshot from the arena - arena of champions - thanks again for the imps and hosting!
  20. Summerholt Fall Festival, November 10-12 2017, by NEXA

    Imping at Summerholt Festival gave me strange visions. Thanks for the weekend!
  21. [FIXED] Dye color not showing on font

    Heya, the names of dye used to be coloured in the dye colour. Now they are all white and i have little idea what i have here in all jars and barrels. Cant that be changed back, was it a side-effect of new damage colours?
  22. Newspring Bridge

    Thanks for the bridge, its majestic and awesome! Me or dirtcasting Ruth were standing quite some time at bridge camps imagining the day it will be finished. Our island will greatly benefit from the connection.
  23. heya, i'll happily attend in (my) late hour times and imp (Carp 92/ BS 88), also able to get to ql70: Leatherworks, Masonry, Fletching, Fine Carp. sign me in, please :-)
  24. Sea Salt

    I am ever confused by drinking sea water, so i would more like the idea, that every open water gives saltwater (not usable without desalting), and fresh water is only coming from wells.