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  1. Heya, hammer c82 w93 to Renate please.
  2. Awesome! Big thanks for the connection!
  3. Heya, this seems to be a bug: [01:51:03] You start to pray at the altar of Fo. [01:51:05] You start to sacrifice at the altar of Fo. The saccing just started, without waiting for the prayer to end, also the prayer didnt finish. Tried again and saccing always ignored praying timer.
  4. Heya, very much enjoyed the Impalong last year, coming again to mostly imp Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Leather. Would love a room for me (Renate + Hilarios) and my friend Kevox, Thanks!
  5. Found a screenshot from the arena - arena of champions - thanks again for the imps and hosting!
  6. Imping at Summerholt Festival gave me strange visions. Thanks for the weekend!
  7. heya, right after patch today - identify is now twice on right-click menu (over 'drop' and under 'prices', when identifying tool is activated and right-clicking fragment).
  8. Heya, the names of dye used to be coloured in the dye colour. Now they are all white and i have little idea what i have here in all jars and barrels. Cant that be changed back, was it a side-effect of new damage colours?
  9. Thanks for the bridge, its majestic and awesome! Me or dirtcasting Ruth were standing quite some time at bridge camps imagining the day it will be finished. Our island will greatly benefit from the connection.
  10. heya, i'll happily attend in (my) late hour times and imp (Carp 92/ BS 88), also able to get to ql70: Leatherworks, Masonry, Fletching, Fine Carp. sign me in, please :-)
  11. I am ever confused by drinking sea water, so i would more like the idea, that every open water gives saltwater (not usable without desalting), and fresh water is only coming from wells.
  12. He is a villager of Eden (t8 Newspring), but seems he maybe left the game altogether.
  13. I understand the meaning is preventing the mine from collapsing, an intention that many people might share in an offdeed mine or tunnel. Also i would happily reinforce the widened tunnel again after, also very easy made with Strongwall (spell always succeds).
  14. Heya, widening tunnels offdeed for highways is most problematic, as many older tunnels have reinforced walls and there is too little option to remove them. Maybe allow Disintegrate on PVE for all priests? Or some other option to remove these walls offdeed (crowbar?), which is a little less painful than only to get someone to erupt/freeze them or a high-level Mag with little odds? This would be a big help to prepare tunnels for the new highway system, not only for me i guess.
  15. Heya - same here with blessed lamps on paved reinforced floors (cobblestone) in cave.