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  1. Thanks for the trade! Soon there will also be self-service point on Market with selected offers. Greetings from Newspring o/
  2. Xanadu marketplace?

    Have a small market at my place Fir Market (T8, Newspring). Eleven merchants or so, a little mixed from alliance and tool basics, weponry, loot, rares, runes - would be willing to expand stalls and space if people want to set up merchants.
  3. Bump for fresh wemp arriving. Them fresh buds and cotton QL98+ now go to a seperate price rate 70c/k. There is still some lower QL Cotton on discount.
  4. Had an awesome first Veggie Discount Day and delivered around 50k.... wemp and meat, but yeah - thanks for all the trades. o/
  5. Thanks for the order, the wemp is on the way to your deed. Price is 9s today due to 10% discount on listed prices, which applies to any other order coming in today.
  6. Bump for Veggie-Day - Everything ordered today (25th) discounted 10%.
  7. I am quite sure it didnt remove a bad trait i was expecting also on Xan last time rite was cast.
  8. The 'Send' Button when inscribing paper is sitting over the text layer and can only be pushed when widening the window to full extent.
  9. New display of stock and prices. Also starting to provide meat. Greetings from Newspring o/
  10. The toolbelt is also not showing satchel contents like seeds, so sowing fields with it is no fun.
  11. Prices are down for veggies, i am well aware. Standard prices for displayed items at Fir Market melted down to 80k/60k and new Big Packs priced in edited posts.
  12. Storage got hot, once available: Summer Popcorn Pack 30k corn (~ql98) - 15s
  13. I switched to Linux with Ubuntu 20.04 and also need to run client with sudo from terminal, also the sound of everything else isnt working anymore, which i could not solve with the old forum thread and is quite the worse problem. As Linux noob i might be doing things wrong on many fronts, but any news on the deb installer (or snap)? Will steam help with a better install? I installed wurm unlimited on an old laptop with steam on ubuntu (18.04) and that worked fine.
  14. Hot Summer offer: Any combination of crops at QL100 (rye, wheat, oat, barley): 40k for 30s Available once or maybe twice.