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  1. I switched to Linux with Ubuntu 20.04 and also need to run client with sudo from terminal, also the sound of everything else isnt working anymore, which i could not solve with the old forum thread and is quite the worse problem. As Linux noob i might be doing things wrong on many fronts, but any news on the deb installer (or snap)? Will steam help with a better install? I installed wurm unlimited on an old laptop with steam on ubuntu (18.04) and that worked fine.
  2. Updated display of farm goods and discounts. New favor big packs available (1 each): 50k garlic (~ql98) - 40s 25k corn (~ql98) -20s Greets from Newspring o/
  3. Slight changes to prices and looking to empty storage from those things below. Greetings from Newspring o/ Wemp & Cotton Discounts: 7k QL97 Cotton - 80c/k 4k QL95 Cotton - 75c/k 2k QL90 Cotton - 60c/k 16k QL97 Wemp - 80c/k 3k QL90 Wemp - 60c/k
  4. Heyas, i would suggest - although i like the indy starter deed and its motives and features - to move back to a random decision to go back to the regions. I think all communities around the starter deeds suffered much loss in new people after the change. someone lost or trying out things near you can be invited to village, offered a little job or whatelse. now those people are rarely found and maybe lost completely on indy because of the lack of random opportunities. sure i cant tell how the portal on indy is used after doing first things, but the drop in random new players anywhere i know suggests its not the same. why not open all Golden Valley with that kind of tutorial deed on it again to try anything out and wipe it monthly? or make the tutorial an only-journal-thing that can be done anywhere and doesnt need any tutorial zone. give all starter deed periphery free to build like on indy or such. a more direct way to communities and fine creations needed, random seems better to me than to bring them all together on indy. (thoughts to chat that combined to that suggestion) Greets Ren
  5. Start your day with a big pack from our Farmers Market: Sugar Beet Big Pack (16k ql 97+ - 1 full FSB) - 12s Big Crop Pack (5k each wheat, oat, rye, barley ql97+ - 20k total) - 16s Favor Big Pack (31k garlic ql97+) - 25s Discount Big Pack (15k various veggies ql90+) - 10s 1 each available in january, freedom coastal delivery included
  6. sailing is lovely - also the book change! thanks for the update.
  7. Thanks Shrimpiie! Firework shot from the roof:
  8. I will happily join in again, focussing imps on Jewelry, Weapons and Fine Carp. Please reserve a room for Renate and Ruth (Fo enchants).
  9. The regional marketplace on the southernmost shore of Newspring provides vegetables, crops, cotton and wemp up to QL98+. Various amounts of lower QL are given away with a discount. The current price for all farm goods is 90c/k, discounts are 70c/k. Thanks to the Newspring Bridge and our awesome road builders, the resident Wagoner Ramona is pleased to also bring smaller orders to your kitchen across the continent. 27c/crate - filled with any high QL combination (+5c crate deposit)* For other terms of delivery PM Renate (Forum) or try ingame also for Ruth. Currently on display (ask for more): (05-06-2020) The deed hosts several merchants for the needs of local residents, also offering things for the worldly traveller. Stop by to see the current offers on tools, weaponry, loot, rares, runes, leatherwork and more. Forum offers: Supreme Maul ql90 (blank) - 10s Star Ruby (QL46) - 3s Supreme Adamantine Lump 0,36 (QL90,22) - 3s Rare Clay Smelting Pot - 3s Leather & Studded Leather Armour** QL70 (set) - 1s QL80 (set) - 1,8s Can’t sleep? Powder deal: Up to 60x sleep powder available for 90c/each My farming priest Ruth (Chan 82) is also providing basic Fo Services and Casts for convenient fees, namely Courier, Genesis, Life Transfer, Venom and Lurker in the Woods. *sell empty crates back to me with deposit price or send empty crates beforehand **+10c mailing cost when COD: 9 items + 1 ql backpack
  10. Big thanks for the connection!
  11. Heya, good idea and just missed the thread. Can usually summon daily to Newspring: Priest Name: Ruth Main Contact: Renate Location: Fir Market (Newspring) T8 Times: GMT morning/late evening/early night Gimmicks: Mailbox, Highway, Merchants, free beds, Farmers Market, right beside Eden Community
  12. I found several lamps and a pillar gone or misplaced. The pillar was in cave and came back above ground on same spot.
  13. New Newspring

    As the Newspring starter deed is nearly finished i would like to thank the fellow builders and friends that helped during along the way, especially Alen for heavy digging and setting up buildings and things everywhere, Baloo for creating decorations and vigorously attaching bricks and planks, and Bipolar for carving the most amazing rooms underground (before i would set my pick to ruin all symmetry and elegance with a wild seal cave). I also want to point out Ele and Captain as amazing plank-setting team, Shy for bringing the fastest shovel, Zoranah for sending her priest to set up the rope bridges and the Newspring Alliance as whole for general support. Many thanks also to Retro and Enki for providing things and being most helpful to interesting problems. It was a pleasure to work with you on this. Please check the list of builders and pm in case i forgot someone, before i am writing them on a sign somewhere on deed and declare the thing done! Alendhor Baloo Bigsmith Bipolarbear Captainmonro Elenonia Niadara Ostentatio Scoop Shydow Thely Zoranah Some screenshots from work in progress below. I completely forgot to take some in early stages.