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  1. Is there a way to have the GM set the deity on a gold or silver alter? Thanks!
  2. Posting a dumb question, but I can't figure it out, so sorry. I don't seem to have a Wurm Clock .ini file. I checked and I have hidden files viewable. What am I missing? Thanks all!
  3. Welcome ozmods! I am approaching 50, so you are in good company here. I have been playing for 3 years and still not tired of the game. I switched to WU when it came out and that has been great for me, as now I can explore certain aspects of the game I could not get to in WO due to the slow timers and skill grinds. Hope you continue to enjoy it as much as I have. If you get frustrated at times (you will), the community is usually very helpful. Have fun!!
  4. I believe so. The value you enter is a 1 in x chance for tree spread. If you hover your mouse over the server setting, the description displays something like this.
  5. Taghorn, YES, I think that is exactly it. We will try those options. Thanks.
  6. We have started an adventure server and are confused on how the get this started. Should we already be members of a kingdom? (should server setting be no kingdom or one of the others?) We are at the MR home deed, but I don't think we are MR. How do we join one of the kingdoms? We keep getting a message stating we enter no kingdom. Also, we cannot start a deed for it says we must be added to another deed as citizen or ally. Thank you for the help.
  7. This may be a continuation of the bug I read about, but I will first assume it is my own ignorance. How do you unload a ship from the transporter? I cannot seem to get the option. I am the deed owner and built the ship.
  8. Looking for information on the newer server setting "Tree Spread Odds". I cannot find anything on Wpedia or in news notes. Does someone have a link or can briefly explain? What is the range that can be entered, etc. Thanks!
  9. I tried installing and running the dedicated server, but it seems to just crash when I try to start it. I guess some of this stuff is beyond me. I am not a tech guy. I guess I will keep going forward with this server.
  10. If you doing single player with LAN server, and you exit the client, can you keep the server running, then later restart the client later? I seem to have to stop the server before I can start WU program again. I cannot find a way to do this. Also, is there a way to control decay? If my server only runs when I play, how are you getting items to decay? My apologies as these are probably repeat questions somewhere.
  11. I am still searching.... and yes, I have my prospecting past 20 and still havent had a sniff of an iron mine. I understand your excitement!
  12. So, just in case this helps anyone else, I changed from Windowed full screen to Windowed resizable, and instantly went to 50 - 60 FPS. Go figure.
  13. I will have to check, but this is a laptop (ASUS ROG) with a Nvidia GTX 765 card, so I expect the dedicated card to run the apps. I have the settings high when I am on Xanadu and I am not in full screen on WO. I expected what the rest of you are commenting, that the performance was better. Thanks for the advice anyway.
  14. I am a little dissappointed with the FPS I am getting on my game. Averaging 20-30 FPS. Server and client on one PC, however I look at performance manager and my PC is not getting taxed in any way. Do you all think this is due to Steam connection? Any tips other than drop my graphics settings? I also play WO on same PC at 60 FPS.
  15. I think the decision to provide stuff to the settlements would be a player decision, much like missions are now. There is no guarantee even if you did stuff for "the cause" that it would equate to a kingdom territory win. If there are some that have plenty to do already and like to play that way, then obviously you should stick with that. I still believe that many leave because they cannot find a goal to pursue once the initial "I need a house" and "I want to kill a spider" goals have been fullfilled, and this setup would give them that option. No game is fun if you don't have the choice on how you play it.. Deeding your lands my help decrease your "upkeep" if that is becoming too much. It will prevent your walls, buildings, etc from decaying.