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  1. Happy Birthday Rivard!

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy!1!1!1! RiVaRd!1!1!1! From your slave driver elfieman
  2. WTS 10k dirt

    WTS 10k dirt 1s/1k Will deliver for free on the east side of Xanadu or on Pristine or Release. Will deliver on west side of xanadu and other islands over there for a small fee of 1s. Will NOT! deiver on Chaos.
  3. Woodelf Harbor is recruiting players for our deed near Summerholt. We are an active, friendly group, always willing to help. Players moving in would have their choice of lots, and the lots are good sized. We are located NE of Summerholt at G23 and G24. To join, Please contact me in game (elfieman) or one of my senior members (rivard, treerollins) You can also contact me threw forums. Thank you!
  4. Walnut Planks From Pine Logs

    I had this happen but instead of my 40 planks it was 80ish we
  5. Looking for a group to play with

    I got a town just north east of summerholt called Woodelf Harbor and we are looking for more ppl. me and a nuther villager are on every day and a few are on a few times a week. For invite MSG me in game (elfieman) or if u cant get in contact with me try talking to (rivard) hes my right hand man. Thank You
  6. WTA Warrior Princess Xena!

  7. WTS Planks, Dirt, Bricks, and Mortar

  8. WTS Planks, Dirt, Bricks, and Mortar

  9. WTS Planks, Dirt, Bricks, and Mortar

  10. WTS Planks 1s/k (20-40QL) Dirt 1s/k Brick 2s/k Mortar 3s/k Large crates 10c/each These items are not in stock but will be made upon request. Shipping is free.
  11. WTB Potion's

    I'll see u my forest giant blood for 5s
  12. Closed...

    Free bump for a friend o/