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  1. Drag bow, weapon and shield (if required) to the toolbelt and reequip yourself when needed instantly. Problem solved. Alternatively would help if there were least 2 equipment slot icons on the UI that when you press either one it automatically changes your equipment to the saved profile. Eg primary pre-set set up is chain armours + weap/shield and secondary is leathers + a bow.
  2. it is essential, however key thing here is none of the players joining for the first time expect a game in 2023 to look like a time jump back to 1990s with Nintendo like game graphics and there's no cure for that ever in wurm, unless Wurm-2 is released on a different platform (anything but java) to start with that again I don't see happening ever
  3. i agree too, however as a trade off the old skinned item gets destroyed.. Think thats fair enough penalty for skin transfer. Like use the skinned item up to transfer its looks to another
  4. Then make the bloody signs, stock 20k of them in small rafts, so after a month of grinding chores you can easily pvp another month chore free. Saccing takes 15sec, sure even you can manage this much within 2 hours play time window. I never take any excuse to anything saying "i play 2 hours, he plays full time".. there's always some one who min max in game vs casual player. there's always some one who will bring adamantite weapon to pvp (+10% dmg) as he has tons to waste vs your regular iron as you had no time to gather lumps, there's always some one who will have double the body stats then you, there's always some one who will chew 4s res stone so he doesn't drop even a bow sting vs you loosing everything on death etc. Once again, in not against removing or reworking war bonus, I'm simply against your suggestion it increased with deaths only. And if you want just pvp 1h a day, chore free then go for it and dont worry about that war bonus or anything else. Enemies don't sleep on it too. Catch them off-guard they wont have time to do the chore to get it, so what's the problem?
  5. Dude, now you are just tripping. You are not much of a pvper if having below 30% war bonus stops you from going outside the deed. In fact, you sound like you are willing to be ganked 20 times so you could be left alone for 2-3 days while your war bonus is high enough to deter the enemies from attacking (your own words). I never said the current system is ideal, its not by far - its annoying and I personally could see it gone, however what you are suggesting is 50 times worse. And to be fair it doesn't surprise me as you even thought priests cant make signs as they need to be imped.. You also refer to skilled players like they get 30% war bonus for free when you have to work hard a week long.. Get a grip, its the same chore for everyone and if one group can do it, the other can too. Your wurm skills must be capped at 20 so its not like you would go pvp anyways if war bonus was removed.. Another excuse would be you don't have sotg, don't have tomes, your body STR is low etc. Pointless to discuss further, peace ✌️
  6. yes, you are right - signs cant be imped by priests and no one imps them. Their QL is determined upon creation. And any even mediocre player has carpentry skill high enough to spam 70+ QL signs - priest or not priest.
  7. 23 citizens total, decay is 15% a day regardless ur alone or not. You can also sac way above the max 30% war bonus requirement, leaving you chore free for a week or two till enough points drop.. said that if you got tons of citizens theres literally no excuse each of the citizen cant make 20 signs a day 1st thing they log in to cover the decay.. takes like 3 minutes of play time.. anyways, either take the chose off completely and implement constant 15-20% dmg increase to everyone whos deed bigger than 10 citizens or simply leave as is. having to die to increase war bonus is not the way to go..
  8. what billion of signs are you talking about? initially you need to sac like 700-800 pointing signs 70+Ql and then to keep the bonus at max additional 50 signs a day. that is literally easily doable even there's a single person on deed. i want war bonus to hunt or w/e i just do this chore. there's no way i would die 50 times on your proposal terms just so i could grind that carving knife skill while hunting a tiny bit easier..
  9. this should be implemented on Epic too. We dont need wagoners, can keep them to freedom but we also build roads and bridges on pvp servers and its sickening me that they decay having no cat-eye protection
  10. yes, please lets turn open world sandbox MMO into another mainstream instanced garbage game..
  11. ugly looks alone cut the price in half...
  12. This ☝️ Same here. Over the years thousands of rare materials I have used up while imping stuff to consume the material and have never ever ended up with a single rare.. The only use rare materials provide to me now is free water/food/nutrition bars or wound healing after saccing it.
  13. can I ask Santa for fully enchanted adamantite 95ql weapon instead? I mean nobody really asks for a nintendos now when PS5 are out...
  14. FO were never unable to mine.. They were always unable to cut/chop trees only. The only priest unable to mine was always Vyn and all that hadn't changed over 12 years..
  15. Trade the colour piece you dont want to the colour piece you want with another player whos in similar position. Why kill the trading potential and game economy? Isn't that the primary goal on PVE servers and the sole reason we don't want no merges?
  16. been suggested like same day when they implemented that 1 lead animal crap on pvp servers.. falls on death ears...
  17. what about purple dragon? or brown? maybe grey? i mean, i can come up with colours, you just keep adding the dragons
  18. pretty sure this idea came up to draw out some coins of the servers, as all profit goes to GM. However this introduces items back on the market, that were otherwise long forgotten. End of the day - i dont see a difference in the end result
  19. make every skill requirement 99, and for once, make epic effective curve bloody count for the skills!!
  20. LOL, as far as I remember I personally reported that nonsense a year if not more ago.. No one even acknowledged it, no one cared.. Anyways, props for fixing it finally, more than anything it was looking awful and disrespectful.
  21. there are servers where rifts are being done by few people that used to take 7 hours to close.. also, nobody really cares about them apart for the journal, even in your fast rifts 70% of people would get 20 contribution and woud leave leaving the remaining few players to do the hard work.
  22. i guess, if you make hay, that's low nutrition value (low weight). try putting 100 pumpkins and 3 horses will be happy for 3 months.. 💁‍♂️
  23. not a poker player, but i go "all in" on the fact that those maps will be even more blurry than the current treasure maps, especially up to the point you will get 90 skill in cartography. Cant wait for awesome part 2 update, that probably will provide the following use: In fact, didn't get much use of the part 1 update either, as them treasure maps simply hardly even obtainable to start with to be able to enjoy the content.
  24. they are not loadable to prevent odd one rare/supreme or even fantastic altar to be easily movable to any and all sermon sites around the maps/servers to exploit insane favour gain per each listener. Has nothing to do with pvp.. On pvp we dont care where to dump wooden altars at all...
  25. there is not as its not needed. If spell fails - domination fails on any mob. if spell is successful - the mob is dominated, regardless its a hell hound or a troll. Spell power dictates the tame level, spell difficulty dictates the spell success chance and average spell power, so higher the channelling the better. Also, you can only dominate monsters. Animals like HH or crocodiles require charm spell by FO, so they cannot be dominated.