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  1. Grats on the Sell hopefully the new owner wont throw this one away too =]
  2. I'll offer Current Coffer Amount. While There is terraforming done to the deed it's less then ideal and needs to be smoothed out. I remember this location and there has been some terraforming work done to the area but it was previously deeded as seen on the past map dumps.
  3. This sounds like your using different mailboxes. All mailboxes are not connected. Once you accept the item in the mail then you must take the mail out of the mailbox. IT will be in the last mailbox that you used. If you left the shield in x mailbox and went to y mailbox it would not be in y mailbox because the physical item is sitting in X mailbox.
  4. Im pretty sure that VR isn't going to happen as it's not been mentioned in any of the recent Roadmaps. It just won't work with Wurm like everyone thought it would. It's kinda like they pitched it and then dropped it off without saying anything.
  5. August 5th that is quite a ways out.
  6. WTB Cadence Treasure Maps 3c per QL CoD them anytime. (Example 29QL Map is 87c, 59QL is 1s 77c, 99QL is 2s 97c) Send Maps to Sheriff In-Game
  7. I mean it's been this way for years. As it only requires one blood per weapon and it also never wears off. The only way to remove this imbue is to dispel it. People sold these weapons prior to the release of the item link in chat. Im not saying it shouldn't be there I am just letting you know that the spell your looking at on your jewelry and your weapon are not the same.
  8. Frost Imbue doesn't show up in a weapon. Once applied to a weapon it changes all damage that weapon does to frost damage. It has no power value. The jewelry your seeing is Glacial and not an imbue.
  9. Thank you for holding the event. I shall now be able to put Dragon Scale armor on my tower guards.
  10. CLOSE

    Congratulations on another Supreme to your collection.