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  1. We've been debating opening our server up as an RP server. The only thing we're waiting on is seeing if we can integrate TS into WU to give good quality proximity voice. RP servers are too hard to pull off in text.
  2. The solution is to the problem is to make an alt by changing your name. For anyone wondering.
  3. Howdy, Any way to toggle off some of these GM status things? Everyone is really bright, and improving is instant. The 1st part is fine but is hard to play like normal when every imp is instant because your skills will level so fast. Mining instantly destroys walls.
  4. Depending on location, I'm down. 70fs HA AF I'll be logged into my alts most of the day so you can contact me on any of the following: Jameison Cee Tea Awesomesauce
  5. It just has always been a courtesy to announce when you're doing it so people can drain their SB and be ready. There are plenty of us who could ninja cast it the second it becomes available. We don't do so because it's greedy and inconsiderate. That being said I've been inactive so I don't really care that they ninja'd it I wouldn't have been here to cast it anyway. Sucks for the rest of the people on the server that got screwed by their greed though.
  6. I would venture a guess that they increase in value over the next 2-3 months.
  7. I never said to leave your deeds The Awesomesaucia nation is a spiritual one, not a political one. Requirements: Be awesome, and my endorsement! haha.
  8. I feel like you should just finish the name of Awesomesaucia island and be annexed into the Awesomesaucia nation.
  9. Back when Celebration was at its peak population I still didnt have any issue leveling FS very quickly. I had a medeocre 2h axe with some crappy chain armor. I just ran around on my horse murdering everything I knew I could kill and avoiding the stuff I knew would kill me. Once I upgraded armor a bit and got a decent huge axe it was all cake from there. That was before the spawn rate increase.
  10. I can run up to 7 game clients at a time with no problem (most of the time) on this box: i7 920 (old processor, but not nearly as old as the OPs) 12 gigs of RAM GTX 560 TI. My computer is basically a dinosaur at this point, so I don't really think wurm optimization is as big of an issue as some people make it out to be. The game has went through many updates. Just because it ran once on a toaster doesn't mean it always will.
  11. Carts take 1/1000th of the time and resources to make that a boat does. So, as long as they do 1/1000th the damage maybe we can talk about that. Also trolls are easy to kill. Hows one supposed to get their stam back while commanding a boat to kill a shark?
  12. Great, sharks. Another creature to grief tradesmen that provide 0 benefit to the game. This thread has went in two directions with posters it seems. The people who actually have to deal with slow boat travel for shipping goods and have skin in the game as they are the ones who have things at risk and use the waterways often. These people are against it. Then the people who think "oo sharks cool, hope it can kill people and destroy ships!" because they don't spend 50% of their game time on the water doing deliveries and trading. Awful idea. If you want to add sharks, fine. Just make sure they cant kick me out of my boat, damage my boat, or kill me while sailing. if you base it off FS levels or something like that for aggro I'll have to start using my miner for deliveries I guess since I enjoy hunting also and have high FS on my main.
  13. I need to get my merchant stocked back up >.> cant wait to get done with this work project and back playing. I own the Awesomesaucia merchant & have that corner shop. Provided a lot of the materials to build the place too I'd be sad to see the walls fall. We'll have to chat in game once I'm able to come back full time! Always like to know the owner of the market I'm part of.
  14. Sleep Bonus

    I have full SB already sooo, I dont mind either way it goes.
  15. Here I thought I got up just in time to hit the jackpot when I opened wurm and had #s listed for servers.