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  1. saw 89woa...1.5s trowel 80wao...80c sent to valion
  2. Just as the subject says, A log wall, so you could make a true log cabin. wouldn't even have to be new "openings". Just have the walls look like logs instead
  3. 3x3 area has to be "flat"...with flowers...near water...check tiles for "special place" message...nothing? pick flowers, pack sort, cultivate, and replant flowers check again....repeat until you get it
  4. But how would you get a bitcher knife to get said coal if you cant light a fire to smelt the iron to make the butcher knife blade
  5. I think they were trying to say pencil...but even more so a paint brush would be more accurate to what I think what he is getting at
  6. X26 Y40, Shark Lake Farms, Disbanded
  7. Yeah, but the fact still remains, if they are all going to look the same, I would have used a cedar peg to finish it and have the decay slower
  8. Well, that's messed up, cause my ships are cherry...for the red colour...if they are all going to look the same then they should all decay the same....otherwise, why do any wood other the cedar
  9. So, since these new boat models went have a wood type...will they all decay at the same rate, regardless of what wood was used to make it prior to model change?
  10. Surface mining

  11. that would be where a FLIP WALL function would come in handy
  12. It is on a upper floor, outer wall....built 4 walls.... Wrong Way --------------- north wall-balcony facing south East wall -balcony facing west Right Way --------------- West wall -balcony facing west South wall-balcony facing south