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  1. They tried to take money from me after I cancelled. Once I had also cancelled with paypal, they got my credit card details (presumably from paypal) and started trying to charge that. They were already on the credit Card list of dodgy suppliers, so their fraud prevention people checked with me first. They have been trying to take money from my credit card every month for over 6 months
  2. Does not happen to anyone else Join a server that does not have problems, like
  3. To set affinities, edit the affinity table. You need to know the Id for the skill that you want to set. I have a list of most of the useful skills Religion: 1026 Prayer: Channeling: 10067 Preaching: Exorcism: Artifacts: Hammers: Warhammer: Healing: 1024 First aid: 10056 Clubs: Huge club: Archery: Short bow: Medium bow: Long bow: Thievery: Stealing: Lock picking: Traps: War machines: Catapults: Trebuchets: Turrets: Ballistae: Polearms: 1033 Staff: 10090 Long spear: Halberd: Prospecting: 1013 Coal-making: Milling: Tracking: Paving: 10031 Climbing: Thatching: Firemaking: 1010 Pottery: Mining: 1008 Digging: 1009 Ropemaking: Smithing: 1015 Blacksmithing: 10015 Locksmithing: 10034 Jewelry smithing: 10043 Metallurgy: Weapon smithing: 1016 Blades smithing: 10010 Weapon heads smithing: 10056 Armour smithing: Shield smithing: Chain armour smithing: Plate armour smithing: Tailoring: 1012 Cloth tailoring: 10016 Leatherworking: 10017 Masonry: 1013 Stone cutting: 10074 Cooking: 1018 Hot food cooking: 10038 Baking: Dairy food making: Butchering: 10059 Beverages: Nature: 1019 Fishing: Gardening: Foraging: Botanizing: Animal taming: Forestry: 10048 Farming: 10049 and 10059 Milking: Meditating: 10086 Animal husbandry: 10085 Papyrusmaking: Toys: Yoyo: Puppeteering: Fighting: 1023 Defensive fighting: 10054 Normal fighting: 10055 Weaponless fighting: 10052 Aggressive fighting: 10053 Shield bashing: Taunting: Miscellaneous items: 1020 Shovel: 10002 Rake: 10004 Saw: 10008 Pickaxe: 10009 Repairing: 10035 Sickle: 10046 Scythe: Hammer: 10026 Stone chisel: 10030 Alchemy: 1021 Natural substances: 10042 Shields: Medium metal shield: Small wooden shield: Small metal shield: Large metal shield: Medium wooden shield: Large wooden shield: Axes: 1003 Hatchet: Small Axe: 10001 Large axe: Huge axe: 10025 Swords: Longsword: Shortsword: Two handed sword: Knives: 1001 Carving knife: 10007 Butchering knife: 10029 Woodcutting: 1007 Mauls: Medium maul: Small maul: Large maul: Carpentry: 1005 Bowyery: Fletching: Fine carpentry: 10044 Toy making: Ship building: ______ Characteristics: Mind: 2 Mind logic: 100 Mind speed: 101 Soul: 3 Soul depth: 106 Soul strength: 105 Body: 1 Body strength: 102 Body stamina: 103 Body control: 104
  4. Their daily backup now generates 30 log files of 10MBytes each, which quickly fills your storage space, so yes a crash every few days will be normal until fixed
  5. Garden Gnomes

    Is there a mod to make the garden Gnomes sing again? Preferably Rolf the red-nosed reindeer
  6. Mordor skill like Online

    Plenty of good areas for deeds
  7. Mordor 2k x 2k server based in France Free deed, with bartender Free upleep Starting skills set to 15, some higher so can use horse and cart Skill gain and timers are like Wurm Online, so slower than most other servers Crops grow once a day, at 15-00 CET Ask in freedom channel to get set of basic tools and waterskin 20ql, any weapon 30ql, horse Map is much flatter than in WO, so less digging needed
  8. I have a bugged chisel, it is 20ql, but can be used to improve items which are already more than 20ql
  9. You are cottect, there is no company of that name in UK
  10. Water height does not do anything in v2,6
  11. GM Wands

    I still have not been able to get a GM wand on my internet server, LAN server does have wands for all GMs. Is this problem just me, or does it affect others?